Written for the Hogwarts Online Prompt of the Day

Prompt: Parchment and Quill

Thanks to Mew for the beta-work =D

Bellatrix tells you about his death and all you can think of is Sirius, Sirius, Sirius. But you don't say anything to her, just pretend to remain oblivious, like you do to everything that matters and wait for her to leave - because only than you inform him, in your p-r-i-v-a-c-y. After half an hour of quiet, uneasy silence, she finally goes because she never got what she wanted and this makes her feel furious - because the only reason she came to tell you about Regulas's death was to see your reaction (Which you never gave).

Finding yourself alone, you take out the parchment and quills - because it's time to inform Sirius and you k-n-o-w you are the only one who will do so. The words come easily to you, and soon you have filled two scrolls of parchment - yet the letter still finds itself in fire instead, because you have been forbidden to contact him and you know you can't break the r-u-l-e-s.

Lucius comes home, yet your mind is still far away. You don't say anything to him, but he notices it anyways - only he doesn't question you, because that's' so not him. He waits for you to tell him but you don't say a w-o-r-d - because you know it's forbidden and you should not care for the stupid blood-traitor. That's what he will say but his words don't matter - because he is still your cousin whom you t-r-u-s-t.

So you take out the parchment and quills once more, this time writing only two words - because that's all you can tell him and that's all he deserves to know.

He's dead.