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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

June 19th, 2024

Rose shut the heavy tome she was reading with a sigh. She couldn't concentrate. Her brother, Hugo, was the reason why she could not concentrate. Hugo Weasley was the King of Gryffindor now that James Potter had graduated the year before. He was currently celebrating the end of the school year by showing off and downing an entire bottle of firewhiskey as quickly as he could. His main audience was squealing girls, all of them desperate to be the object of Hugo's affections.

Rose snorted loudly as Hugo choked on his drink, spraying a mouthful of it on his loving audience, who strangely enough didn't seem to mind. She stood, tucked her book beneath her arm, deciding she would lug the heavy text to the library instead of struggling to concentrate whilst her brother was fawned upon by his adoring, and sometimes obsessive, fans. Bloody Hugo.

If Rose was to be completely honest, she would say she was jealous of her younger brother. At fifteen, he was growing to be handsome with tousled brown hair and the same bright blue eyes which she possessed. He didn't achieve too well academically, but he had been named Gryffindor's best ever Keeper every year since he had been appointed the position on the Gryffindor team in his second year. His impressive sporting skill, easy charisma and casual charm had boosted his popularity in the school by tenfold. He even held the respect of many of the Slytherins. His good looks did not go astray, either, and he was constantly followed by swarms of females.

It wasn't as though Rose was unattractive. She had wavy red hair which girls envied and beautiful, bright blue eyes, but she was practical as well. She wore her hair in the same ponytail each day to keep it from irritating her whilst she studied. The other girls in her dormitory scoffed at the fact that she never wore any makeup but she saw no need to tart herself up like they did. Nor did she feel the compelling urge to roll her skirt up a few more inches, instead wearing it at the obligatory length. This disregard for her appearance earned her the titles of Teacher's Pet and Prude, not that she even cared what her classmates thought of her appearance. She was more concerned with her grades.

That being said, she wasn't very charismatic, nor was she particularly charming. She was a damn good Quidditch player, but she didn't play for the team as it impacted on her studies. She preferred to watch her brother succeed in that respect, though she had wiped the pitch with his ass more times than she could remember in the games they played with the rest of their family. She still wished she could be as popular as Hugo sometimes, though. Or as loved by her father as Hugo was. Her father seemed to value athleticism over intellect, and to say that didn't hurt would be a lie. Hugo got attention lavished upon him by their father, Ronald Weasley, for his various sporting achievements, whilst Hermione Weasley, Rose and Hugo's mother, treated Rose to small tokens for her esteemed academic prowess.

Rose was the top of her grade, destined to graduate as valedictorian, followed closely by Scorpius Malfoy, resident King of Slytherin. He had more notches in his belt than Hugo could ever hope for. Like father like son, according to the stories Hermione had told Rose. Draco Malfoy, esteemed CEO of Malfoy Industries, used to be as promiscuous as his son was now. Scorpius seemed to be the perfect male: smart, handsome, sexually pleasing, and an excellent Quidditch player. Even Hugo aspired to be him.

Speaking of Hugo, Rose mouthed an "I'm telling mum," over the heads of his adoring fans as she slipped out of the Gryffindor Common Room. The last sight she saw before the portrait closed behind her was a terror-stricken Hugo jumping down the table he had been perched upon, only he managed to face plant quite spectacularly instead. Rose chuckled to herself as she made her way through the corridors of Hogwarts, the trip to the library a familiar one. The library was her sanctuary and she frequented the dusty area at least twice a day.

She reached the large doors to the library and smiled as she walked through, her footsteps echoing against the cold stone floor. The library was entirely devoid of students seeing as exams were over and they would all be departing for their summer holiday in two days. Prior to that there was the graduation ceremony and the end of term feast. Until then, however, the students of Hogwarts were free to do as they pleased, as long as it remained within the rules. Rose should know – she was Head Girl.

Tucking a small piece of hair which had come loose of her ponytail behind her ear, Rose slid into her favourite table at the back of the library, placing her book on the table. It was an old magical medical journal, something she was deeply fascinated in. She had gone so far as to apply for an internship at St Mungo's, though she was fully aware the hospital only took on three new interns each year and competition from wizards and witches all over the world was fierce.

As Rose began to read a paragraph on the first recorded case of Dragon Pox she heard someone enter the library and judging by the sound of their approaching footsteps, she deduced they were on their way to see her. The footsteps came to a halt and Rose looked up, frowning at the disturbance.

"Finally," breathed the intruder, Scorpius Malfoy, as he sidled into the seat opposite her. "You're fucking impossible to find. You know that, right?" He looked at her pointedly, waiting for an answer, grey eyes narrowed to slits.

"No, I was unaware of that fact. Thank you so much for bringing it to light," Rose shut her book with a dull thud. "What do you want, Scorpius?" she asked patiently. If he was trying to find her then it would have to be something to do with their Head duties. They didn't speak outside of planning prefect rotations and sorting out detentions for misbehaving students, and now that there was scarcely anytime left to punish students, he would have found her to talk about their graduation speech.

"I'm glad you now know how impossible you are to find. Also, did you know your brother is absolutely pissed? I tripped over him on my way up to your common room when I went to find you. He's passed out next to a pile of his own vomit," Scorpius stated casually, checking his nails. Rose let out an impatient sigh and he smirked. Another family trait, according to her mother. "Professor Hockenhaw wanted me to let you know that your speech for tomorrow night 'moved him to tears', and that is a direct quote."

