The Guardian

Disclaimer: BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon, Highlander to Panzer/Davis and Stargate to Brad Wright and whoever else helped with it. I just play with those 'verses, because I like them and don't earn a knut from it.

Summary: All Alterrans on Earth have ascended untold years before, only he decided to stay back to watch over the planet and to guard the heirloom of his people.

Authors: Hawklan and Razial, who added a bit more depth to the story.
Beta: Inachis, thank you for your work.

Note: I started this fic after reading the challenge here
it was kinda vague, but I liked the Idea.

Chapter 1

Somewhere in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean

He slowly opened his eyes and took his first deep breath in he doesn't know how many years. It seems like his AI thought it was time for him to wake up again and so gave his trusted robotic companion Ricco the order to awaken him.

As always after one of these hibernation sleeps, the wake up proceedings took a while. Ricco ordered the medical bed on which he had slept to start massaging his muscles and all other things needed, so that he could start to get up again. After he drank a bit of the protein drink Ricco gave him, he nodded to his companion of untold eons and said, "Hello Ricco, good to see that you're still around. Why was I awakened this time?"

"Welcome back Master Alexander. As always, the AI has deemed me to be worthy to be informed about those facts. She will inform you as soon as you are up on you feet again. Do you prefer the quick method or shall we continue with the standard procedures?"

"Did Thora say anything about an emergency?" Alexander asked his friend.

"No, Master, she did not, "Ricco replied.

"Good, then continue with the standard procedures. I just hate dying so we'll take the longer way around and in the mean time you can inform me about what has happened since the last time I was awake," Alexander said.

"As you wish Master, I prefer this way as well. Less mess to clean up," Ricco replied and then continued with the proceedings to bring his Master back on his feet. For the time being he told him about the important and not so important things that had taken place during the 100 years his Master had been asleep this time.

A few hours later

Finally his body had recovered enough for him to get up again. It was still a bit painful and sometimes he really thought he should just stay awake for good, but some times he'd just get bored with life and so he'd return to his Deep Sea base here in the Atlantic Ocean and go into a deep sleep until he was needed again. Now it's seems his AI on this base has found a reason for him to be awake.

Slowly he went, with the help of Ricco, into the command center and sat down on one of those nice and comfortable chairs. As he sat down he really was thankful for the healing powers his immortality gave him. Without those he probably would have had to spend days or weeks in the medical bay to get back on his feet, instead of the few hours he had needed now.

He relaxed a few moments and looked at his robotic friend, who had entered the room again. 'Damn, looks like I'm still half asleep, I didn't even noticed that he'd left the room,' he thought to himself.

"Master, please drink this. It will help you and I think you will like it," Ricco said and put down a small tablet with a cup full of a dark drink and a small pot.

The aromatic smell of the drink hit Alexander's nose. He took a deep breath and looked at Ricco in surprise. "Coffee, Ricco? You are unbelievable," he said and slowly enjoyed the cup of coffee.

"You are welcome, Master. After you complained the last time you woke up about not having a decent cup of coffee around, I sent out a few drones to bring some seeds of this plant and since then I have been growing them in our Biodeck," Ricco explained.

"Thank you," Alexander simply replied and refilled his cup out of the pot.

After he'd enjoyed that cup as well, he put the cup down and looked up. "Thora, I hope you are well? Why have you brought me out of my beauty sleep this time?"

At his words a beautiful woman appeared out of nowhere just a few steps in front of him. "Ahh Master Alexander, yes I feel good, thank you so much for asking," she said with an ironic smile and then continued. "If it would have been just for your beauty sleep Master, I would have let you sleep for a few more centuries."

"Ouch I'm hurt Thora," Alexander replied with a grin.

Thora shrugged her shoulders and then said, "Actually, there are two things I think were important enough to wake you up for. Firstly, the Astria Porta, which has been buried in the land which is now called Egypt, has been found a few decades ago, and secondly, Angelus has been seen again. He was sighted in a city called Los Angeles in America and is now on his way to a nearby town, Sunnydale, where our sensors have registered a dimensional instability. I also got a notice from one of our agents in the Watchers Council that one of their filed watchers was stationed in that town to replace the dead watcher of the current slayer, who is currently moving to Sunnydale."

