This is the LAST Chapter of THE RISE. It's been a good run and I'm so glad that you all enjoyed it. I MAY post a sequel, but it may be hard to do for me. I do love this pairing so I may write a new one after this. Thank you to all of those that have reviewed and added this to their favorite lists and alerts.

Chapter 14 - The Final Show Down

With the renewed light in his eyes, Lord Voldemort knew this would be an enjoyable battle. He motioned Bella out of the way, and she did so gladly. This was her love's biggest mission and life's work - elimination of Harry Potter.

No one watching knows who actually threw the first curse. Those who had just converted watched as their new master battled someone they had known since his first year, and had known of for as long as they could remember. With each dodge or deflection of a curse, something in the Great Hall was destroyed. Bella watched in amazement as a whole wall was blown apart. Harry dodged a Crucio from the Dark Lord and stumbled over the body of a fallen friend. An anguished cry escaped his lips. Bella let a laugh escape and he glanced at her. His thoughts reeled. I should have protected her! I should have convinced her that the Light was the way somehow. Now she's his mate. She worked to destroy me since we met. And then.. He had an idea.

Bella watched with glee as her mate ran the Potter boy ragged. But she was becoming quite bored at having no fun and sat down on an unbroken bench. Dropping her guard was careless, but she had faith in her mate. She glanced over as he threw a spell at Harry, causing him to fall. Harry stared at her a moment, and then she knew his intentions. She ran to stand to dodge, scrambled to get her wand, but she knew there was a slim chance she wouldn't be hit. Harry threw the Sectum Sempra curse at her. She was stunned. She watched as it came fast but in slow motion at the same time.

The Dark Lord knew when Potter had figured out Bella was a weakness. No one but Potter had seen it that way, as she was their mistress or simply another girl. With a roar, he threw himself in front of Bella. Her scream echoed through his ears as he fell to a knee, the spell cutting him. Severus ran over to reverse his own curse, but he felt his power draining. Harry marched closer, triumph in his eyes. The spell was reversing slowly, but would it be enough? "You killed my mother. You killed my mentor. You killed my friends. All you do is kill, Tom Riddle." He hissed. "And now, I will kill YOU." He raised his wand slowly as if relishing the moment, but then his eyes went wide. His breath caught in his throat and he couldn't move. Bella stood in his line of vision, "Can't move?" He had been hit with the paralyzing curse.

Bella helped her love stand slowly. She masked her worry for him and whispered in his ear, "Finish him." The Dark Lord shook the pain away, his power restored. He pointed his wand directly at the paralyzed wizard's throat. "Avada Kedavra!"

Harry Potter crumpled to the floor. "MORSMORDE!" Bella screamed, the dark mark taking form.

Darkness had won over light.

- 8 Years Later - Bella Point of View -

The world was in alignment for me. Tom and I were running the wizarding world and there had only been a few rebellions to end. I was pregnant with our first child, and would be delivering in a few months. Tom had been nothing but attentive. It seems so long ago that the war had ended. Draco had met a nice girl from France and they had married last year, as well as conceived a daughter named Arianna. Tom knew our child would be a son, even though we had no official word. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had died. If Tom would have won. But then I shake it off. Of course he would have. Looking back on that day, I still smile. It had been The Rise.

Sorry it was short but I simply wanted Potter to die.