Author's Notes: Usually when it comes to people that support alternate pairings that include Lina/Zelgadis, it's usually Lina/Zel, Gourry/Sylphiel and Xellos/Filia/Val.

Amelia is usually left out in the cold.

Sometimes she's paired with Xellos, but usually if she is paired with anyone it's a mary sue type pairing. (And yes I am guilty of this myself)

Since watching Slayers Revolution and Evolution R I got to thinking about the idea of Amelia/Pokota. I've seen one fanfic with this pairing so far, but not much else. (Not that I've been looking very hard, I'm sure more exist.) And in my head I couldn't shake the idea of two so this fanfic idea formed in my head one day while I was at work. I know Amelia/Zelgadis fans would be annoyed with me for it, but you know what if you watched R and ER you'd see that there's not really any A/Z action going on save for the chess game. I'm not sure if I'm 100 % for Pokota/Amelia but I'd thought I'd give this a shot.

Pokota's Plight

Chapter One, Playing God

By Relm

Pokota had gotten exactly what he had wanted. Tarforashia had awakened and all the people were healthy and safe. He would have done anything to save his home, even gave up his life for his kingdom. But his life wasn't needed to save the day after all and he ended up back in the body of the stuffed doll he had been trapped in since this whole mess had started.

That had originally been okay for Pokota. He had given up his body to Rezo in order to wake everyone else. He knew once he made that decision he was never going to be human again. So for the love of his kingdom he'd done anything.

But now almost a year after the fact Pokota started to feel the gravity of that rushed decision. Being a stuffed animal did have its advantages; if he lost a piece of himself a new piece could be sewn on. Though small he was quite agile and quick. And he didn't lose his magic abilities in that form. But loneliness trumped all in the end.

When news spread of Tarforashia's return many people flocked to the kingdom. Though many were aware of what had happened to Prince Posel they were still shocked by it. A crown prince with the body of a stuffed doll? It was hard for people to take him seriously. The princesses in the neighbouring kingdoms scoffed at his appearance. Not a single one of them would consider him a future suitor. Who'd want to marry a little doll? Amelia was the only one who treated him normally. But then she had gotten to know him and knew what the conditions were the lead up to appearance. He had wondered if Amelia would be like the others had she not gotten to know him first. And though the people of his own kingdom were kind and fair to him they didn't treat him like any other normal prince.

Pokota looked longingly at the happy couples that went about their days holding hands, whispering to each other and sharing those loving embraces. Would he ever find love trapped in a body of a doll? He knew even if he could that he wouldn't be able to have children. So that left Tarforashia in a lurch. Who would carry on ruling the kingdom when he was gone? Of course Pokota didn't know how long he would live as a doll. Maybe he was immortal. Though that would be good for his kingdom he did make him depressed. Living forever meant nothing if you had to live it alone.

It was on a recent trip to Sailune that Pokota had decided on something that would change the course of his life. Pokota and his father had gone to Sailune to negotiate trading deals between kingdoms. Really only Pokota's father was needed, Pokota wasn't necessary for this, as it was just his father and Prince Phil talking. Pokota's father decided that having Pokota come with him would help alleviate some of his son's growing depression.

So he spent the day with Amelia, eating lunch and having her show in around the castle. But when they got to the castle library Amelia had to be called away, so that left Pokota looking around at the many books Sailune's royal library had to offer.

There was a big stack of recently acquired books on chimeras, curses and anything to do with Rezo put especially aside. From what Pokota learned from talking to the guards in the castle any time Prince Phil or Amelia acquired any books of this nature it was put aside for Zelgadis so that he could read them the next time he came to visit. Pokota had been told that Amelia did this because then she would have reasons to lure Zelgadis back to Sailune. The guards were convinced that Amelia was in love with the chimera and would do anything to keep him in Sailune and with her.

Pokota scoffed at this. During his whole time with Amelia and the others he saw nothing to support this supposed fact. Yes the pair did spend a bit more time together, but there was nothing romantic in nature that Pokota could see. And he should know; he'd spent quite a fair bit of time with Amelia during that adventure. Of course Amelia had asked Zelgadis to come back with her to Sailune after the fight with ghost of Shabranigdo and he said he'd think about it. But Zelgadis didn't go with her. He did was he was known to do, go off chasing another means to return his body to normal. If Amelia did love Zelgadis, then he clearly didn't return these affections. So Pokota figured the guards thought wrong, or maybe Amelia did have feelings for the cursed chimera but they had faded.

There were so many books to look at in the library but Pokota couldn't shake his interest in the pile reserved for Zelgadis. So he causally looked through them. Much of it didn't appear to be useful for what Zelgadis needed. If the chimera did return it would be nothing.

