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1nce a pon a time their was a slaier named Dawn. She alown woyld stand agaenst the vaypiyries, the damonds and the fources of evel. She was the slaier and not her totally lame sister Bufffy who wood like totally eat the last peace of pizza that she had totally like marked w that olive and in know way could save the wirld like a bunch of times over and just sit their & pout cuz her bf was all like Nooozzz I haz no soul, nowz I noms ur friends and makez creepe sexie eyez.

& slaier Dawn had the bestest friendz tara and willow who like totally kizzed and kinda geyish but they were like wiches and like supr cool and dawn was all your my bestest friendz and it makez me happe when ur all in lovez & not fyting & bez addicts to teh dark magics that are like totally a medafore or someting.

Aneways Dawn wuz like the bestest slaier, & she madez the vamps all dusty & then she write about it in her dairy like totally like this.

Xoxo - Dawn Summers 3, 12 1/4 years old