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I was an officially an idiot. No, worse than an idiot. I can't believe I forgot my wallet. I really needed to invest in a purse that did not spew out my personal belongings every where I went. At first, I seriously thought I could get away with going on about my life with no money, several forms of identifications and my driver's license. After a few hectic days of hoping I didn't get pulled over, I decided the madness must end. It was time to go back to the U. And why am I even more stupid? I decided to go when the team was having practice. Of course. Meet me, the genius.

I walked up to the front desk and asked the lady if they had a lost and found. I could just get my wallet and hightail it out of there. But nooo, she just had to further my torture and make me walk around the damned place. I decided to go to the locker room because, after all, I did go in there a lot. But practice could be over by now and then I would have to face them all. I knew I didn't have any reason to be so nervous (hopefully) but I felt I somehow wore out my welcome or violated my rights.

Okay. I wasn't going to be a coward about this. I was just going to plow right in there and quickly look for my wallet. The players didn't have anything against me, right? Jack and I didn't even have it out. We didn't have a shouting match like we usually did after some disagreement. It just kind of fizzled out. I never called him out for leaving me at the bar. Because, when it all came down to it, I guess it was my fault that I got completely shit-faced. Anyway, I didn't want him to think I couldn't handle all that alcohol. Go ahead, leave me at a bar. See what I care.

The only one in the locker room was—do I even have to say? I couldn't believe it. It's like the fates were out to get me. Why do we always end up alone together? "Where's everybody else?" I asked Mac uncertainly, like this was some prank.

"Herb let me go early."


"What do you care?" he said, sounding as if no one could irritate him as much as me.

I shook my head, trying to stay on topic. "Look, have you seen my wallet?"

"No." he snapped.

Whoa. . .did I hear a tone? I tried to think if I had done anything wrong to make him angry lately; Nope. The last time I checked, we weren't trying to kill each other. "What's your problem?"

"Right now, you are." he muttered.

"God, is there always something jammed up your ass?" I deadpanned.

"Why don't you just—"

"No!" I cut him off. And that's when I lose it a little bit. "What's your deal? Obviously you have a problem. What did I do?"

He didn't say anything. He stared at the floor.

"I'm tired of this back and forth shit."

He opened his mouth to speak but I kept on going.

"I think we're friends and then you act like an ass. It's driving me crazy! I know I've said shit to you, but come on."

He stood up. "Cal, I'm—"

"Just shut up and hear me out. I don't get you. I want this to end. I mean, I want us to get along. I'm going to have to see you for the next couple of months and I don't want to have feel like this every time I do."

He started walking toward me.

"Why do you bother me like this? Stop toying with me!" He was right in front of me now. I didn't even think about what he was doing—I was too angry—I just kept on going. "I don't know who you think you are—"

"I know." he said, putting his hands on my shoulders and surprising me so much I stopped yelling. "This is why." He leaned toward me and before I could do anything, he pressed his lips to mine. My first instinct was to push him away, but another feeling of overwhelming calm washed over me an instant later. It didn't last long, though. My mind went on overdrive.

He's kissing me. Why is he kissing me? Why am I kissing him back? Why do I like it? I shouldn't like it! This is definitely not normal. Stop. But I don't want to. You have to stop. I don't want to. It's wrong. I need to stop this. Come on, Cal. You are KISSING Rob McClanahan!

After a full five seconds, I finally came to my senses. I put my hands on his chest and pushed him a few inches away. "I can't do this," I breathed. I couldn't meet his eyes. I took a step back.

"I'm sorry." he whispered.

I just shook my head as I turned toward the door, then stopped. I felt like I had been hit over the head with something. My heart was racing. I couldn't move, even though I was screaming at my legs to haul ass and get out.

"Callie, don't. Don't go." He gently grabbed my arm.

His touch gave me a jolt, waking me up. I snapped back to life. "No—I, I shouldn't be here." I stuttered. I turned around, trying to remember where the door was. When I found it I walked as fast as I could door without running.

"Cal, wait!" he called after me. I was already gone. But I couldn't forget how he wouldn't let go of my arm until I was completely out of his reach, like he never wanted to let me go.


I was lying on my bed staring up at the ceiling.

Mac and I kissed.

Mac and I kissed.

