One evening in Bill´s lab

Saturday evening 9:00 p.m.

Bill was the whole day busy with reading books and science experiments. Once he was doing experiments, he couldn´t stop with it, because science makes him happy.

Today, he read a book about gravity. It reminded him by one scene from the episode about Gravity where he thrown things from a skyscraper. That was funny.

He missed the old days where he made his TV-Show 'Bill Nye the Science Guy'. He wished he could moderate more episodes, maybe still 50 or 100. That would be cool.

But now, Bill is tired, very tired. Yesterday, it was too late and he fall asleep at the table while he readed a book. Then, on the next day, he felt himseslf very dizzy. But that shouldn´t never happen again.

He opened the buttons of his lab coat as he went to a dark corner where it standing his TV. 'Let´s see which science show coming on TV now´, he thought as he switch on the TV. He let himself drop on the comfy couch and he streched out his legs and arms.

He yawned loud. On TV a show about global warming is shown on the science channel. He watched 5 minutes, then the show ended. He took a carrot from the lower table that is standing between the TV and the couch.

He nearly chocked on it, as he suddenly saw his own show 'Bill Nye the Science Guy' on TV. He smiled as he saw himself on TV.

"Hey kids", the science guy on the TV said. "Today, we will learn something about Gravity!" What for a chance, for a few hours he readed a book about Gravity and thinking about this episode.

The theme song begin to play. "BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY!" Bill pretend on full volume.

"BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY!" Bill jumped on the couch and hopped on it.

"BILL, BILL, BILL, BILL, BILL, BILL!" Bill danced around in the lab, laughs to the music like a 13 year old child.

"BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY! SCIENCE RULES!" Bill jumped on the table that standing in the middle of the room. He moved his hips.




Now, Bill Nye was again on the screen."What is Gravity? Well, Gravity is invisible, you cannot see it. But it is there. It exist." Bill took a pencil from a nearby table.

"So, there is a pencil. If you drop the pencil" he let it falling on the floor "Gravity pulls it down. Why is that so? This question occupied us through the whole episode."

Now Bill is standing behind a heavy box. "I want to lift the box. When I lift it" Bill did so "I have to pull against Gravity." Bill let it go, the box fall and it landed right on his feet. Bill screamed: "AAHHH!"

He holding his right foot in his hands. That was so funny for Bill who watched the show and began to laugh. "Now you learn more about Gravity. Please: Consider the Following."

"Did you konw that:

- There is no Gravity in space?

- There is no Gravity on the moon?

Now you know!"

Then came advertising. The Bill on the couch is sleeping peacefully. His head rested on a nearby pillow. He spend in sleeping the next part of his show.

This day was just exhausting for him.