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Chapter 4

(Deep Sea Base, Atlantic Ocean)

Ricco continued the work to fix the leaks that had caused the AI to malfunction. He had already repaired the main leak with the help of one of the repair-bots and ensured that no more water would reach the AI core. He had decided to use some left over metal coverings to surround the core, ensuring that it would be incorporated deeply into the core structure and prevent any further leaks from penetrating it. He had wondered why he had never thought of it before, but hindsight is always so clear about things you've missed before.

Once he had finished fixing the leak, he get to work on bringing Thora back online and ensuring the leak had not damaged too many of her systems. She was one of the most advanced AI's the ancients had ever built and Alexander needed her to continue his mission.

Finally he managed to seal up the problem and make sure it would not happen again. To be doubly sure that there would be no repeat of this event, he had checked the rest of the piping system in the area and had a few of the minor robots check out the integrity of the entire outer walls, but luckily neither he nor them found any more problems. The Deep Sea Base seemed secure again. Nodding his head in satisfaction he headed back to the core and began the process of seeing to that the damage that had been caused to the AI would be repaired quickly.


(Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs)

General George Hammond picked up the red phone that would link him directly to the President of the United States. Major Carter had reported that from her own look at the Puddle Jumper at Area 51, it looked exactly like the craft they witnessed leaving the Atlantic Ocean. Something was going on they didn't know about, something to do with the Ancients as it was the same technology.

He was going to ask for an organized search of the area and see what they could discover. Colonel O'Neil seemed to think that maybe an ancient city lay at the bottom of the Atlantic just like Atlantis had before they found it in the Pegasus Galaxy. It was a long shot as far as he was concerned. He believed that it might more likely be a base of some sort. However, what its purpose could be was beyond him. What was more surprising was the fact the base seemed to be still active and someone alive within it. As far as they knew, all Ancients had ascended to another plane of existence long ago.

Daniel Jackson was already speculating that this person had been in suspended animation and had only just awakened. Which was a plausible explanation, except for why would the Ancients leave one of their own in suspended animation when they ascended? It didn't make much sense to him, but he was determined to find out the truth.

"Yes, I need to speak to the President right away," he said as the call was answered and he waited a few seconds until the President picked up. "Yes sir, we have a situation here. Approximately four hours ago a ship resembling the Puddle Jumpers we found in Atlantis left the Atlantic Ocean and cloaked directly after it had left the water. As such, we don't know its course, but we believe there is some kind of base near the location it left the ocean," he reported.

"Suggested course of action, General?" President Hayes inquired, intrigued by this new situation.

"I suggest that we begin a search of the area under the cover of a training operation. We will need some submarines and maybe some DRV'S to search the sea bed," Hammond advised. "If there really is a base down there, we will need to secure it before anyone else does. If this gets out before we can do that, then the other governments in the know will demand access or even control of it, just like they did with the Gate, the Antarctic defence base and Atlantis itself," he continued.

"I agree. We need to move fast," Hayes agreed. "Do we have a way of tracking the ship that left the area we need to search?" he inquired.

"Not yet sir," Hammond answered with a frown. "But my people are working on it," he added. "Major Carter is examining the Puddle Jumper we have at Area 51 and I'm certain she will find a way to penetrate the cloak in time," he said confidently.

"Good to hear General. Very well I'll begin to set up the search of the location once you give me the coordinates," the President responded.

"Of course sir," Hammond said and quickly gave the coordinates. "Yes sir, I'll keep you appraised on the cloak situation," he added before saying goodbye and hanging up.

Jack O'Neil chose that moment to enter the office looking slightly bored, but then that was no surprise as he knew the Colonel liked to be in the middle of the action and at the moment there was little they could do.

"How did it go, sir?" Jack asked.

"The search is going to be set up straight away and hopefully we will find what we expect to find," Hammond answered. "Any word from Major Carter?" he inquired.

"Not yet sir, but I'm sure Carter is up to her eyeballs with going through that ship looking for the answers we need," Jack said with a smile, which was shared by Hammond. "Daniel is going through what we have on the Ancients so far. He's hoping to find a clue about what might be down there," he informed his commanding officer.

"A long shot I guess, but there is no harm in checking I suppose," Hammond concluded. "Keep me informed of what he finds Jack. We need to get a grip on this and fast, before it gets out of hand," he ordered.

"Of course sir," Jack agreed and then turned and left.

Hammond settled back into his chair and wondered just what they would find. He had long ago given up believing anything was impossible since this command had become active again. Maybe Jack was right and there was another sunken city like Atlantis down there. Of course, if that was the case, then the IOA and the rest of the governments in the know were going to be arguing who had control for a long time.


(Deep Sea Base, Atlantic Ocean)

Ricco continued deep into the sections that had been hit by the flood, inspecting the areas for damage. He then noted that one of the areas he was heading for was the suspended animation pods and he made his way into that direction. He knew, thanks to Thora's mostly restored memory, that the transportation of Xander and his mother had been completed. They had been transported into the base, the question was just where, because that part of Thora's memory was too corrupted to repair.

Now he had a very good idea of the where. Maybe Thora had sensed the trouble and managed to direct them somewhere safe. It would make sense he thought. Entering the chamber he looked around as the lights came on at his presence. He passed the pods one at a time, before pausing at the fourth and fifth pods and smiling. Inside were Xander Harris and his mother. While Jessica Harris was clearly asleep and in cryo stasis, the pod for Xander on the other hand showed no life signs. Cursing their luck he quickly checked the controls on the pod, read all the information and then quickly hurried to the control centre to contact his Master. Alexander wouldn't like the information he had found, or the new data Thora was getting in regards of the Astra Porta.


