Boyd slowly opened the door to the hospital and entered, the flowers in his hand gently brushing the door. He hated hospitals, all the death and sickness made him shiver. He hated hospitals since his son had died. He looked up to see Grace standing by the door to Stella's room.

Boyd smiled and walked up to her "How is she?" he asked

"She's fine, she sleeping now" said Grace

Boyd nodded and looked through the door; Stella was laying on the bed fast asleep a yellow blanket covering her. He nearly threw up when he saw all the machines attached to her. Boyd let a breath out that he didn't know he had been holding. He had come so close to losing another member of his team.

He turned back to Grace "Why don't we go get some coffee? Let her sleep" said Grace

Boyd nodded and followed her into the café. He ordered the coffee and turned to Grace.

"You know, she was hurt and all she cared about was if she failed you or not" said Grace, Boyd looked up at her.

"She's never failed me" said Boyd "just sometimes she disobeys me"

"Well she thought that she did" said Grace

"She's so stubborn and hot-headed" said Boyd "sometimes that will get her into trouble"

"Just like you" said Grace

"She's nothing like me" said Boyd "she disobeys orders and she never listens"

"She's a lot like you" said Grace

"Mr Boyd, Miss Foley, Miss Goodman's awake" said one of the nurses walking up to them

"Thank you" said Grace standing up and looked at Boyd.

Boyd stood up and followed her out of the café; they quietly walked down the hall and into Stella's room. They smiled when they spotted her sitting up in the bed, quietly reading a book.

"Hey Stella how are you?" asked Grace

She looked up and smiled "Good"

"I have someone here to see you" said Grace sitting down next to the bed,

Boyd walked quietly in the room; he smiled at Stella and sat down next to Grace.

"How are you Stella?" he asked

She smiled at him "I'm fine"

"Good, I don't want another one of my team down" said Boyd gently taking her hand in his.

Stella smiled at him and looked up as Spencer and Eve burst into the room, he got up from the bed and walked over to the door.

"How is she?" asked Spencer

"I'm fine Spence" said Stella laughing

"Stella…STELLA" yelled Spencer hugging her

"Spence be careful" said Eve laughing hugging Stella as well "glad you're okay"

"Me too" said Stella laughing

Boyd looked at all his team, together united once again. He couldn't bear to lose another one of his team, after Mel. He watched as they laughed and talk with each other, updating Stella on the case. Though she wouldn't be back at work for awhile they had promised to keep her up to date.

Boyd smiled as Stella hit Spencer on the back of the head.

"Boyd help me, the girls are ganging up on me" said Spence looking at him,

"Sorry Spence, you're on your own with this" said Boyd

"BOYD" said Spencer

Everyone burst out laughing at his face.

"This is unfair" said Spence pouting