"Brilliant. Now that you've told me that, can you leave?" Rose asked but Scorpius didn't move. She rolled her eyes at him and returned to her book, trying to focus on the words. Her focus kept being broken, however, as Scorpius felt the compelling need to tap repeatedly on the table to some nonsensical tune. "Do you mind?" she said between gritted teeth and his smirk returned to his face.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Is my tapping irritating you?" his voice was smooth and innocent but his twinkling eyes and devious smile told another story entirely. "I could stop, but I think I'm quite the musician. The noise soothes me."

"Shove your noise up your ass," Rose snapped. She got to her feet and grabbed her text before Scorpius could annoy her further and left him and his irritating tapping behind her as she exited the library with long strides. She quickened her pace when she heard him in pursuit, for once glad that she had inherited her father's height and long legs. She skidded around the corner and fell with an almighty thump to the ground, her book flying out of her hand.

"What the fuck, Hugo?" she groaned, clambering over the barely conscious form of her brother who was moaning. She felt her hand squelch into something disgusting and shrieked. She had just put her hand in her brother's vomit. "Hugo! What the hell is wrong with you?" she wiped the vomit on her brother's robe and applied a quick Scourgify to her hand, thoroughly removing all traces of her Hugo's sick. As if that wasn't bad enough, Scorpius' footfalls had come to a halt and she could practically hear his smirk.

"If I wasn't so much of an ass I might help you," the Slytherin drawled and Rose turned her head to see him leaning against a wall, his grin a mile wide. Rose's eyes narrowed in his direction and she tossed her red hair over her shoulder and out of the way as she stood, ensuring her brother got a good kick in the guts. Hugo groaned and clutched his stomach. "You're not even going to help your brother up? Where's that Gryffindor unity?"

"Why are you such a prick, Scorpius?" Rose asked as she dusted herself off, summoning her book with a flick of her wand.

"I'm a Malfoy. It's what we do," Scorpius shrugged. "I quite enjoy it, actually. You should try it sometimes instead of living in that perfect cookie cutter image of a goody-two-shoes. My father told me that your mother was exactly the same as you are."

"Funny, my mother said your dad was as much of a self-centred, arrogant asshole as you've turned out to be. I guess some things just run in the family," she retorted, turning on her heel to walk away. As she neared the end of the corridor she heard the Slytherin's footsteps approaching and she groaned in annoyance. "Why are you following me?"

"I'm bored, and you're quite entertaining once I've riled you up. It gets me all hot just thinking about it," Scorpius tossed a casual arm over her shoulder and she shrugged it off immediately, lengthening her strides. Unfortunately for her, they were equal in height and he matched her pace.

"You've never shown an interest in annoying me specifically prior to tonight," she pointed out. "Why would that be?" They were nearing the Gryffindor common room and she just wanted to have a hot shower and climb into bed. One of the perks of being Head Girl was an entire dormitory to herself in Gryffindor Tower, including her own private bathroom.

"I figured I should get my last dose of annoying you in now seeing as our time together is coming to an end," a false sadness dripped into his voice. "Will you miss me, Rosie?"

Rose faltered at the use of her nickname. She never let anyone, outside of her mother and Albus, call her Rosie. She was always just Rose. "Don't call me that," she growled and he laughed. She wished she could just smack the laughter right out of him and never have to see his arrogant face again. "Well, as much fun as this has been, my dormitory's in here and I've seen enough of your face to last me a lifetime."

"Why so mean, Rosie?" Scorpius simpered, his grey eyes wide. "Don't you love me anymore?"

"I'm afraid not," she sighed, feigning regret. "Now, goodnight." She whispered the password to the Fat Lady who swung open to let her in after watching the exchange with amused eyes. As Rose went to step through the portrait hole, Scorpius' fingers wrapped around her upper arm and pulled her close to him.

"Don't forget, Rosie. I'm Head Boy. I know every single password in this castle," he murmured in her ear. "What would you do if I slipped into your dormitory in the night and had my wicked way with you?"

Licking her lips she moved her lips to his ear. "I would scream in satisfaction as I ripped your tiny cock off," she muttered quietly in a moment of Gryffindor courage. His shocked grip slackened and she slipped through the portrait hole, laughing like a maniac and leaving a very shocked Scorpius Malfoy outside, gaping like a fish out of water.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

June 20th, 2024

"I would like you all to join me in welcoming our Head Boy and Girl for this year to the podium, Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley."

Polite applause filled the Great Hall as Rose ascended the podium where Professor Hockenhaw had been standing moments ago. Scorpius was right behind her though was nowhere near as nervous as she was. Her palms were sweaty and no matter what she did, she could not stop fiddling with the sleeve of her black graduation gown, even when Scorpius elbowed her sharply. Shooting him a glare, she fumbled with her notes and placed them before her, clearing her throat.

"Every student that passes through the halls of this prestigious school will have a different story to tell, a different series of events to recount to their parents who wait at home through the school year, anxious for their return," Rose began, looking out on the audience. "I am no different. I can assure you that there is not a single person in this school who shares the same experiences that I do, nor is there a single person in this school who shares their exact experiences with anyone else."

