Bella pulled on her hoodie and grabbed her bag and purse, "You ready?"Asked Jasper as he came in and smiled at his mate who looked nervous but her emotions where mostly excitement "I want to give you this,It is a line to my account. You have been on there for some time" He said holding out a red card "Jasper.." Bella looked at the card with a look "Bella please, I have more than enough for a little trip." He said Bella took the card. "Lets get going before Rose calls again.".

They pulled into the Walmart parking lot where Rose was leaning on a small car with her arms crossed, Jasper got out and nodded at Rose who nodded back, He went around to open Bella door, He pulled out the bag and helped Bella out of the car. "Hello Bella." Rosalie greeted her with a odd look on her face, Bella realized she was seeing her scars from Victoria for the first time, It made her pull on her jacket and Jasper pulled her close sensing her uncomfortable behavior. Rose couldn't believe the damage that the red head caused Bella, Her scars where so grusome to the vampire eye which made Rose dislike Edward more.

"Are you ready?"Rose asked "I am." Bella said softly looking up at Jasper who kissed her softly and then looked at Rose who forced herself not to smile at there display of affection "Emmet will be bringing out our things this afternoon." Rose said and looked at Bella who smiled shyly on her face as Jasper stepped away from her "Okay, Behave we don't want to have to clear your records of anything too bad." He winked and got back into the truck and left his mate with Rose a person he trusted more than anyone else.

Bella walked down the tunnel to get into the airplane beside Rose who moved with such grace it was a little daunting "First class seats are this way." Directed the flight attendent who showed them where they would be sitting "First class?"Bella asked as she awkwardly sat down beside Rose who nodded "This is" She said as one of the attendents walked by "Where are we going?"Bella asked Rose smirked and pointed to a small picture of a casino... The Bellagio. "Vegas?" Bella choked out her eyes widened "For shopping and relaxation just like you wanted besides it will give us time to get to know each other." Rose replied she faced a woman with long black hair "Could we get two martinis?"She asked the attended who nodded "Of course Mrs McCarty." Bella cocked her head to the side and Rose explained "We didn't want to be tied to the family anymore so Emmet and I used his last name. Hale is no longer a name I want to be tied with Emmet and I are married and we both no longer want to cherade around as high school kids. "

"Good, The whole thing never made to much sense to me. I wouldn't do that." Bella said Rosalie smiled "Jasper wouldn't want for you too, He never believed in the act we put on for the others." She said as the attendent placed down two martinis and Bella eyed it and then grabed the pretty glass and took a sip "Its weird." Bella announced as she placed her drink down "Its okay you will find your nitch." She said siping her own. "You can drink?"Bella asked in a way that made Rose want to laugh but she reframed she was trying hard to make Bella comfortable and laughing at her questions wouldn't do to well. "Only high alchol content can we drink. This is more of a have one and only one sort of drink." She said moving the Martini slightly.

"Ah" Bella said looking around as they flown over cities and towns "Bella." she turned to face Rosalie who looked at her with a serious expression "I wanted to apologiese for my behavior towards you, I just envyed how you where so willing to give up it all just to be with a man who wasn't you mate. Jasper and I are close, I knew what you two could have by the way he reacted when he knew you left his sight with James. He was so angry that Emmet was wondering if he wouldn't break up from the group and hunt you down. It was Alice who stopped him saying how something would give us a sign." Bella frowned her hand moved to her wrist. " He was the one to kill James not Edward. I had hoped that when Edward left you alone that Jasper would feel the mating pull, I never though that Victoria would go after you or I would have fallowed Edward that day."

"Its fine Rose, I was the one who tried to chase after a vampire in the first place. Besides now is a good time as any to have my soulmate." She said "He's been waiting a long time for you." Rose said as the attendent placed there arival time to one hour "Are you ready to have a full last human experiance?"Rose asked feeling better about the trip than before "Yes."

