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Prologue: Forward

Marnie, 14 POV

The box stands alone in the middle of my room, my final box of belongings.

Carefully, I sit down next to it and stare at it.

I then build the guts to look in it.

A few picture frames, and random academic awards, some books. Then my eyes land on a photo album half concealed by crumpled sheets of paper.

I pull it out and my eyes scan over the familiar cover The Flock it reads. I swallow the lump forming in my throat. I push back until my back is up against the wall.

I turn to the first page, pictures of the whole flock. I feel an uncomfortable tugging, the longing to back in those happy days before everything became so complicated. I study the pictures closely ignoring one particular person, before turning the page. Pictures of Annie, my little sister, my angel and me stare back, blinding smiles on our faces. Or should I say their faces, I'm no longer that girl anymore; the happy carefree spirit that rushes around with friends without a care, ignorant and unaware.

I lick my finger and flick the page over. I stare blankly down at the title below me, Fang. I feel the sting of betrayal as I look at the pictures. I study Fang's features, his obsidian eyes showing happiness and pure bliss, his jaw and cheeks, angular for a ten year old but suiting him perfectly and his hair, black and cropped short with parts sticking up in strange directions.

I couldn't hold it in anymore; I start to sob into my hands. I pull my legs in and cross my arms over my knees and hide my eyes. Between sobs I find myself uttering

"How could you? How could you do this to me Fang?" I want anything to stop the pain and burn of betrayal so I grab the milkybar from my bedside table. Without even thinking I have it unwrapped and take a bite. I relish in the sweetness of the sugar and the soothing of it melting in my mouth, melting my sorrows away just as food has ever since I found out about my Dads cancer. Then Fang's voice infiltrates my thoughts she's just a fat, ugly, flat-chested, four eyed freak. I stop chewing and chuck the bar across the room, leaving a sticky mark where it hit the wall. I then grab my bin which is sitting conveniently just to my right and spit the remains of my bite into the bin.

I look back down at the photo album in my hands and my eyes fall on the last photo. Unlike all the rest where we are both happy, this photo is of an eleven year old me, crying into an eleven year old Fang's chest as he holds me looking down at me with concern in his eyes. This was of the day my cat got run over.

Was it all fake? Did he ever really care about me? I continue to stare at the picture, feeling number as the minutes went by.

I'm not sure how many minutes went by, two minutes, an hour, I couldn't be sure. I use my finger to flick to the next page but slit it on the edge. I lift my finger. The page floats back down leaving it on the page of Fang and me, mocking me but I look at it once more and feel nothing. I look back at my finger and notice the subtle stinging and the blood building up. I savour the pain, longing to feel again, anything, pain is better than nothing at all. With my other hand I squeeze my slit finger gently resulting in more pain, like an addict needing my fix I squeeze harder until blood is running down my finger. I then let go and watch, mesmerized as the blood cascades down my finger and follows the groove along my palm until one single droplet falls from my hand and lands on that same picture.

A breeze then flows from my open window and flicks the page over back to pictures of me and my sister. I look at the pictures, at my smiling, sweet, innocent sister and back at my hand.

"What am I doing?" I murmur to myself. "No. This isn't me" I stare intently at my hand for a few more minutes before my mind is made up.

"A new beginning" I murmur. The blood on my palm representing forgetting the past and starting anew. I clench my fist. "I'll prove you wrong Fang, if it's the last thing I do"

With that I turn back to the pictures of F- Nick, Nick he's not Fang anymore. I grab the first one and rip it in half then half again. I grab the next one and repeat the process. I rip up all the pictures of Nick and me until there's only the one of me crying left. I look at it and can't bear to destroy the last memory I have of how it used to be, so I take it out, fold it in half and put it in my pocket promising to take it with me always.

With that I stand and walk into my bathroom. As I wash the blood from my hand I think of a new name, a new name for a new beginning. My dad always used to say, be at your maximum. Maximum, oh and for my last name it could be Ride, after Sally Ride. Maximum Ride, Max Ride, I like it.

I'm now officially done with all that girly crap . . . and boys. Time for a new me, I quite like the idea of boxing or fighting but I'll need to lose some weight and get in shape.

I turn the tap off and get changed into my PJs, a tank top and basketball shorts, and set the photo on my bedside table. The last thought I have as I drift off to sleep is I'll never fall in love again.

-Line Break-

The next morning I get up and get dressed, remembering my pact and to put the photo in my jeans pocket. I walk down the stairs humming Beautiful Day by U2 smiling slightly.

My mom and Ella, my step sister, look up at me like I'm crazy but I just smile at them and sing the last line aloud "It's a beautiful day"

My mom smiles at me and I grin back feeling strangely excited "Hey mom, so I was thinking, now that Annie and I have moved here it's like a new beginning for us and I want to like, start again. So I kinda wanted to change my name" Mom thinks about it for a second before grinning

"I think that would be a great idea for you to forget what happened, I don't mean forget your father but more what I hear happened at school, and move on. So have you decided on a name?"

"Yeah I have I want to be Maximum Ride, Max for short" she smiles

"That's a nice name and it suits you. We can get it changed tomorrow if you like" just then Annie comes bounding down the stairs

"I want a new name too. If Marn- I mean Max gets one so do I," she says jumping up and down with excitement. Mom's right Max sounds good, I really like it.

"Oh yeah" I say then pounce on her and start tickling her, she squeals and giggles

"St-st-stop" she squeals.

"Ok" I stop tickling her and pick her up and cradle her "So Annie what do you want to be called?" She pouts, furrowing his eyebrows, thinking hard.

"I don't know can you think of one for me" Ok a name for my little angel . . . then it clicks

"I got one" I exclaim

"What is it?" she asks practically hyperventilating

"You're my little angel so that shall be your name, Angel" She beams and hugs me.

-Line Break-

It's been two week since Angel and I changed our names, I go running everyday with our new dog Miko and go to the gym every second day and I haven't touched any chocolate, candy or fast food since. I'm proud of myself for resisting, I've gone cold turkey, and my aim is to lose about ten kilos by the time school starts in seven weeks and at least another five after that. I, obviously, joined a gym and I have taken up kickboxing which I really enjoy. My mom sees a difference in me and is really proud of me for starting over and making my new life the best it can be.

I've finally taken control of my life and have it heading in a direction I want it to go . . . forward.

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