Cherry Stewart-October 09 00:30:23

"WHA!...what happened? Where am I? where's matthew? Hello? Is anybody here?"

I don't know where am I right now. I didn't even know how I got here. last thing I remembered is that I fainted at the middle of the earthquake. Maybe matthew carried me here. I just need to find where he is. Maybe I should search this building in case his here. I saw a map on one of the beds, and it says that this building is a police station. So I need to find someone here first so I can get help. So I'll go to the reception to see if there's someone there. So where am I anyway? I think I'm in the 2nd floor. So I head down stairs and through hallway. There I saw a police, who was calling someone.

"hello? Hello? Is anybody there? Sp4 William Lockhart here? do you hear me? Please. Is anybody there? Hello? Damn it!

The police said.


Where did that come from? I need to know where that shot come from? Maybe Matthew is in trouble? The police heard the shot so he followed where that sound came from. I need to find something that I can use a weapon. Wait a minute. This is a police station right. Maybe there's a gun here somewhere. So I searched the counter and I found a handgun and some bullets so I head out to find where that shot come from.