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We're here to clear a murder case,

but there are problems, so stay unfazed.

The first is why,

and the next is who.

Why was the wine poisoned?

There were two.

Why did he drink it?

The answer is simply:

It was time to die.

The victim was drowned in sea,

and perhaps the culprit too,

or so it seems.

The detective's friend knew,

but she would not say who,

but until then,

who was the culprit?

I may be a one-armed detective,

the arm I lost to save her,

is used to play the piano.

But for now, the clues I must follow.

She knew who the killer is

but she would not say whom.

She listened as the detective spoke,

as behind her back she held

a butter knife

of a deadly doom.

Her eyes wide with shock

as the detective rushed over,

and with a single knock,

the girl dropped the knife.

So who was the killer now?

Say the name of the one

standing in front of you,

but the girl was a witness

to the scene of the murder too.

The killer was another person,

solving this case too.

But who the person is,

is unknown to us two.

The only way to solve this case,

was for us all to die.

Do you want to solve this case?

But the facts makes no sense,

it's impossible to even try.

If you solve this case,

welcome to our world,

for you will be sucked in it,

forever and ever.

So who is the killer,

for I am a riddler,

who can't solve

this riddle

Okay guys! Short poem ^^ My thoughts on the two respective songs:

The Riddler who can't solve riddles-Len

Riddler who won't solve Riddles- Rin

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