I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was so not what we should be doing but. . .I liked it. It wasn't just your average, lips pressing together, first kiss. But I don't mean he had shoved his tongue down my throat or grabbed my ass. It wasn't like that at all. It kind of just happened. . .I felt his lips on mine and I kissed him back. My mouth went right over the concave of his as if they just fit together. It didn't feel wrong or gross like you'd think it would have. It was the kind of kiss where you'd imagine fireworks going off in the background. I didn't want to push him away. But I had to.

I was so confused. Since when did Mac want to kiss me? And since when I was so cool with kissing him? It didn't make any sense. My head had been spinning non-stop. It was giving me quite the headache. I closed my eyes and squeezed my body a round a pillow. Do not think about it, I commanded myself. Do not think—

The door opened. I sat up. Blake was coming in. "Hey. What's up?" she said brightly.

"Nothing." That honestly couldn't be further from the truth.

She dropped her stuff on the floor and sat on the edge of my bed. "So no classes, huh? Lucky. What have you been doing all day?"

Oh, you know, making out with sworn enemies. The usual. "Just hanging out." I shrugged.

"Cool. The team has practice tomorrow. right? I was thinking we could watch again and go to dinner afterwards—"

I felt my whole body stiffen. There was no way I could go to another practice yet. Actually, never seemed like the best option right now. I couldn't face Mac again. What would I say? What would he say? Would he pretend like nothing happened? I had a feeling he wouldn't, and that's what scared me the most.

Blake kept yapping. "I met Andrew today—you know, Andrew McClanahan, Robby's brother? He said you guys were friends so he'd come, too."

I had to stop this outing-planning fest. Now. "Oh, tomorrow?" I interjected, thinking fast. "I can't. I have to study. For a test."

"You sure?"

I nodded. "I have to study a lot."

"That sucks."

"It's okay. You guys go on without me."

I didn't know how I was going to survive the Olympics without running into Rob—I mean, Mac. But it would have to be done. This kissing business could not get anymore serious.


Day number two of avoiding McClanahan: successful so far. I had been staying my dorm unless I had school. For the first time I was actually glad that I had classes. And school was safe. School had Blake and Julie to keep my mind off the you-know-what business. Maybe I'd never leave school again.

The bell rang. Was Eighteen Century Artists over all ready? I looked at my blank sheet of notebook paper. Whoops. . . I swung my bag over my shoulder and fell into the step with the rest of the college crowd, pouring out into the hallways. I was meeting Juliana and Blake for history. I was walking along when I heard someone calling my name.

"Cal! Callie!"

Oh God, I thought, my heart speeding up. That was not the voice of Julie or Blake.


How did he find me? I needed to get out of there. Fast. I side stepped around a smooching couple and ducked between two juniors. If I could just get around the corner maybe I'd be home free. Maybe I'd get out of it. I wished I could run. But they were too many people!

"Cal!" I heard again and knew that he was no less than two feet behind me. I can't compete with someone who has done hundreds of Herbies, now can I? I will never be that athletic. I turned on my heels just in time to see Rob stop in front of me. He grabbed my elbows to steady himself.

"Hey," he said, sounding winded. Hair was falling into his face and he was wearing a white button down that was, well, button-downed enough to show off his muscular chest.

I gulped. Why did he have to be so damn attractive? "What are you doing here?" I demanded, as he steered me to the side of the hall. "I'm in school, Jesus Christ."

He looked me in the eyes. "I really need to talk to you."

"You need to talk to me?" I echoed. "I don't have time for this!"

"Cal, please. . ." He stepped in front of me, blocking my path. "Why have you been ignoring me?"

I bit the inside of my cheek. "I haven't." It was a terrible lie—we both knew it.

"Stop hiding from this. You've been ignoring me ever since we. . .you know."

How was I going to get out of this one? A mechanical buzzing rang through the halls. Saved by the bell. "I have to go to class,"

He grabbed my elbow. "Wait. I'm not letting you get away again." he said as the halls quickly began to clear. Crap. Teachers did not like it when I was late. A minute later the hall was empty.

"Oh, fantastic." I snarled. "What do you want?" I asked. "You're wasting—"

The sound of people walking around the corner made us both shut up. "I just saw her. . ." It was Juliana's voice.

"Where did she go?" That was Blake talking. In two seconds they would be in front of us. I meant to walk toward them but someone (guess who?) grabbed my shoulder and pushed me into a dark, abandoned classroom. How convenient.

