You always knew

You'd be the princess

You'd have the fairytale

You'd get your happily-ever-after

Because you're the one that shines

G l o w s

You're the star

The one with the future brighter than the sun

You always knew you'd live a charmed life

It always hurt



You are too kind for your own good

Because you

The beautiful princess

A c h e

Because everyone else doesn't shine so bright

Or glow

They aren't stars


You can't help it

You really can't

And that makes it hurt worse

They can't even hate you for it

Because all you've ever done was good

But while you float

On your throne of clouds

Mud bogs down everyone else

And they're struggling against it

But they are sinking


And you are rising

So high


And you try to tether yourself

To pull back

Fall down

To get your skirts dirty

And have your mascara run

But you always look flawless

And when you cry, everyone tries to help

Which makes you cry more

Why don't they hate you?


You want them to resent you

To dislike the girl who always smiles

And picks up their books

And gives them a hug when they need it most

You want them to hate you

As much as you hate yourself


'Cause you're the girl with the happy ending

You're the one who gets everything

And your heart hurts because you see food

On a silver platter

While everyone you love starves

Life aint fair, baby girl

A/N: I can't help but write self-hate poems (indicative much?), this wasn't going to be, but everyone has to have some major flaw and hers was, well, that she didn't have one. This isn't my favorite thing I've written, but I don't dislike it.