Thanks so much for your reviews! I'm happy you liked how Bill arrived just in time to save Gibbs and to deal with Eli David. And speaking of David, I didn't kill him off because I wanted to leave the door open for his possible return, should NCIS provide with an episode I could twist and fit in this AU. As you might know, Eli is set to return in Season 8 and who knows, that might give me some ideas...:P


Tony became slowly aware his pillow was moving. He raised his head and rubbed at his eyes.

He hadn't meant to fall asleep, just to relax and unwind, but he wasn't surprised it had happened. Once the adrenaline rush had ceased, the stress and the fear of the past hours had caught up with him and knocked him out.

Tony sat up and watched Gibbs' face. He saw his eyeballs move under his closed eyelids, and then his eyelashes fluttered and a glimpse of blue appeared.

Gibbs took a few moments to fully open his eyes, and when he did, he looked confused at Tony.

"What happened?" he croaked, trying to sit up, but Tony stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

"You were wounded while fighting a vampire near the mine where David had taken me, remember?" Tony asked.

Gibbs nodded. "Yeah, I remember. The guy was a fucking giant. Bit me on the neck...and then David shot at you..." He turned to look at Tony, his keen eyes scanning him from head to foot.

"Are you all right?"

"Yes, I am, but you almost died. If it wasn't for Bill's providential arrival, you would be dead. As it was, he gave you blood and saved you." Tony swallowed hard, then looked straight at Gibbs' eyes and murmured. "Promise you won't put your life at risk like that another time."

Gibbs struggled to sit up and shook his head. "That's a promise I cannot make, Tony—and you know it."

Yeah, he knew. He knew Gibbs' still felt responsible – even if it hadn't been his fault – because he hadn't be able to protect Shannon and Kelly; and that nothing would ever stop him from doing what was necessary to protect Tony and the people he cared for. It was Tony's job to make sure Gibbs would never again risk his life in his behalf.

They looked at each other in silence for a moment, and then Gibbs' eyes dropped to Tony's hands and cringed as he took in how swollen and bloody his fingers were.

"We need to take care of those," Gibbs murmured, gently rubbing his thumb-pads on his knuckles. "You need to drink."

"Bill told me you should drink too," Tony replied. Then an idea blazed in his mind. "We could try and do it at the same time...We've never done that."

He saw Jethro's eyes darken with excitement at his proposal and his breath caught in his throat. Tony knew his vampire partner considered drinking blood a very intimate act, even more so than sex, and he couldn't even imagine what it would mean for him to both drink and give blood to his mate at the same time. He was ready to bet it was a pretty awesome idea for was for Tony too.

"Come here," Gibbs said throatily, and Tony moved even before he completed the line. He straddled the older man's legs and sat on them, looking down at Jethro's bright, alive blue eyes.

Without breaking their eye contact, Gibbs brought his wrist to his mouth and bit down on it, breaking the delicate skin with his sharp fangs. Then he raised his bleeding arm in front of Tony's face and asked, "Ready?"

"Yes," he answered, tilting his head on the side to give the vampire more access to his neck.

Gibbs leant forward and in the precise moment Tony felt his fangs break his skin, he lowered his head and licked at the offered wrist.

The taste of his partner's blood, no longer strange but still unusual, exploded on Tony's tongue, just as his own blood filled Jethro's mouth, the sensation of giving and taking at the same time amazing...and arousing.

Tony felt himself lengthen and harden with an almost alarming speed, his body screaming with the need to be naked, as his skin was suddenly so sensitive.

And he wasn't the only one feeling like that.

Jethro pulled his mouth away almost brutally, his pupils so dilated with need his eyes were practically black. "Clothes..." he rasped, already pulling at the waistband of his boxers.

"Yeah..." Tony echoed, moving away from Gibbs' legs and working quickly to get rid of his underwear. He had just managed to throw his briefs off the bed then Jethro was crawling over him on all four, his hard cock already leaking.

"Have no time for more..." the vampire growled, dropping down atop of Tony, his weight pinning the younger man to the mattress.

Jethro attacked Tony's shoulders, neck and chest with many light bites, careful of his fangs even now, when he had so little control over his lust and his body. His hips pushed hard, forcefully against Tony's, who answered with his own needy rocking, as their hard cocks slid side by side, trapped between their strong bellies slick with pre-come and sweat.

Tony moaned and raked his nails along Gibbs' spine, his legs wrapped around his partner's waist as their movements became more forceful and faster. It was rough, hard, with no finesse—and it was perfect.

Tony threw his head back against the pillow when he felt the tell-tale tightening in his belly and balls and cried out when his cock spurted and Jethro bit him again.

It was so intense Tony blacked out, all of his senses in overload with pleasure. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself pressed into the mattress by a boneless Gibbs, the sticky mess between their bellies already cool and getting uncomfortable.

"Boss?" he called softly, petting the shoulder he had gripped so hard only a few minutes before.

"Uhm..." was the reply mumbled against his neck.

"You gotta move before this gets ugly...You know, belly hairs getting glued together by cum...hurts like hell when you finally pull away..."

"Yeah...I know," Jethro muttered, finally using his arms to push himself up and away from Tony. He landed on his back on the mattress, seeming to have no intention of standing up and cleaning himself.

Tony had to admit that now that the risk of being stuck together had been removed, he too had no desire to leave the bed—and the man lying on it.

In fact, after the shitty day he had just had, he didn't think he wanted to leave the bed until Monday morning, trips to the bathroom and the kitchen notwithstanding. But they could wait: the blood he had sucked had taken care of his fingers, the bump on his head and the other aches caused by his sojourn in the mine, and now the only thing he wanted to do was to sleep.

Reaching down, he took hold of the blankets they had discarded as fast as their clothes and pulled them up, grinning gently when Jethro didn't move to help him. The older man was fast asleep, his slightly open mouth showing the tips of his still extended fangs.

Tony switched off the lights, rolled closer to his partner and posed his head over his shoulder. "Love you," he murmured, closing his eyes.

"Love you too," echoed the soft answer as Gibbs' arm wrapped around Tony's back, pulling him closer.

Tony sighed in contentment – this was the perfect end of a not so perfect day – and fell asleep.


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