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She's always five by five, the girl who was chosen last
She'd feel like the player no one wanted, 'cept she's the only one of them that hasn't died
Her life's a little "Spartan", no one or thing to keep her still
So the throbbing music takes her over, hands, hips, heart all in motion

When the music's gone, all she's got is the stake in her hand and the chip on her shoulder
She's no one's hero, just a girl living between destiny and circumstance
The lines of good and bad are the luxury of the living, not a girl with one foot always in the grave
She's only known the roles of aggressor and victim, and she's determined not to be the latter

B's the one who's just and good, even when she sticks the knife in
She's the noble and righteous slayer, chosen first, the last one standing
Even though she's fading, Faith smiles, she's always five by five