"I stand here tonight as the highest scoring student for my year, something which I could not have achieved without the experiences that I had within Hogwarts. The people I have to thank for the wonderful times I have spent here at Hogwarts are, of course, the teachers. They have remained with this school through thick and through thin, completely devoted to teaching the hoards of eager students who flock to Hogwarts at the beginning of each year."

"Without them, there would not even be a Hogwarts for us all to attend, to teach us, to shape us, to help us live. On behalf of the graduating student body of 2024, I would like to thank each and every teacher who has aided us in our success. I would like to thank every person who has helped us through these past seven years, and I would like to thank each person who believes in us. Without your help, without your strength, without your belief, I can assure you that we would not be here today."

"It is because of you that we begin our lives after tonight, and I ask you all to welcome Hogwarts' graduating class of 2024," Rose finished, stepping back from the podium as the grand old doors to the Great Hall flew open and the students of her year walked down to the front rows, amidst loud applause from family members and friends. Beaming, Rose and Scorpius, who was looking rather bored with the ceremony, stepped down from the makeshift platform and took their places in their respective rows.

Professor Hocklehurst, the jolly man who had taken over the position of Headmaster following Minerva McGonagall's retirement, returned to the stage with a broad smile on his round face. He began to call the names of each student in alphabetical order, the named person standing, walking across the platform to accept their diploma, shaking hands with Professor Hocklehurst before returning to their seat. The process was a long one and Rose was positively bouncing with excitement as each student's diploma brought her closer to her own.

When Scorpius' name was called the first reaction that came from the audience was a tremendous wolf whistle as he sauntered across the stage, a lazy smirk plastered on his face. He had looked out to the audience with a grin and winked, prompting more whistles and giggling from the younger girls in the crowd. The graduating females had learnt never to let Scorpius Malfoy bed you – it only led to heartbreak.

The most enthusiastic applause of the evening was awarded to Albus, Rose's cousin. Al blushed as he ascended the stairs, the hall nearly vibrating with the burst of ovation he received. He was, as he always had been, bashful of his position as the Gryffindor Seeker, despite being the reason why Gryffindor had not lost the House Cup since his second year. Hugo may have been the best Keeper in the school but Albus Potter was the best all-round Quidditch player ever to grace the halls of Hogwarts, even giving his father a run for his money.

Rose joined in with the wild clapping for Al, laughing when he ran his hand through his hair. It was his nervous tick, mussing up his already unruly black hair, and it seemed to drive the girls wild. There were many occasions when his mother had threatened to cut his hands off if he kept scruffing himself up, the most notable occasion being at the wedding of Teddy and Victorie Lupin where Ginny Potter had cut it brutally short. With one last wave, Albus hurried down the stairs and resumed his seat with a very round face, receiving a hard clap on the back in congratulations from a few of his surrounding friends.

At long last Rose's name was called and it was all she could do not to jump from her seat and race up the stairs. Instead, trembling as she did so, she strode up the stairs purposefully, chewing on her lip in anticipation and trying to quell her shaking hands. She could vaguely hear the babbling of Professor Hocklehurst as he named her many achievements, the most recent of which being all O's on her N.E.W.T exams, something which she was painfully proud of. Looking out upon the gathered audience she could see her mother beaming up at her with a distinctly tear-tracked face and her father grinning broadly at her. The Potters were smiling up at her from their position beside her parents and she could pick out various other friendly faces. She felt a wide, enthusiastic smile spread across her face once she shook hands with the Headmaster.

Once resuming her seat beside Dominique, her cousin and closest female friend, she listened intently as Hocklehurst gave one last closing speech. The graduating students would be returning home in the morning with all of the others, though there were guaranteed to be a few parties being held that evening in various locations. Fully aware of this fact, the students were all anxious to remove their itchy robes and change into muggle garb for a night of festivities. Even Rose, who usually abhorred gatherings of that sort, was excited. This would be the last time all of the students in her year would be gathered in the one area, and rumour had it that there was going to be the party to end all parties in the Room of Requirement an hour after the graduation assembly disbanded.

"And now, if you would, please put your hands together one last time for this year's graduating class."

Rose stood with Dominique as the Great Hall filled with deafening applause and the chairs vanished. The parents and students moved to greet each other and Rose felt herself be pulled into a bone crushing embrace from her mother. Gasping for air, Rose managed to extract her arms and hug her mother in return, finally choking out that she couldn't breathe, resulting in her mother's release.

"I'm so, so proud of you, Rose!" Hermione said, wiping her dampened cheeks. Hermione had aged beautifully, Rose often thought. At age forty-five she was relatively line free, something which surprised Rose due to her mother's tendency to stress wildly over the tiniest problem. Her hair was still as thick as ever and had retained its rich brown colour. Hermione's eyes were still bright and deep, Rose often wishing she could have eyes as expressive as her mother's.

"Move over, 'Mione!" Ron Weasley grinned, gently pushing Hermione out of the way to hug Rose. "Good job, Petal." Rose winced at her father's nickname for her, noticing her mother make the same action when he shortened her first name. Ron had not aged as gracefully as his wife had, with a balding patch beginning to make itself known and his red hair slowly streaking itself with grey.

"Thanks, guys," Rose smiled at her parents, once again fiddling with the sleeve of her robes. "How is everyone back home? How's work?"

"Work is work, kiddo," Ron shrugged. "You'll find out just how fun it is in a few months' time, and then you'll be wishing you were back at Hogwarts. It's tough."