"The Astria Porta has been found decades ago? Why didn't you wake me up then?" Alexander asked in a disbelieving tone and glared at the AI.

"There was no need Alexander. They found the Porta, but not the control tablet and so there was no chance that they would activate it," Thora replied.

"You still should have, but it's too late for that now. So, where is it now?" he wanted to now.

Thora sighed a bit and then sat down on one of the free chairs, before she answered his question. "Currently it is in the possession of the U.S. Air Force and it is located in one of their secret bases in a town called Colorado Springs. Right now they are trying to decipher it, but in my estimations their chances are pretty low to actually succeed in doing so. So my advice would be to deal with Angelus first."

"Air Force? So they finally figured out how to fly, did they? Are you sure about their chances, Thora?" Alexander asked.

Thora just nodded.

"Ok, so Angelus that old bastard. It really is time to finish that abomination," Alexander growled.

Ricco laid his hands on Alexander's shoulder in support and said, "Ahh Master it is now over 300 years since Angelus killed her."

With a tear rolling down his face Alexander replied, "Yes, I know Ricco, but I still see her beautiful face every time I close my eyes. I just can't forget her."

Ricco and Thora just looked at their Master and both where at a loss on how to react to this situation.

"Tahila was my companion for over 20 years and..."

At this point Alexander's voice broke and he was silent for a long while.

Ricco and Thora looked at each other and both shrugged their shoulders. They both could feel some emotions, but this went far beyond anything either of them had ever experienced. They just hoped that their Master would find someone who at least could lessen that pain.

"So Thora, have you already prepared something for me to integrate me in this town?" Alexander finally asked.

Relived that her Master seemed to have pulled himself together again, she nodded.

"Yes, Master. I just copied several files on your datapad for you to check. Three are of some younglings whose identities you could assume. Read them and then tell me which you choose so that I can prepare everything. I also added a resume about the watcher, who is called Rupert Giles. Sadly I only could find the name of the Slayer, Buffy Summers, in the Watchers databanks so far. No picture or anything else on the current Slayer. Looks like she wasn't council raised and her first watcher died before he could send much information about her to the council. I also added a file about the history of the town and I think you will like the part about its Mayor."

"Thank you Thora, I will study them in my quarters and then let you know what I have decided," Alexander said as he stood up and then slowly left the command center.

Ricco looked after him, a bit concerned.

"He will be ok Ricco. He always is, you know that," Thora said to the robot.

"Yes Thora, I hope so. He just took it really hard this time and I won't pity Angelus if our Master catches him," Ricco replied.

To this Thora just nodded.

Alexander wandered around the base for quite a long while without really noticing anything. After a while he finally cleared his head a bit and noted that he was standing in the middle of the Biodeck. He looked around for a bit to see what Ricco has done while he was asleep. Amused, he noted a small patch of trees and walked over to it. He shrugged and thought that he could read those reports here just as well as in his quarters and so he sat down and opened the first of the files to study them.

An hour later he could not help, but look away from the file and remember what Angelus had taken from him all those years ago. Oh how he hated that vampire above all others. Tahila, his beloved companion, had been a great source of happiness and strength for him and now she was gone, taken from him by a cruel and twisted vampire who he would make pay for that. He recalled finding her body completely drained of life and clearly showing signs of abuse, something he always tried to block out of his mind. His anger mounted as he also remembered just what else Angelus had done.

Tahila had not just been killed, but he had turned her as well and as he had held her body to him and cried for his loss, she had come back and instantly tried to rip his throat out. He had been lucky to push her away and get out of her way. Facing her down, he had felt a momentary loss of will as he stared at her transformed face. After a short moment of shock he had overcome it and concentrated on what he knew he had to do now. He fought her and in the end was forced to stake her. This had killed him inside and even now, so many years later, it made him want to rip his own heart out so that he wouldn't feel the pain anymore. He had sworn then that when he caught up with Angelus, he would ensure that the bastard would suffer for what he had done to her.

