It was dark and cold night, the light that you could only see is the street lights from the roads and flashlight.

"What are we doing here anyway?"

Cherry, my best friend, asked angrily.

Someone is going to come with us."

See, where doing research about this village near the town we live. They say that village is abandoned because it was cursed. some townsfolk said that teenager who goes to the village disappear and never came we find the truth about this rumors about that said village. No one told me about the village's name.

Finally after a few hours, we've arrive at that said village. It was almost 8:00 p.m., so we made camp there.

"maybe we should explore the area to see if this village is really deserted while we wait for the others. Lets leave a note in case they arrive."

I got bored so I decided that me and cherry should explore the village. But she said that we should wait for the others. But I beg and beg until she finally gave in. we only brought flashlight with us, and I sneakly brought a pocket knife in case of emergency.

When we were searching the village, we saw lights somewhere, near a big tree, and so we decided to go to see what was all that about.

We can+'t believe are own eyes. When we reached the big tree, there were people there, and they were doing a ceremony. They were killing people there. Cherry was in a shock of what she saw. A man was killing the people one by one with a sword, I think it was called a katana. Of course, the man was not alone, he was with 15 or more people with him. Before she killed another person, a somebody beg to stop what he was doing, I think it was a nun or something.

In all of thee commotion, a siren echoed the place. I didn't know where it was coming from. I was getting a headache or something, and with a glimpse of what's happening, cherry was having a headache too. I can't stand the pain. After a few minutes, the siren stopped and my head seemed to be okay, an earthquake hit the village, it was causing the trees to fall to the ground. The people were scattering, afraid of what might happen to them. Scared also of what might happen to me and cherry, I took cherry and run to a safe place. It was a police station. Cherry suddenly faint, maybe because of what happened. So I dragged her to a room and close the door.

I heard footsteps going towards me, Then someone shouted, near us. He said "intruder" in a distorted voice. It was a police, he had blood on his eyes to his cheeks. police started firing at me, so i run away from him. i was so scared, why would he fire at me like that, I didn't do anything wrong. All I've done was put cherry to one of the rooms. I didn't trespass. So I run to the exit, and run like hell.

Where would I go?

I just got to run until I found a place to hide….

How about cherry? How about the others?

We need to get out of here…..