Landing in Las Vegas, Bella felt the electric current of the city. The power of the people all looking for fun or getting to work, Everything has a power here. When Bella and Rose stepped off of the plane Bella felt a brand new person take over, her hands grasped her luggage and she looked to Rose for directions "Over here, Our drivers is going to pick us up here."She said Bella's eyes narrowed as a limosine pulled up and a tall man got out "McCarty and Cullen?"he asked them, "Yes that is us. Rose stated as she was use to the hotels wonderful customer service "I'm Mark your diver this week." He stated as he opened the back and took care of the luggage as Bella went to get in Rose stopped her and Mark opened the doors of the Limo. "Forgive me."He said Bella nodded and got in confused.

"Rose why did that driver just apologize?"she asked Rose tried her best not to smirk "To them we are whales or potentaly big time players in the casinos so they will do whatever it takes to get us to play in there casino. Also... He is supose to do that."Rose explained "Oh." Bella turned a light shade of red. When they reached the Sky Suites which looked to be excited to have the two, Bella was amazed by all of the offers the recevied at the door. "Oh look we could see Cirque du Soleil presents an exclusive performance based on the music of Elvis, Once in a life time experince right there." Rose said mockingly as they stood in the elevator heading way way up "Oh yeah very once in a life time." Bella laughed as Rose frowned once they where alone in the elevator.

Bella almost asked her what was the problem when she said "Is it bad I actually met him and though him to be very very charming?" Bella snorted "No not at all." Rosalie rolled her eyes "Esme and I snuck out litteraly using hunting as an exucse to get out of the house because Carlisle and Emmet didn't want us seeing a guy who swung his hips and jirated on stage." She said smiling Bella watched Rose's golden eyes gleam as she laughed "So we snuck out and we got front row seats and by the end of it we were squealing like the girls. After Elvis signed our shirts which we still have hidden in the house, Behind the graduation hats." Rose winked as her and Bella walked out of the elevator.

Bella grinned and felt relaxed "What do you want to do..tomorrow we are going to the spa." Rose said as they walked into there aparment suite which looked like something out of a movie "Oh god." Bella gasped as she took in the sights everything was pure glass and the vew was magnificent "Get use to it Bella, Jasper wouldn't choose the cheep thing. Personal I would have enjoyed taking you to the hotels where Emmet and I stay at but Jasper heard one to many things I guess." Bella raised an eyebrow "A tree in the hotel with stripper poles in the bathrooms and bedrooms." Bella smirked "I think thats a fun hotel." Rosalie dropped her perse on the couch.

Bella gave Rosalie a look and placed a hand on her hip "Did you really think that I was a prissy yaya Edward girl?" Rose frowned "Maybe." Bella rolled her eyes "Well i'm not, I like that wild stuff, I just never told nor felt comfortable enought to share that." Bella blushed and she looked down at the plush cream carpet "Lets get dressed up and hit the casino." Rose said changing the topic. "Okay." Bella said walking into her room to get dressed.

Once Rose was sure she was changing she picked up her cell and dailed "Hey we are here" She said "Really? Is she alright, did she like the room?" Rose smirked "She liked my idea better as I told you everyone likes stripper poles.", "Rose don't curupt my mate." Rosalie walked into her room and barley looked around before going for her suit case "I'll send you plenty of pic Jasper, Now do remember that she has been around Pete."Rose said as she pulled out two outfits "Damn." She closed the phone and got dressed.

Rose was waiting with make up in her hands as Bella walked out "Are you really going to wear that?"Rose asked Bella looked down at her raiders tee and jeans "Yeah..Its comfy, and its new." She added not impressing Rose who shook her head and walked herself into Bella room, Placing the makeup down on the bed and procedded to go threw Bella's things "Charlotte didn't give you anything?"She asked Bella frowned "No.".

Rosalie then grabbed Bella and walked her across the living room and into her bed room "I might have something for you to wear but I am taller than you so...Wait here." She said Bella stood as Rose walked human pace back into her room "Bella!" Rose shouted as she walked in "Why did you tell me you had these?"She asked holding up a pair of tight leather pants. Bella blushed "Well, I, um..." Rose smirked "Jasper is in for a shock I have a top that is perfect for you." She said passing Bella the top and shoving Bella to change again.