"Says you, Ronald," Hermione frowned. "You work at a joke shop."

Rose rolled her eyes at her parent's bickering as her father retorted lamely ("Hey! It's tough working there, what with kids trying to prank us every other minute!") and turned to look for Dominique. She caught her beautiful friend standing a few meters away with her own parents. Dominique noticed Rose's gaze and waved her over and Rose obliged, all to glad for a reason to escape her parents who were still squabbling over nothing.

"Rose, congratulations," Bill gave her a grin, the vicious scars which marred the side of his face becoming more prominent with his smile. Age had treated him far better than it had Ron, and he still looked fairly youthful and had retained his figure, unlike her father who was developing the makings of a potbelly.

"Thanks, Bill," Rose smiled, turning to embrace the ever-beautiful Fleur who was sweeping in for a hug, Dominique grinning behind her. The latter tapped her wrist with her wand, a reminder that they would need to leave soon if they were to have enough time to get prepared for the party that evening. Rose nodded once in recognition and released Fleur. "I better go and say goodbye to my parents again. I'll see you when school ends."

With a wave she turned on her heel and returned to her parents who were standing, much to Rose's surprise, with Scorpius and his father, Draco Malfoy. She stood at her mother's side tentatively, shocked to see that Hermione was openly laughing at something Draco had said, much to Ron's chagrin.

"Ah, this must be Rose," Draco's smirk mirrored his son's who stood a few feet away, looking dreadfully bored. The elder blonde held out his hand and Rose gripped it carefully, ignoring the warning look her father shot her. "It's a pleasure. I've heard much about you."

"Mr. Malfoy, I'm very glad to meet you," Rose said, letting a smile grace her features as she surveyed the father of her schoolyard tormentor. There was no doubt that Scorpius looked incredibly similar to his father, with the same platinum blonde hair and deep grey eyes which were flecked with blue on occasion. They shared the same high, aristocratic cheekbones and strong jaw, along with an identical straight nose. Their looks only differed marginally at their lips; Scorpius' were pinker and slightly plumper, a minor difference from Draco's slim lips. Of course, the differences were indistinguishable when they smirked, their mouths curving up identically and their eyes dancing, the blue shining through. Age seemed to have scarcely touched Draco Malfoy.

"Please, call me Draco," Scorpius' father drawled and Rose nodded. "Congratulations on your N.E.W.T scores, Rose. Hogwarts has never seen such scores since your mother graced these halls. You must be very proud of your achievement."

"Indeed," Rose agreed. "It took a lot of work but it certainly paid off for me. That being said, your son seemed to hardly work at all and yet he came out with the second highest scores in the year."

"That would be why they are the second highest," Draco pointed out. "I'm sure that if Scor applied himself then he could have surpassed you, but your mother's genes greatly advantage you, in more ways than one."

Rose gaped as her mother gave a very strange little laugh and flushed with colour before immediately clamping a hand over her mouth. Ron's face filled with anger mingled with confusion and he glared at Draco who was smirking. Scorpius remained detached, instead catching the eye of a group of fourth year girls who giggled and hurried away.

"C'mon, 'Mione," Ron said through gritted teeth. "We better get going. We'll see you tomorrow, Rose."

Clearing her throat, Hermione's cheeks returned to their normal colour and she smoothed her skirt down. "Bye, Rosie. I'm so proud of you," Hermione said again, hugging Rose tightly before stepping away. "Scorpius, it was nice to meet you. I'll see you at work, Draco." Rose watched as Hermione blushed when Draco caught her eye once more and suppressed the urge to gag. Her parents were still married, for Godric's sake! Why on earth was her mother flirting with her colleague?

Rose waved at her parents' back as they exited the Great Hall and turned back to Draco. "It was lovely to meet you, but I'm afraid I must take my leave," Draco said. "I trust we will meet again at a later date."

Rose nodded, shaking Draco's hand once more and watching as he trod the same path her parents had just moments before.

"Rose!" shrieked Dominique, making an appearance beside Rose's left elbow. "Hurry up! At this rate we'll hardly have any time to get ready. Our parents are gone so come on!" Dom shook her head impatiently, grasping Rose's arm and dragging her from the Great Hall. The two girls all but ran back to Gryffindor Tower, Dom leading the way as she tugged Rose by her hand. After breathlessly uttering the password to the Fat Lady they climbed the stairs to the seventh year girl's dormitory, grinning like fools.

"Dom, mind if I have a quick shower?" Rose asked, shrugging off her robe and throwing it on her bed. She bustled over to the shared wardrobe and pulled out her clothes for the night's festivities and found a towel.

"I showered beforehand, but be quick. I need to do your makeup," Dom said, stripping off her own robe and the uniform which lay beneath. Rose averted her eyes, still not used to her friend's lack of regard towards nudity.

Ten minutes later Rose emerged from the bathroom in a cloud of steam, clad in her outfit for the evening. Dom let out a low whistle and Rose shot her friend a glare, though she did feel quite sexy in her attire. Her black jeans were skin tight and she reminded herself not to try and move too quickly for fear of them tearing. Her upper body was clad in a simple white bustier top, exposing the creamy skin of her shoulder and pushing up her cleavage, something she never did.