(Somewhere else)

Miras looked amusedly at his companion, who was still going on with her curse fest, and asked with a loud voice. "Are you done yet? We don't have time for your tantrum."

Throwing out a few more curses, this time directed at Miras, the woman took a deep breath and calmed herself again. "Ok, what can we do?" she finally asked.

"Sadly not too much. We can't interfere directly yet, but we could sent Whistler to Sunnydale so that he can gather information for us and find out if it is really him," Miras told her.

"Sounds good, but isn't he still watching over that vampire we're planning to use with the Slayer?" she asked.

"Indeed, but if he is really there, all our plans for Sunnydale are in danger," Miras replied.

"Ok, then let's call that disgusting slime bag and give him his new orders," the woman grumbled.



This skateboard really was a fun thing. It took him a few tries, but finally he had the hang of it and was enjoying his "ride" to the school. As he finally saw the school he wove through the crowd on the skateboard. He yelled loudly. 'Scuse me, comin' through, pardon me, 'scuse me, whoa! 'Scuse me, not sure how to stop! Please move, whoa, 'scuse me." Suddenly he noticed a blond who was just stepping on the stairs up to the school. He stared at her and just had enough time to think 'that can't be' right before he crashed into the stair railing. He let out a painful gasp and fell beneath it.

Still moaning in pain and a bit confused he saw a red head rushing to him, who he quickly identified as Willow thanks to the files he had read. Before she could say anything he quickly said "I'm okay. I feel good." This wasn't even a lie, because thanks to his Quickening all bruises from the crash were already healed.

She looked down at him and smiled about her clumsy friend and pulled her hair behind her ear.

As he slowly got up he said, "You're so very much the person that I wanted to see!" Amused, Willow looked at him and asked, "Oh, really?"

Alex nodded at her and they started walking towards the school. After a few moment of silence Willow finally asked, "So why?"

Still a bit confused he asked, "What why?"

Willow smiled at him. "Did you hit your head in the crash? Why did you want to see me?"

Still thinking about the blonde he just had seen and the impossibility of it all, he quickly came up with. "Yeah. You know, I kinda had a problem with the math."

"Uh, which part?" Willow asked her friend, who was acting a bit strange this morning.

"The math part. Can you help me out tonight, pleeeease, be my study buddy?

Willow grinned and mischievously asked, "Well, what's in it for me?"

Grinning at the girl he replied, "I cook."

"Okaaaay...," Willow said in a disbelieving tone and then continued." Do you have 'Theories in Trig'? If not, you should check it out."

"Check it out?" he asked, having no clue what she meant.

"From the library? Where the books live," Willow replied with a smile even as she asked herself what was wrong with her friend.

"Right, I'm there! See, I wanna change," he mumbled.

In the hall just inside the door they suddenly heard someone yell "Hey, hey!"

Alex looked up and thanks to the file again he quickly identified the young boy as Xander's friend Jesse. "Hey, Jesse, what's what?" he said.

"New Girl!" Jesse replied with a smirk.

"That's right, I saw her and...," Alex replied and thanks to having to fight a memory which wanted to come up he stopped there and then shook his head to clear it.

"I heard someone was transferring," Willow said.

"So tell," Alex said. "Tell what?" Jesse asked. "What's the sitch, what do ya know about her?" Alex said.

Jesse shrugged his shoulders and just said, "New girl!"


(Sunnydale High school, a bit later)

Alex was deep in thought and suddenly crashed into someone which resulted in the someone dropping most of her stuff.

Alex stared at the young woman for a few moments in shock which ended in her giving him a confused look. "Something wrong? You look like you have seen a ghost," the young woman said.

Alex chuckles a bit and then replied, "Something like that. Can I help you?" The young woman smiled at him and said, "Thanks."

"I don't know you, do I?" Alex asked her while they gathered her stuff.

In reply the woman shook her head, "No, I'm Buffy. I'm new."

Alex smiled at her and said, "Nice to meet you Buffy. I'm Xander."

"Um, thanks," Buffy quickly said and then they finished gathering up everything.

"See you later then," Alex said after they were finished.

"Great. It was nice to run into you," Buffy replied with a smile and then started down the hall.

Alex looked after her for a few moments, still in disbelief a bit, and then he noticed a stake which was still on the floor.

Alex quickly picked it up and put it into his own back, hoping no one had seen it. "Figures that someone who could be her twin is the slayer."


AN: Some parts for the last bit in SD where taken out of the script "Welcome to the Hellmouth!" and then was molded by me to fit into my story.

Characters so far:

Alexander: An Ancient who is posing as Xander

Angel/Angelus: Only mentioned so far

Buffy Summers: The Slayer

Col. Jack O'Neil: Leader of SG1 and

Daniel Jackson: Member of SG1

General Hammond: Commander of SGC

Hayes: President of the USA

Jesse: Friend of Xander Harris

Jessica Harris: Currently in deep sleep in Alex's base

Major Samantha Carter: Member of SG1

Miras: One of the PTB

Ricco: Loyal robot of Alex.

Tahila: Mentioned only: Companion of Alex who was turned by Angelus and as a result freed (staked) by Alex

Teal'c: Member of SG1

Thora: AI in Alex's underground base

Tony Harris: Only mentioned of being arrested

Unnamed woman: One of the PTB

Whistler: Only mentioned so far, Balance Demon in service to PTB

Willow Rosenberg: Friend of Xander Harris

Xander Harris: Currently dead in Alex's base