Chapter 3: Moving

I put my final things in the last empty box. I close the lid and tape it shut.

I stand back from the mountain of boxes (really only six), and wipe the sweat from my brow. It's about one thirty in the afternoon, obviously, and we'll be leaving in half an hour. That gives me thirty minutes to load my boxes and motor cycle (yeah I have a car and a ducati motorcycle), and get something to eat.

Mum, Ella and Angel will be going in mom's minivan, the truck we hired came with a driver who will follow my mum and I'll be up front in my audi.

I walk outside past my mom and sisters who're packing stuff in the moving truck and into the garage. There, in front of me is my baby, my gorgeous black ducati. I slide my hand over the gleaming black paintjob before grabbing the handle bars and wheeling it out of the garage and over to the large truck parked outside our front garden.

"Hey Max, how are you going? Are you nearly done? We're leaving soon" My mom says as I walk past her.

"Yeah, I just gotta get the half a dozen boxes from my room and I'll be good to go" I reply, rolling my bike up the ramp and into the truck.

I put the stand down before walking out and back inside the house and up into my room. I grab the two closest boxes and stack them on top of each other. I reach down and grab the boxes and walk out of my room. Peeking around the boxes I see the stairs right at my feet. I carefully take a step onto the stairs and wait to see if I'll wobble. I don't so I proceed down the stairs.

I make it to the second to last step when I trip and fall over effectively dropping the boxes and landing face first on the ground. Laughing starts and I look around to see Ella laughing at me.

"I wouldn't be laughing at me if I was you" I say glaring at her. She instantly sobers up and runs out of the house me straight on her heels.

"Get back here Els I'll get you" I shout as she runs down the road. I stop, deciding to stop wasting time and get back to loading the boxes.

I put the last box in the truck and grab a granola bar from one of the food boxes. I head towards my car. I call Miko over and let her into the car. I get in the driver's side and open the windows allowing air in and Miko to stick her head out. I plug my ipod in putting it on shuffle and one of my favourite songs comes on as I start the car, If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Aren't You Dead Yet? By Mayday Parade.

Line Line Line

Two hours and one large McDonalds stop later I find myself anxiously driving through the familiar streets of Pheonix towards, ironically my old house.

Something black catches my eye as I drive down my old street. I turn my head towards the boy with black hair and all black clothing. I can only see his back but he is the most handsome guy I have ever seen. Then he turns around and I can see his face, more importantly his eyes and I freeze my foot still on the accelerator as I look into Nicks familiar onyx eyes. By accident I turn the car toward Nick and towards the oncoming traffic.

Tooting breaks me out of my reverie I face the road to come face to face with a car coming at me, expecting me to move. I sharply turn the car back onto the right side of the road and slam into a telegraph pole right outside my house.

The airbags smack me and Miko in the face and I push them both down allowing us to breathe. I then slam my forehead against the dashboard. The minute I get into town I smash my audi.

Taking in a deep breath I get out of the car to survey the damage. I take one peak and nearly start crying. It would take forever to get my audi back.

"Shit" I swear loudly causing the people, including Nick, watching my scene to give me dirty looks

It's all fucking Nick's fault.

Just one more reason to hate him. . .

So there was the chapter. I know it was short but I'll try to update tomorrow

And I'll explain all my problems next time but I just need to post this first