Rose's eyes looked up and down Dominique and she frowned. Everyone would look plain beside her. Dom's dress glittered and came to mid-thigh, showing daring amounts of leg and a respectable amount of her ample bosom. The dress appeared so tight that it was a wonder Dom could even move, something which seemed like even more of an impossibility when teamed with her peep-toe heels. The shoes were delicate and covered in lace with an elegant bow just before the toe, and Rose was well aware that Dom had been lusting after them for many a moon.

"Damn you," Rose narrowed her eyes and Dominique laughed. "Seriously, how is it fair that you look perfect no matter what you wear? Everyone's eyes are going to be on you. I don't know why anyone else even bothers." The redhead sighed, sitting on her bed with a soft thump and crossing her arms.

"Oh, give it up, Rose," Dominique shook her head, her silvery hair shimmering with the movement. "Plenty of people think you're damn good looking, but you can't seem to see that. I only look like this because I'm part Veela. Not that I'm complaining, of course. It helps reel in the men, which is always useful."

"By men you mean Dante Zabini, of course," Rose grinned now, moving to stand behind Dominique who was curling her hair with her want. "When will you just let him have you? He's been pining since fifth year, and you've been pining since fourth."

"Who knows, I might give it up tonight," Dom smirked, adding the finishing touches to her hair. "I like to make them want it, you know. Really want it. And Merlin knows Dante wants it by now. He's been getting cockier recently, trying...things."

"God, I do not want to know what you and Zabini do in your spare time," Rose shuddered, ushering Dominique from the chair in front of the mirror and taking her place. "Work your magic, Dom."

A smile spread across Dominique's pretty face as she began working on Rose, twirling her wand with complex movements to charm her hair. No matter how good her grades were Rose could never master cosmetic spells. She supposed she just lacked the interest in making herself appear outlandishly pretty when she could achieve the natural look she liked by simply rolling out of bed. Instead, on the rare occasions that there was a need to dress up, she would turn to Dominique who could make anyone look amazing.

Rose could feel the makeup being applied on her face though there was no pressure from Dominique's hands or brushes. She detested makeup, but Dom had absolutely insisted that she wore some for the graduation party. Rose hated feeling her face clogged and she loathed being unable to rub her eyes for fear that the eyeliner would rub, but she knew that if she did not acquiesce to Dom's demand then she would be forced anyway.

"Perfect!" Dom cried at long last, and Rose opened her eyes to reveal her reflection staring back at her with wide eyes.

Dominique had certainly outdone herself this time. Rose's hair was formed into big, loopy curls that hung about her face quite attractively. Her eye makeup had been done simply with just a small amount of black eyeliner and neutral eye shadow, the former making her eyes pop quite spectacularly. Her lashes were coated in black, making them appear long and soft, and her lips were painted red in a daring move which Rose would never try if left to her own devices.

"Bloody hell, Dom," Rose mumbled, brushing her hand through her hair carefully. "Why do I let you talk me into this sort of stuff?"

"Oh, that's not even the best bit," Dominique's smile was perfectly sinister at this point as she rummaged in her trunk, finally withdrawing a shoebox. Rose's stomach plummeted. Knowing Dominique, the shoes would be ridiculously high and intensely uncomfortable. She was not wrong in that assumption, she found, when Dom pulled out a pair of high, terrifyingly so, heels in dark blue.

"You have got to be joking," Rose stared at her friend as though she had grown a second head.

"Nope," Dom grinned widely, thrusting the shoes into Rose's hands enthusiastically. "Hurry up and put them on! We're going to be late."

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Room of Requirement
June 20th, 2024

Scorpius reclined in one of the plush armchairs that the Room of Requirement had spawned, surveying the magical room's contents. There was a fully stocked bar which stretched across one entire wall, designed to create the drink you so desired if you requested it. The bar was lined with stools for those who preferred getting entirely hammered, though there were a variety of booths and lounges scattered about throughout the rest of the area. The lighting was bright, but not harshly so. Scorpius had made sure that as the night dragged on and the alcohol flowed that the lights would dim, creating ambience and interest. After a certain number of guests had entered the room music would start playing and there was a section designed to act as a dance floor which he was sure all the students would frequent at some point.

To his left, in an identical black armchair, sat Dante Zabini, his best friend and co-organizer of this particular event. Dante was staring at the door with eager eyes, his knuckles turning white on the tumbler of firewhiskey he was clutching tightly. Scorpius smirked at his friend though Dante paid no attention, his eyes not wavering from the entrance to the room.

"Stare a little harder and you might burn the door down," Scorpius snorted and Dante tore his eyes away.

"I don't know what you mean," he shrugged but Scorpius was not buying his friend's defence. He was well aware that Dante was lusting after Dominique Weasley, and had been doing so since their fifth year. Dominique was by far the most sought after female what with her wide eyes and pink pout, not to mention the beauty which seemed to simply radiate from her. Dante was just one of the many who had become smitten by her grace and charm, though he was the most likely to receive her affections in return.

"Bloody hell, Dante, I know you're chasing Weasley's tail," Scorpius rolled his eyes, cutting straight to the chase and ignoring the angry spark that flared in Dante's dark brown eyes.

"I'm not chasing anyone's tail, Scor," Dante snapped, turning away from an amused Scorpius as he ruffled his dark hair. "Besides, she's a Weasley. I'm entirely certain my father would disown me if I ever considered dating a Weasley."

"She may be a Weasley but she's a bloody hot one," the blonde pointed out, taking a sip of his ale. "She doesn't even look like a Weasley."