Bella wiggled into the leather pants and eyeed her self in the mirror, It was a pair she didn't know she had added into the suite case then she smiled to herself, Charlotte. Bella held up the top and frowned "Rose? Where is the back?"She asked "There are straps Bella" Rose replied smirking. Bella blushed and took off her bra thank full she was able to wear no bra but she still preferd it. Bella messed with her hair a bit and decided to go with the wild and crazy look, then she looked at her feet and smirked to herself, If Charlotte added in the leather pants than she had to add in the shoes.

She liked this dressing up because she knew if she decided she didn't want to wear it than Rose wouldn't care. "I feel..." Bella smiled "Sexy?" Rose offered looking at Bella who looked quiet atractive in her tight leather pants and the sliky shirt that shown her navel and had criss cross straps in the back "You need your navel periced" Rosalie said to herself as Bella paled "Not that you have too, Just I don't know, Can I do your makeup?" Rose asked Bella smiled and felt a tad giddy "Sure." She said Rose patted the chair and Bella sat down on it. "Thank you again Rose." Rosalie paused applying the foundation to Bella's cheeks "Your very welcome Bella." She replied Bella grinned and alowed Rose to work.

Bella's phone went off 'Well Ali Baba had them forty thieves, Al-Jahshiyari had a thousand tales. Well, Master your in luck, cause up your sleeve you got a brand of magic that never fails! You've got some power in your corner now some heavy ammunition in your camp, You got some Punch, Pizzaz, Yahooo! And how you se all you gotta go is rub that lamp and i'll say! You've never had a friend like me!' Rose raised an eyebrow as Bella fished out her phone from her purse to open it "Have a blast, Whiskey is your heat BTW- John" Bella frowned wondering if she should text back "ThX." She texted back and threw her phone back into her purse and let Rose finished.

"Now lets get out and have fun." Rose smirked Bella grinned.

Jasper sat down beside Emmet on the porch swing "We let our mates go miles away..." Emmet said watching the sun set "Yup." Jasper said as Peter came out of the house with a smirk plastered to his face "I am such a lucky man." He exclamied as Emmet looked at Peter "You could have at least took a shower." He told the man who let him and Rose stay so they didn't have to invest in a house they would only use once.

Peter shook his head "Nawh, I personaly love my mates sent." He said Jasper's nose curled and before he could say a very crude comment about Charlotte and risk having his ass tossed out Emmets cell rang ''Cause I may be bad, but i'm perfectly good at it. Sex in the air I don't care, I love the smell of it. Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and Whips excite me.' Emmett opened his phone and sucked in a breath "What?" Jasper asked feeling Emmet's emotions go from calm to alarmed in a second then fading to a want "My wife's trying to kill me."He stated his eyes dark then Jaspers phone rang 'See how I'll leave, with every peice of you. Don't underestmate the things I will do. There's a fire starting in my heart. Reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out of the dark.'

"Bella?" Jasper's voice went deep as he stared at the picture message he had gotten, Bella smiling with a shot glass rested on her breasts her hands holding her breasts in place as what looked like Rosalie taking the shot with her mouth "Well i'll be spanked." Peter said looking over Jasper shoulder "Thats hot." Emmet said his phone had another one that made Peter laugh "I am such a bad influence." He stated as he saw the picture of Rosalie runing a shot down her bare stomach and Bella licking it off. "Whats going on?" The men hurred from the house "Are you having fun?... Really well I will tell them that thanks Rosalie...Ah..Love you too." Emmet if he could would be five shade's paler "She pissed ass drunk." He stated as Jasper looked scared "How do you figure?" Peter asked "She isn't that loving." Emmet growled a bit as he crossed his arms.

"Boy's they are at the Coyote Ugly nightclub and it seems that Bella has tooken a shine to Jack and scotch...Lots of it." Charlotte said holding a bottle of Jack in her hands "Peter I think you should grab some glasses because.." She let out a noise and her eyes fluttered "Whew its going to be a loong night."

"DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE!" Shouted a bunch of guys as a trashed Bella Swan stood on the bar and grabbed the pole "Really?"She asked smothing swinging around the pole and to Rosalie's surprise had a few intresting moves. Bella was having a blast! She couldn't understand why she hadn't done it before this was so much fun and she found herself to be less clutzy drunk. "Hey baby." Rosalie curled pulling Bella down and onto her lap leaning her back and pouring Jack down her stomach and Rose licked it off giving the guys a good show.

