Whenever she was sad, she danced.

In her room, in the supermarket, in her office at work - she found it her stress relieving workout. If she ever felt down, lost in a gloomy haze, she would simply get up, crank her Ipod to full volume, and twirl, twirl, twirl. She didn't care who saw her, she didn't care who laughed - she just needed to dance the sadness away.

But no amount of dancing could heal her broken heart.

How Ironic, she thought bitterly to herself, pushing her Ipod forcibly onto its stand, the day he leaves is exactly like the day he came. The silence filling her dark room was practically murdering her; each pitter patter of rain that hit her window pane felt and sounded like a flurry of gunshots, straight into her vulnerable chest. Grumbling, she leapt from her bed and stomped across the room, jerking the curtains closed.

A single light post on a deserted road.

With nothing better to do, she spun the dial on her musical device until she found her most harrowing song - a piano ballad about losing a loved one - and pressed play. The soft keys of the piano were so depressing, it sounded exactly like something you would play at a funeral; with a sick and twisted grin, she figured that today was hers. Stretching her arms and legs, she began to dance.

A crying girl, left broken and alone.

In the darkness, her shadow flitted across the only source of light entering through the window as lightning flashed every twenty seconds. She spun, she leaped, she flipped, she jerked, but nothing helped the hollow feeling in her empty chest. The longer she danced, the worse she felt - with every move, she died a little more inside. Finally growing tired and groaning in exasperation, she placed two fingers to the base of her neck - how ironic that she couldn't find her pulse. It was like she didn't have one at all; just the blank, silent, emptiness.

Darkness sweeping, engulfing the light.

She was such a lost cause - drowned in her sorrow, deafened by her guilt. She felt like her soul had gone away with him; and she was so delusional to believe he would come back and return it, along with her lost love. Finally, her armor cracking, she fell to her knees and wept.

The same words replay in the girl's mind.

Goodbye, Xion. Goodbye, Xion. Goodbye, Xion.

I hate you.

okay, if you thought that was depressing, you ain't seen nothing yet. just you wait until Sora's story - I kinda died inside while writing it, it's so easy to hurt that poor boy. :(

next is Riku, or Namine, whichever I feel fit.

Inspiration : Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, Ke$ha