Dante nodded his head in agreement. His eyes snapped back to the door as it creaked open and the first guests trickled in. Scorpius couldn't help but chuckle as Dante's face fell slightly at the entering Ravenclaws. He knew his mate was desperate for a chance to finally trap Dominique, and his persistence was admirable. Dominique remained one of the very few female in their year which either of them had not yet bed, and Scorpius was stepping aside to let Dante have her for himself.

Scorpius inclined his head towards one of the newcomers, Ingrid Nott. The pretty Slytherin grinned at Scorpius and sauntered over, tossing her hair over her shoulder as she bent down to whisper in his ear.

"The Gryffindors are coming," Ingrid's voice was low and soft. "You better get a leash on Dante before he attacks Weasley."

Laughing, Scorpius turned back to the doors which had just opened again, revealing three more newcomers. Dominique Weasley stood in the middle, flanked by Albus Potter and Rose Weasley. The first had drawn the attention of plenty of the males, all of them close to salivating at the long creamy legs her dress exposed. The females in the room appeared close to jumping Albus' bones, though he seemed unmoved by the reaction he had caused with his casual appearance. Rose looked uncomfortable, but Scorpius had to admit she looked stunning, almost as pretty as her Veela friend.

Scorpius could barely suppress his grin as Dante was by Dominique's side within two seconds flat, leading her to the bar and away from Albus and Rose. Ingrid swooped in moments later, walking directly over to Albus with a tantalizing smile on her face. What was wrong with his fellow Slytherins? Were they all falling for bloody Gryffindors? Knowing Ingrid, however, she was simply after a good shag, and who better than Albus Potter? Plenty of girls were after him, but Scorpius was sure his friend would be the one to get him.

His attention turned once again to Rose who was left standing by the door all by herself, looking around nervously. Scorpius, along with the majority of the student body, was well aware that Rose's only real friends were Albus and Dominique, and it appeared as though they had both left her for a good time. Shaking his head, Scorpius turned away, looking at the partygoers with bored eyes.

There were a few people milling into the dance area, none of them quite sure what to do. The music was still quite quiet and too many were embarrassed to start the dancing off. Most of the guests who had already arrived had flocked to the bar, and from his vantage point Scorpius could spy Dante getting quite cosy with Dominique and a few seats down from them Ingrid and Albus were toasting to something. When Scorpius' eyes returned to the door Rose had vanished and there was a steady stream of Hufflepuffs filing in. Lifting his ale, Scorpius took a long drink, hoping that tonight would be at least a little bit interesting.

Rose glared at the retreating backs of her friends, her annoyance at them for going off with someone else slowly trickling through her. She could see various people she was acquaintances with but did not feel up to making small talk, instead opting to order a drink and relax in one of the armchairs. She sipped slowly at her ginger ale, watching the other guests gallivant about the room which seemed to expand slightly each time a new guest walked in. It was hardly half eight and yet she could already see a few students stumbling about from drunkenness. She was pleased with her choice of non-alcoholic drink, hoping to keep her inhibitions for the evening.

She watched Dominique sitting at the bar, sipping a brightly coloured drink with Dante Zabini by her side, giving her a charming smile. Rose could tell simply by their body language that they were entirely unaware of anything going on in the room, something which was demonstrated when Dante reached out to push a lock of Dominique's hair from her face, only to trail his fingertips up and down her arm. Rose made a face and turned away, only to be faced with the sight of Albus and Ingrid Nott. Granted, they were not as intimate as Dom and Dante, but Rose knew that by the end of the night they would be distinctly more ruffled. Ingrid was twirling her finger about the rim of her glass and Albus kept ruffling his hair nervously.

Rose turned away from the bar with a shake of her head, but she immediately wished she had not done so when she was greeted by a familiar face. Marcus Finnegan, her housemate and only ex-boyfriend stood before her, grinning in what she supposed he believed to be a charming manner. He seemed to sway with the air of someone intoxicated and his goofy smile certainly attested to the fact. He stumbled on nothing and righted himself on her chair, his breath blowing onto her face. She could detect the distinct smell of firewhiskey mingled with ale.

"Hello, Marcus," she sighed, pushing him away gently. He staggered backwards and fell into the chair opposite her, stilling smiling like a lunatic. She was quite put-off by his mere presence, let alone his drunken state. "Can I help you with something?"

"Jus' wonderin' why a pretty lass like yourself is sittin' 'ere all by 'er lonesome," he winked roguishly in her direction and she felt the overwhelming desire to gag. Even though there was a sizeable distance between them, his breath seemed to fan over her face, bringing with it the overpowering stench of alcohol. "Lemme buy ya a drink."

"No thank you," Rose said stiffly. "I'm perfectly okay with what I have at the moment. Perhaps you would do well not to indulge in another drink."

Marcus said nothing for a minute, his mind processing her words slowly in his drunken state. Rose fought the urge to laugh at the baffled expression on his face, instead choosing to avert her eyes and sip at her ginger ale. "Nay, little lady!" he finally said after a moment. "I insist! Or at least let me take ya dancin'!"

