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I stand outside silently, leaning against the railing of the balcony. Zelos's home is, well, nice is an understatement. But I was born in a struggling village in a dying world. I am unused to beauty and abundance, to riches and splendor. After months of sleeping on the hard ground or, now and then, harder inn mattresses, the feather beds are just plain uncomfortable. So I'm out in the open air, enjoying the cool breeze that once upon a time I took for granted.

I hear the sliding door squeak open and someone comes up behind me. "Hello, angel," Zelos says quietly. His voice is smooth and kind, and he moves next to me. "Couldn't sleep?" I look at the handsome man and smile.

"Yeah. I think it's a leftover from being a real angel. I don't sleep much anymore," I explain. He nods slowly and yawns. For the night, he is wearing baggy black pants and a white sleeveless shirt. I am wearing a nightgown he gave me. He gave all of us clothes. I can't help but wonder what it's like to have so much money you can just do that - give things away without worrying about how much food you'll have next month.

"I don't sleep much either," he says, the words soft and honest. My friends tell me I am naive, and they're probably right, but I do know when people are lying. Zelos, in particular, is easy for me to read. These are the most honest words I have ever heard him say. We stand there in silence for awhile, perhaps wondering the same thing - why are we so real for each other?

"Zelos..." I say eventually, staring at the deep blue sky, scattered with stars. He doesn't answer, but I know he is listening. "I think I've changed," I finally finish.

"You have." To my surprise, his voice is strong and sure, even though he hasn't known me for that long. Then again, maybe going through so much together means time doesn't matter.

"I think I'm... older." I'm not bitter about this. It's inevitable. We're all older than we used to be; I see it every time I look at my friends.

"You are." Again, it is not so much an agreement as a conviction.

"I think you are too." This time, he has no words, so I turn to him and grasp his hand. "I mean it, Zelos. You're older. You're stronger. I think you're a better person than you ever were before." I look directly into his oceanic eyes. They are open, vulnerable, beautiful. "I think you're the best person I know." It is true. I feel safe with him.

He smiles. Not his court smile; not his Sheena smile. A true smile, one that makes him look like he could have grown up in Iselia with me. "I love you, Colette." The statement makes more sense to me than anything ever has. He doesn't love me as a woman; he loves me as a sister, a friend, a companion.

"I love you too, Zelos."