"Are you insane?" I hissed. "Let me through!" I tried to push past him but he pinned my shoulders against the wall. I know that sounds pretty awful (like Nolen level) but it's wasn't as if he slammed me against it. . .just kind of pushed. He put his hands on either side of head, once again blocking my path and I knew if I tried to duck under his arms he could grab me in about a half a second. Julie and Blake stopped walking right in front of the closed door. I gnawed on my lip. I prayed they wouldn't decide to look in here. Being found in a dark classroom alone with someone (especially Mac) is not considered good publicity.

"Don't. Say. Anything." he whispered earnestly (as if I would), putting his hand over my mouth. This was considered kidnapping! I tried my hardest to glare at him through the darkness.

"Well, what do we do now?" we heard Julie ask.

I guess I could have kneed him in the nuts or something but I was weirdly calm. I let myself relax, his body like a barrier around me. Don't judge.

"We should get to history. Maybe she's in the bathroom."

"Yeah. Let's go before we're even more late." Their footsteps faded away. Mac dropped his hands.

"What are you doing?" I finally asked.

"Now that you're acknowledging my existence, I want to make the most of it."

I knew we shouldn't have been this close. Any minute I was going to tell him to get off me. Any minute now. . . A lock of wavy dark hair fell in his eyes. I did the worst thing I possibly could have done. I reached up and smoothed it off his forehead.

"Cal—" he whispered.

"Not now," I cut him off, wrapped my arms around his neck and crashed my lips over his. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I just threw myself at Robert Bruce McClanahan, the bane of my existence. Why? Somewhere in the timeframe of after I touched his hair and before I attacked his mouth with my lips, I summed it up in three answers: (1) I was finally admitting it—he was pretty good looking (2) It had been a while since I made out with anyone (3) And finally, really what else are you supposed to do if you're alone with someone in close proximity? After that, I just acted. I could worry about it later.

He seemed surprised at first and his reaction didn't come right away. But then it did. He cupped the side of my face in his hand, his warm fingers slipped under my hair and touched the back of my neck. Okay, I knew there was a million reasons why I should not be doing this, but let's be honest—I loved it. With his warm, strong body pressing me against the cold classroom wall, I didn't think about anything. I couldn't. Who knew he, of all people, could have this affect me? I didn't understand why I had pushed him away before. But at the same time, it all made sense. All those glares and arguing, it was as if it was all leading up to this. Or, well, maybe our first kiss, but this was equally amazing.

Then he licked the rim of my lower lip and I got scared. Rob McClanahan. Rob McClanahan. Rob McClanahan. The thought kept popping up in the back of my mind like an annoying mosquito. What the hell was I doing? I peeled myself off him and leaned against the wall to catch my breath.

"What's the matter?" he asked. "What did I do?"

"This is crazy." I sighed. "What are we doing?" I looked down, only to see his arm still wrapped around my waist. He must have me felt me tense up because he took a step back.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me. . .wanting to kiss you and all."

Ditto, I thought. "It just doesn't make sense. One day we can't stand to be in the same room together and now we're all over each other." I tried to explain. "I don't understand what happened."

He slid his hands down his jeans pockets. "Maybe the boys were right after all."

"How do you mean?"

He seemed embarrassed and even in the dim light I could see the top of his cheeks turned slightly pink.

"Maybe we do have sexual tension."

Before I could stop myself, I started laughing. It just sounded so ridiculous. And true, I'll admit that. Mac laughed along with me. He had nice laugh. It was the kind that filled up a room and made you want to laugh, too. I didn't know why I had never noticed that before. Then I remembered where we were and what we had just done, and it didn't seem like this problem was going to go away. And yes, it was obviously a problem. "This is the last time we do this." I said as firmly I could manage. Because there might have been tiny speck of regret. Okay, a medium-sized one.

"You really think that?" he asked. His eyes were big and sad.

Aw, damn. I immediately averted my gaze so I wouldn't have to look at them. I closed mine nodded slowly because it was suddenly hard to. "Yeah. We can't. It's wrong."

"But I just thought—I mean, wasn't there something—?" he looked extremely confused and frustrated,

like there was something he wanted to say but couldn't.

"Forget it, Mac. We can't do this again." Then I walked out of there without looking back. I felt terrible.

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