This time, Rose truly did gag. She most certainly did not dance, and there was even less certainty that she would ever dance with the oafish Marcus Finnegan. He may have played Quidditch, but Beaters were not exactly known for their dexterity, and Marcus was as clumsy as they came, even for a Beater. On the two occasions during their brief relationship when they had danced, Rose had come out of both events feeling as though her feet would never be repaired again. She certainly had no intention of repeating those events. Even though this was a different type of dance, she was sure he would be just as vulgar, though in an entirely different way. She opened her mouth to respond, entirely unsure of how she could reply without sounding like a total cow, when she was ultimately saved by Marcus being summoned by Joseph Thomas, his best friend.

She released a sigh of relief and slumped back into her chair, kicking off her painful high heels as she did so. She flexed her toes and looked about the room, disappointed. Of course, she had not been so naive as to think that there would be no alcohol, let alone people getting horribly intoxicated left right and centre, but she had at least thought that there would be some guests who would want to have a polite discussion. Or at least remember their last night at Hogwarts. Apparently she was incorrect in her guesses, however, because she could not spy a single person who was sober enough to hold a steady conversation and who wasn't being snogged senseless.

Her eyes now fell upon Dominique and Dante. During her brief encounter with Marcus, the two of them had moved from the bar to a secluded corner of the room where they were currently wrapped around each other quite intimately. From her position, Rose could scarcely even make out whose hands were whose. She sniffed indignantly and looked away, leaving the intertwined couple to their privacy (though going at it like rabbits in a room full of people could hardly be private in any way) as she stared at the dancers. Once again she saw a familiar couple, this time Albus and Ingrid.

They were moving slowly, sensually, to the beat of the music, their bodies pressed flush together. Albus' hands were firmly planted on her hips, guiding Ingrid as they moved together. The couple were on the outer layers of the throng of dancers, still in control of their movements and away from the other sweaty bodies that pulsated with the music. Rose felt awkward observing her best friend's antics and she could tell that her cheeks were coloured with embarrassment. She lowered her eyes and swept her gaze across the room, hoping to find something a bit more innocent to focus on. Her efforts were in vain, however, because everywhere she looked her eyes were assaulted by the sights of her classmates going at it like rabbits.

She felt something resembling the bitter taste that was jealousy creeping up her throat as she saw student after student in some compromising position. Why were all of these other girls so more sought after than she? Was she not attractive to anyone other than her drunken ex-lover? Her only experience lay with her one month relationship (though she often referred to it as a fling. One month could scarcely constitute as a relationship), and Marcus was not exactly difficult to please. As long as he could count the woman he took to his bed as another notch in his belt, he was happy. It appeared that she had been exactly that to him – another conquest. He had no doubt gloated to his friends at the fact that he had taken her innocence in a night of awkward fumbling and rough caresses.

She still felt anger and hurt trickle through her system when she recalled the night that she had lost her virginity to Marcus Finnegan. He had put her off sex entirely, having been far too harsh in his movements. All Rose could even remember was fierce pain followed by total discomfort as Marcus' heavy weight pressed against her. He had hardly made the experience something she wanted to repeat, and since that affair one year ago she had felt utterly no desire to repeat the occurrence. She had thrown herself into her schoolwork, even more so than before if that was possible, thoroughly avoiding all contact with the male species. She and Marcus broke up the next day.

But now, looking at all the pairings that were about the room, she felt the overwhelming desire to be a part of that. She craved intimacy. Hell, she craved release. She was not fussed whether it was a close bond or a night of wild passion, but she just wanted it. For her to feel something like this was entirely outside the norm, but she had been the quiet, sometimes prudish girl for far too long. She was like any other hormonal teenager, and she could not always push her desires down deep inside her.

Rose's blue eyes narrowed as she spied Marcus attacking the mouth of Amelia Longbottom quite ferociously. She wasn't jealous of Amelia. No, she was jealous that she was getting some. With a snort at her crude thoughts, Rose turned her eyes to her lap and to the depths of her empty glass. She stared at the fractured form of her fingers beneath the bottom of the glass, convincing herself quite thoroughly that she didn't care that she was spending her last night at Hogwarts alone.

"Feeling a little bit left out, are we?" the drawl of Scorpius Malfoy interrupted her thoughts as though he had read her mind, and she fixed him with a glare. He was clad in dark jeans and a crisp black dress shirt, the colour of his clothing contrasting quite wonderfully with his perpetual state of paleness. Of course, his possibly handsome features were contorted into a mask of terrible ugliness by the smirk he wore, his grey eyes taunting her, baiting her.

"Not at all, Malfoy," she replied smoothly, meeting his gaze. "Apparently you are, however, if you've resorted to conversing with me this evening. Your own party isn't as fun as you envisioned it?"

Scorpius seemed to let out an angry hiss between his clenched teeth. "It's perfectly enjoyable, thank you very much," his tone was clipped. She was amused that he could be so affected by such an insignificant slight. "I simply thought that I should see to it that all my guests are entertained. You have been glaring about at the other guests for the last fifteen minutes. The steam is practically shooting out of your ears. May I inquire as to why you've chosen to spend the night seething uncontrollably, thus putting a dampener on my little shindig?"

"No," Rose replied quickly. "No you may not. I simply wish there was someone who wasn't completely drunk worth talking to."

"Well I'm entirely sober, apart from the same bottle of beer I've been nursing for half the night," Scorpius pointed out shrewdly. He looked as though he would be more than happy to spend the remainder of the evening taunting her mercilessly, and she resisted a shudder. She would most certainly not be spending her time talking to Scorpius, though he was one of the few people in their year whose intelligence was on par with her own.