Pokota was going to go onto other books not in the pile till he reached one about Rezo's work with koppis. Though Rezo was better known for his work with chimeras it appeared he did know a fair bit more about koppis then Pokota had originally thought. This is sparked an idea in Pokota's head. An ambitious and somewhat immoral idea. And though he knew it was wrong to even think about what he could do with that information in the book he took it anyway. The stuffed doll crown prince unzipped the zipper on his stomach and slipped the book in before making a hasty retreat from the library.


For almost a month Pokota refused to look at the book. Looking at the book meant that he was seriously considering something that many would frown upon. But curiosity got the best of him and after a month he begun to read the book.

It was a diary of Rezo's detailing his research into making koppis. It looked like Rezo had originally had the idea of making a koppi of himself to transfer his soul into so that he could have his sight. But it seemed that no matter how many koppis Rezo made, they all turned out the same, blind. So therefore Rezo abandoned this research and went onto the idea of transferring his soul into another body altogether.

This research was by no means a how to guide on making a koppi but it gave Pokota groundwork to make his own koppi.

At first he was conflicted on the idea of making a koppi of his human self. What would be the purpose of it? Yes he could make the koppi and transfer his soul into it, but then the koppi who was basically him too would be stuck in a doll. So was that actually fair? To make a life just to doom it?

Eventually Pokota came to a decision. He would see if he could merge his soul with the koppi's becoming one person or just leave the koppi be. That way the koppi could get married and have children thus continuing on the Tarforashia bloodline. Though that idea didn't thrill Pokota; but at least that would allow him to live through someone else's life.

So Pokota got what he needed and secretly hid himself away in a makeshift lab. No one was aware of what he was doing. He couldn't let anyone know, making koppis was illegal in most parts of the world. Only the gods were allowed the power to create and control life. This went against the laws of nature. But Pokota did it anyway.


For many months Pokota worked tirelessly on his koppi. The process turned out to be harder than he had thought. Not having fresh tissue samples to work with proved to be problematic creating many failures. None of them achieved life or even a human form. The elements didn't merge; they scattered forming nothing. It was very frustrating for the young prince. But this newest koppi, Pokota was sure this one was going to work. Because this was the last of his supplies, he couldn't make another one without raising suspicions.

While he was waiting for his new koppi to form Pokota worked on the two Hellmaster jars he would need. Thankfully Pokota had lots of information on the jars and even found one the Rezo had made but never used. So that meant Pokota only needed one for what he intended to do if he actually decided to do it. Yes he was still pondering the idea of stealing the koppi's body, but least in order to hopefully merge with the koppi he'd still need one jar.

The machine hissed and whistled as the pod opened revealing the newly formed koppi. As the steam cleared Pokota held his breath hoping for the best.

The elements had merged this time; there was a body in the pod. At first glance it looked like Pokota save for the hair. The hair still had the same length though instead of the little tuffs that stuck straight up at the top of his head Pokota's koppi had bangs that hung low covering some of his closed eyes. The colour of the hair was the same except for a couple dark purple streaks going down one side.

"Hello?" Pokota called out his koppi.

Koppi Pokota opened his eyes. Instead of Pokota's hazel gold eyes, one of the eyes was yellow while the other a bright icy blue. Koppi Pokota turned his head and looked at Pokota with a strange smile on his face.

"Hey, can you hear me? Do you know who I am?" Pokota asked once more.

Koppi Pokota didn't respond he just stared out into space.


Several tests confirmed what Pokota had feared. Yes the koppi was physically perfect albeit the minor differences, but mentally the koppi was no brighter than a vegetable. Pokota surmised that his koppi only had the mentality of dog or a cat. And the koppi acted like a domesticated animal too. It ate, slept and looked around at things that caught its' limited interest, but it wasn't capable of speaking or communicating in any way. Nor did it have any interest in it. It was just happy and content to sit around napping and eating.

Pokota wasn't sure what to do. He had created this life, and he knew he didn't have any right to end it. But what sort of life could this mindless creature have?

But it turned out that Koppi Pokota made that decision for Pokota. The koppi while exploring accidently activated the Hellmaster jars. Both Pokota and the koppi's souls were sucked into the jars.

'Darn.' Pokota mentally cursed. 'What am I going to do now?' Being trapped in the jar he couldn't see or feel anything. "Hello!" Pokota screamed. "Can anyone hear me? HELP!" He screamed. But it was all in vain. Pokota had made his lab a very secluded place underground. Even if he was in his own body screaming at the top of his lungs no one was going to hear him down there. He was trapped with no way to get out.