He leaned backwards against the tree and said a prayer for his lost love and wondered if someday he might meet someone new. So far he had kept out of that kind of thing, but maybe it was time to try again. Maybe the pain would lessen if he could find someone to fall in love with. That would be helpful as the pain, rage and loss he carried was not healthy. He knew this, but until he avenged that loss, he could not let it go. It was not only not healthy, but also dangerous to him. It could make him loose control and by doing so, he could be injured or worse, killed. Granted, unless his head was taken off he would come back, but still it was a bad risk to take. He was sure there were still many immortals around, which reminded him he had to ask Thora what she knew about his son.

Being back in the game would be hard, as he thought the game a big waste of life and potential. He had met some truly amazing people through the long years, only to see them fall to someone's blade. Sometimes fate was a cruel mistress and the being that had created the immortals was the most vindictive of the old gods. His people had long tried to stem what the old gods had let loose on earth, including forcing the demons into an interconnected dimension, which people now called hell. They had been aided by their allies at the time: the Asgard, the Nox and the Furlings. Sadly, some of the lesser demons had escaped and ensured that a secret war continued to this very day.

The dimensional insatiability Thora had detected was in fact a hole between the two dimensions, which had earned the title Hellmouth. If an active one was ever opened, the demons would come back into this world and the current human race would become extinct overnight. This was one of the things he had stayed behind for, when his people had ascended. He was determined to ensure they remained gone. They had no place in this world. Sadly, the lesser demons and vampires who were still here caused enough of a problem by themselves, but they were manageable and humans could deal with them.

The so called Powers had created champions called Slayers to help deal with the problem and placed them in the guardianship of a group of men called Watchers. Sometimes they were great people and sometimes...not so much.

He shook his head and forced the memories away and went back to reading the data. He had remembered enough for now, he decided.

A few hours later he was interrupted in his studies by Ricco. "Master, I have brought you something to eat and drink. After all, you have read for quite a while now."

Alexander looked up in surprise and at the smell of the food his stomach made it clear that in its opinion, it was time for a break. "Ahh thank you Ricco, it sounds like I'm starving," Alexander replied with a silly smile on his face.

He looked at the food for a second and then started to dig in. After a few minutes he was finished and looked at Ricco, who waited beside him. "That was delicious. Thank you Ricco."

"At your service, my Master. How far are you with those files?" the robot asked.

"Nearly finished them, I just have a bit more to read about the history of the town and the Mayor, but I can finish that later. Let's go see Thora and tell her my decision," Alexander said as he stood up. "By the way Ricco, I like what you have done to the Biodeck. It really is peaceful here."

"Thank you Master, I really enjoy working here," Ricco replied to the praise from his Master.

"I can see that Ricco," Alexander said.

Then they walked through the Biodeck and both enjoyed the sights of it while passing through. A few minutes later they both entered the command center again and Alexander quickly sat down in one of the chairs.

"Thora? I think I have decided which of the three people I will replace. I really didn't like what I read about Andrew and Jonathan, but I liked the file about the third boy. Also the fact that we share the same first name will make things easier," Alexander informed his AI.

After Alexander finished, Thora appeared again in the middle of the room and nodded in his direction. "Good Master, I will prepare everything and after you've learned all you need in the hypno-teacher, you can take a shuttle to Sunnydale. I already rented a warehouse there and our drones are currently preparing it for your arrival."

"Good Thora, thank you for all the help. Without you and Ricco this all would be a lot harder to do. Would you be so kind to project a full holographic image of Alexander Harris for me?" Alexander asked his AI.

"Of course Master," she replied and a second later the 3D image of the teenager stood right beside her.

Alexander nodded thankfully and walked several times around the image and studied it. After nearly an hour he stood still in front of it and started to concentrate. After a few moments small blue lightning bolts were seen on his skin. His features and his whole body started to change and after the lights had disappeared he looked exactly like Alexander Harris.

"Perfect Master," Ricco said after he looked over his Master and then added. "I prepared the teaching device and after you finish the course, your shuttle will be ready as well."

"Thank you again, to both of you," Alexander said and then went to the room in which the teaching device stood. He lay down on the comfortable looking bed and pulled the small helmet over his head and as soon as he closed his eyes, the teachings started.