I've recently stumbled upon a crossover I actually like. Normally, I hate crossovers. But I stumbled upon a new Voldemort/Bella pairing from fitever and it caught my interest. After some reading (about 4 hours worth actually) I decided that I do not mind Twilight/Harry Potter crossovers as long as it's a dark pairing. (Which means I don't like Harry/Bella fan fictions.) So, after reading a few and sitting here in contemplation of stories, I decided to give this one a shot. Seeing as it is an impulsive story, it will NOT be sent to my beta.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Twilight. I simply own whatever crosses my mind for the story and any characters I may happen to create.


Bella's Point Of View

I sat at my computer, finishing what was left of my high school home schooling. After the Cullens left, I had found little interest in Forks High School. I cut myself off from everyone and after several parent teacher conferences about my disinterest, Charlie had decided I could school myself from home VIA an online course. The house was quiet since Charlie now worked mainly at night so that we could spend a little time together during the day. I sighed as I started spinning in my chair. The spinning made my mind wander, which made me think of Edward and his family, which made me very angry. I found myself wishing I was supernatural so that I could gain revenge. I didn't want to be a vampire, because then I wouldn't really gain anything. I didn't want to be a werewolf because I didn't want the threat of imprinting. I didn't want to be a fairy or a centaur even. No, none of those would do. I closed my laptop and laid down on my bed with my hands behind my head. I started imagining myself as a dark witch. I pictured myself wearing a dark cloak, fire in my eyes as I tortured Edward to death with magic that he couldn't deflect and that Alice couldn't see coming. I pictured myself commanding attention as a dark witch, having others with the same ideals close and forming an alliance to take down all those who had harmed us. I smiled evilly to myself as I pictured it before falling asleep.

I was standing around in a circle of people in a graveyard. I looked around but I saw no faces as everyone's heads were bowed down and covered with cloaks. I broke the circle and tried to get the others to pay attention to me. "Hello? What's going on here? Why are we in a graveyard? Hello? What is going ON!" Out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of light and turned quickly. I stared in awe. Standing on a broken grave that created sort of a platform stood the most gorgeous man ever. He radiated power and simply screamed darkness. I figured if I was level with him, he would stand tall enough for me to have to tilt my head up to look at him, but not enough to be too tall. Time seemed to freeze as I took him in. Even in his dark cloak I could tell he had broad shoulders, and I imagined a very fit body underneath. His hair was a darker brown than mine, set off dangerously with dark eyes. He was, in my opinion, flawless. He made Edward seem like the high school nerd. I stepped forward cautiously as I noticed him staring at me. "Can you hear me?" I asked softly, grounded by his presence. "I can." He replied, his voice smooth but carrying a dark aura with it that sent a shiver down my spine. "Do you know why I am here?" "You are here, my dear, because you wished for darkness. I am the princess of darkness. In time, you will come to me. Until then, simply know that all you want will be given to you in time, and that you WILL have your vendetta as you help me with mine." I tried to say more but my voice caught and everything started to swirl in a dark mist. The graveyard and hooded figures faded, taking him with it. "WAIT!" I yelled, seeing only those dark and piercing eyes. "WAIT!" I screamed again, trying to reach, only to be sucked into darkness.

"WAIT!" I screamed out, sitting up in bed with sweat running down my forehead and my arm reaching out. I breathed heavily and looked around, noticing I was back in my room. "Was it all a dream?" I spoke aloud to myself. His dark eyes floated back into my mind and I was even more confused. I decided to wait it out, as he said. I hadn't even learned his name. I felt branded, as if I was marked for something. I also felt more powerful. I felt a tingling in my fingertips and looked down at them. I heard a noise on the porch and got up to go downstairs, without even looking at the clock to see if it could have been Charlie. I took them one at a time, peeking down slowly. "Charlie? Is that you?" I asked cautiously. As I reached the door, I opened it quickly to find no one there. Looking down, I saw a letter. I looked around and upon seeing no one, retreated inside. I locked the door and opened up the sealed letter. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I smiled evilly. "What a pleasant nightmare, if you could call it a nightmare." I proceeded to sit on the couch and read my letter, waiting for Charlie to come home. I decided to trust the man in my nightmare dream, and see where things would go. What was the worst that could happen?

I'm going to try to finish all of this in one shot so I can just post the finished thing. Even so, I would like to hear what you all think of each chapter so please try to review each chapter. Those who do will have a special mention at the end and I will take your requests for future stories (within reason) and try my best to write one specifically for you.