"Yes, but unfortunately for you, I'm not in the mood to be taunted all night by someone who has less than half a brain cell in his head," Rose snapped irritably, slipping her feet back into her heels in case she desired a quick getaway. She was certain that Dominique would kill her if she lost the shoes, so abandoning them was out of the question.

"Ouch, Rose," Scorpius' hand fluttered over his heart melodramatically. "My heart is simply shattering underneath your horrid accusations. I could always leave, if you wish, and Finnegan could finish what he started. Would you prefer his drunken antics to my sober conversation?"

Rose couldn't help the snort that escaped her. "Conversation? We never converse. We insult each other or hex each other. The last time we tried to have a conversation we ended up setting the Heads common room on fire." She frowned at the memory of her desperately trying to extinguish the small collection of flames whilst Scorpius stood back laughing.

"We used to have such fun, Rosie!" her companion's lips had turned upwards into his usual smirk whilst she scowled. "Ah, those were the days. Now you're just so cruel to me all the time." He stuck his lower lip out in an over exaggerated pout, but his eyes still sparkled with humour.

"Because it was so much fun when I was trying to save my Pygmy Puff from the couch which you set on fire!" Rose crossed her arms in annoyance, turning her head away from the smug boy who sat across from her. He chuckled at her antics and she saw him prop his feet up on the arm of her chair, the definition of relaxed.

"If the bloody pink thing would stop trilling like some horrendous alarm then maybe I wouldn't have lost my cool," he pointed out. "I asked you, quite politely if my memory serves me correctly, to move the little ball of annoying to your room, but you completely ignored me. From this, I feel that we can deduce you were the one at fault, which makes a change from the perfect little angel routine you normally pull."

"I was busy!" Rose exclaimed, whipping her head around to face him with fire in her eyes. "Just because I was occupying myself with something useful rather than your stupid little game of marbles doesn't mean I couldn't hear you. You were simply being juvenile!"

"I was being juvenile? You were blatantly ignoring me! Isn't that a little bit more childish?"

"Of course I was ignoring you!" Rose cried, impatiently tucking her hair behind her ear. "You had been acting like a fool for hours, calling my name over and over again! And besides, I couldn't actually hear you. I was too immersed in my work."

Scorpius' mouth formed a cruel smile and Rose immediately realized her folly. It was impossible even for her to be that interested in the particularly long and tiresome essay on Centaur rights that she had been working on that night. "Could it be that the perfect Rose Weasley placed a Silencing Charm on me, therefore breaking the school rules? What if it had been an emergency? What would you have done then?"

Rose cursed Professor Hockenhaw from her deepest depths at that point for instating that blasted rule. Silencing Charms were not allowed to be used upon other students anymore after a first year, who had been hassling a group of Slytherin sixth years, had nearly been attacked by the Whomping Willow. The older students had placed the charm on the younger boy, but had not been able to hear his pleas for help when the vicious tree snaked a branch around the child's ankle. It was only by chance that Professor Longbottom was walking by at the time and had managed to rescue the younger student.

"Well it wasn't an emergency now was it?" Rose said. "You were just being stupid, Scorpius. And if you even think that you're going to get me in trouble now for that, think again. No one is going to care that I placed that charm upon you. Anyway, what would you do about it? Put me in detention on the train ride home?"

Scorpius chuckled. "Not at all, but you could still be expelled."

"You little asshole," she ground out, her teeth clenched. She was close to pulling her wand and hexing him, though she was fully aware he was simply attempting to rile her up. "Why don't you go and whore yourself out to one of the few women in this grade who haven't realized that you're a walking disease?"

"I would, darling, but you see, you're the last one left," he grinned and she shook her head, unable to believe that every straight female in their year had slept with Scorpius Malfoy. "Believe it, Weasley. You're the last one. The only one who hasn't succumbed to my charm."

"Or to the effects of spiked firewhiskey," Rose growled. This time Scorpius' laugh was loud, booming. A few people who were sitting close by looked around, alarmed at the volume of his expression.

"Oh, you are fun," he finally said after his laughter had died down, though he was still grinning. "See, I think that once I broke down that little virgin exterior of yours, you would be a sexual goddess. You're certainly fiery enough. Perhaps we could try and channel all of our little spats into something a bit more...pleasurable."

Rose had endured enough. She stood up swiftly, and turned to leave, pausing only momentarily to glare over her shoulder. "Perhaps my little virgin exterior has already been broken down," she said, marching out of the Room of Requirement, anger boiling in her veins. She could scarcely believe the nerve of Scoripus to say something like that to her. Were all men really that crude?

Scorpius watched as Rose exited swiftly, a little sad to see her go. He had been having an awful amount of fun taunting her. Her reactions, prior to the hexing which usually followed, were definitely worth the insults and furious looks. He had, on the few occasions when her attention had been directed elsewhere during their encounter, allowed his eyes to drop from her face, namely to the creamy skin that was pushed up by her tight shirt.

He had seen her in clothes other than the entirely unflattering school uniform, of course, but this...this was something entirely different. She was all dressed up and wearing tighter apparel than he could ever have dreamed she would own. Her legs, already long from her height, seemed never ending in the jeans she had been wearing and her hips seemed to hold a sassy little sway thanks to the shoes. He had thought it before and he wasn't afraid to admit that Rose Weasley was hot, and he was certain that he would one day get the chance to bed her.