Bella giggled and climbed off of Rose walked over to a man who wore a cowboy hat "Can I borrow that for a sec?"She asked batting her eye lashes, The man took off his hat and handed it to Bella who smirked "Whatever you want Darlin'" He said Bella frowned as she turned her back, That man had a oblivious fake accent. "Take a picture Rosie!" She shouted as she climbed on to the bull in the back corner of the bar and poised very suductively on the bull "Okay.." Rose stumbled slightly but took a couple of photo's smirking as she sent more to Jasper.

Jasper was now a mess including Emmet who just switched his ringer to vibrate so he didn't have to hear the song again "Oh Jasper...Damn." Charlotte said passing the man his phone revealing Bella in tight leather pants a loose slik shirt with no back, a pair of black cowboy boots and on her head a cowboy hat tilted just right. She was straddling the Bull and had her hands behind her with her chest popped out and her head looking down at the camera. "She's trying to kill me." Jasper repeated what Emmet had said.

Bella and Rose stummbled out of the bar and walked down the strip "I want to see a stripper but it has to be a secret from Jasper because he would kill me." Bella slurred to Rose who smiled "Our secret prommise." She said as she pulled Bella into a strip club for women. Bella's eyes went wide as she saw the guy in mid strip "Drinks?" a man asked wearing tight pair of pants and a bow tie and his wirstshad cuffs "Oh!" Bella grinned "I want a... one of those." said Bella blushing pointing at her choice "Penis pop, Got it. and for you?" Bella's blush darkened "Same." Rose said smirking.

"What the fuck is that a guy in spandex!" Emmet cursed as Peter and Charlotte lunged off of there chairs to see Bella and Rose with penis shaped popsicles in there mouths "That isn't the first thing I see." Peter said "Me neither."Charlotte added "I am feeling very envious now." She said as she sat back down and took a swig of Jack "This sucks." Jasper groaned.

"Oh fuck!" Bella shouted surprised Rose looked "Waht!"She asked the Alchol slowly burning out of her system "That guy!" Squealed Bella Rosalie looked and snorted in her drink "Oh shit!" walking out lathered in baby oil and wearing a cop uniform, Well the bottom half of it, was a look a like to Edward Cullen "That is so gross." Rose said Bella nodded "I have to take a picture of this shit." Bella stated taking photo's of the guy. Then another copp walked in and grabbed the Edward Duble "I think we should leave." Rose stated as the cop turned and he looked exactly like Carlisle.

"Gross." Bella said snapping a pic. before fallowing Rose out the door.

"You think they made it back okay?" Jasper asked as the clock turned five in the morning "Probably...Let me check the hotel." Emmet said calling the hotel that the girl where staying at "They haven't seen them yet." Emmet said as the phone in the house rang "I'll get it." Peter said as he walked into the house.

"You are right Rose this hotel room is awesomer!" Bella shouted as they got into a hotel room closer to the bar they ended up at. "Burnin love room...Oh look there is an elvis too!" Rose said as they looked around at the cheep hotel room with a revolving heart shaped bed and a mechanical Elvis who swung his hips left and right while singing. "Oh look!" Bella said amazed by the bed and the heart shaped chairs and the flame print walls. "Veryy.." Rose said as she turned Bella was spralled out on the bed passed out.

Rose went into the bathroom and grinned to herself as she saw a large heart shaped jaquzzzy "Where are you at!" Rose smiled "Relaxing, Tell Jasper his girl had a very fullfilling human experiance. I am wishing that I could sleep." Rosalie said streaching in the hot tub. "Thank you hunny, except next time we don't need to know every... detail." Rose smirked "Why not! Tell Charlotte next time we will bring her, I'm thinkin this should be an every year thing." The boys groaned including Peter who thought it to be a very very bad idea.

Do you think Bella and Rosalie had fun! What do you think is going to happen tomorrow? Poor Jasper and Emmet dealing with there mates acting so wild. What about Peter who is probably going to be in the same baot with the guys? Also do you think Bella took a postive step forword with dealing with John and Alice?