Killzone:Visum Of Vita.

Creator's Note:This fan fic is not in canon with the official killzone is the killzone

universe through my creative vision.

All rights to Guerilla and Sony for the Killzone Trademark.

Chapter 01

Fighting in a Grey World

It feels cold in here.

Even through i am in a Heavily Reinforced Helgast Suit,even through im in a Transporation AirCraft with hot tempuratures on the inside,

even through i am about to fight in a planet which is much hotter than whatever i or everyone in helgast has ever exprianced, it still feels cold.

I dont know why i feel like its because of the fact that i am in an alien planet fighting agaist, once allies, the Vetkans.

My comprades are all unknow strangers i got paired with based on our skills. 4th Infrantry ShockTrooper Wave 103th TA.

I left all of my family in Helgah...i said farewell and departed away from my friends knowing that we may never meet again to reunite...

..But it doesnt matter anymore.

I am still in a Transporation ship with 30 other strangers...all ready to fight for our country right or wrong...

...Yet it still is fucking cold.

I stopped thinking about it...the pilor just informed a few minutes i would be killing vektans, civilians, soldiers whatever.

It was agonising just hearing the gunshots explosions and fire music war makes at its others havent said anything since we left...

They probaply are just as anxious as i am.

The gunshots outside get louder, i can hear screams getting close...

The Transporation gets stabilised,we prepare our guns and the doors open.

And finally our killzone is finally shown.

Theres a brown and red fog that sorounds everywhere are bloody and mutilated,

I feel the presence of dread in the air and i feel a chill down my spine.

But i dont take any chances.

I run too the nearest high chest wall where apperently in war there are plenty hanging around.

I dont take a look behind me because i know that

that atleast half the guys on my TA are already fire is heard from every directions...explosions are relentless.

In the one oppurtunity i have i look around me to scan the battlefield...we landed on a freaking park.I see civilians dead everywhere or wounded on the,parents...

...all ignorant of what is going on.

Trees that once stood are now cut in half or burning.

The White cities that Vekta was so proud of are now getting decimated into ruins.

Why the fuck am i even thinking about this? People are dying outhere yet i still stand here doing nothing, thinking how horrible all of this is.I've been here for one minute

yet i havent even fired my gun...and half of my group is happened to the speaches Scolar Visari made to keep our moral up,even if they made those because they knew

that they were pretty much sending soldiers to fight in a hellhole.

...i holded my head up for too long.I didnt realise it but i had been was silent all of a followed by pain.

...My left ear is i cant hear gunshots from my other about to cry.

I see around me while im crouched only to see that i am comprades are dead and the TA has been blown up.I panic.

I stand up and i fire my gun.I dont care where im shooting,i dont care who im alone and crying...just keep firing my gun.

It took only 6 seconds to empty my clip...they became like minutes for me...

I cannot hear gunshots...but i feel i felt the one that hit me on the getting shot at the stomach i still lose my balance.I drop my gun...fallen down...

Getting Blurry...I feel time passing slowly...paralysed as a group of ISA soldiers just run all around me.

Cannot see what they are ...tired...Coward...

Lots of blood...coward...

It still...feels cold...