So, after seeing a small fancomic where Due managed to come back to life, I was inspired to write this story up.

Yeah, call me crazy, I'm actually writing a story about the only one of the Numbers that died.


Chapter 1

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Sighing as she shifted through the garbage, she wondered, just wondered, why the hell she had to be stuck in this form. "Reincarnation mode sucks." She sighed and kicked the garbage can over. "From top assassin to a child, how pathetic." Gripping at the sheet around her body, she shivered as a cold wind blew in.

Her hair was dirty, her body was filthy, she couldn't recall the last time she had slept in a good bed, or had a hot meal. Not to mention the clothes she stole from that laundry line were in tatters now. "Everyone thinks I'm dead, I bet." She wondered just why it took so long for her Reincarnation Mode to trigger off, before shrugging it off. Sudden death syndrome from a spear to the gut was hard to shrug off after all.

She supposed it wouldn't be hard to find a homeless shelter or something. Maybe she could grab some kid, knock them out and turn into them so she could at least have one night in a warm bed and warm food.

"But it's always so haaaaard!" She whined and pouted. Another thing about Reincarnation Mode she had found out, very quickly, was that she was basically a child in mind and attitude.

Even her transformation abilities suffered for it. She could only turn into a child version of someone, and only for as long as she could keep her attention up. Which was pretty hard when she suffered from Attention Deficit.. "Oooh! A puppy!" Grinning, she ran over to the dog and held her hand out. The dog growled at her before suddenly sticking its tongue out and licking her hand. "Hee hee hee." There was no collar around the dog's neck, so either it had run away after slipping out of its collar, or it was a stray. "You have no home either, huh?" She blinked as the dog turned its head and ran off at a fast clip. "Hey! Don't leave me!" She ran after the dog, stumbling the whole way, until she lost sight of it. Sighing, she turned and walked back into the alley she had been staying in.

She didn't trust anyone out there. If anyone knew who she was, well, she was certain that she wouldn't like the consequences if someone did find her that recognized her. Another cold wind blew and she shivered. Winter time sucked to not have a home, warm clothes and a hot bath.

As she closed her eyes and curled up upon herself, she idly wondered what her sisters were doing.



"You okay, Sein?" Dieci asked the slimmer girl, who nodded.

"Oh yeah, just fine, must have smelled something unpleasant." They both shared a chuckle as Sein caught the time. "Ick! If I'm not back soon, Schach will have my ass."

Dieci gave her a weird grin. "I thought she had your ass all the time anyway."

"Yeah, but it's not as pleasant when she's upset at me." Sein smirked back as Dieci blushed softly. "Come on, let's cut through here."

Rolling her eyes, Dieci followed after her green-haired sister as they ran through a back ally. "Ack!" She nearly stumbled over as she tripped over something. "What the heck?" She turned around and blinked as she saw something with yellow hair, it was dirty, shivering slightly. "Hey! Sein, wait up!"

"Huh?" Sein blinked and turned around. "What?"

"I found a kid..." Dieci gently picked the kid up and blinked. "She's pretty light too..."

Sein winced at that. "Might be a run-away... Come on, let's at least get this one to the church." At least a hot meal, a change of clothes and a bed would help. "At least Sister Schach won't have a reason to come after me."

Though, for some odd reason, both Dieci and Sein felt like they knew the girl.


For some reason, the cold was gone. "Warm..." She whispered softly and curled up more. Surely this was a dream and she was about to get hypothermia or something.

Something was wrong though, she couldn't feel the cold air anymore... And it felt like she was wrapped up in something... Cracking an eye open she looked around and wondered just why she was in someone's bed. She gulped, remembering the last time she was in this situation. That hadn't been fun. Maybe she could slip out before anyone...

"Are you sure?" She heard someone's voice, strange, it sounded familiar. Still, no time to ponder. There wasn't a whole lot of places she could hide. Looking around, she just needed some place small enough...

"ah ha!" She grinned and jumped above the door, pressing her body to the ceiling and wall and hoped that they didn't look up.

"No doubt about it." Another female said as the door opened. She could see a woman with short pink hair talking to a green-blue haired woman, both were dressed in church attire. "She has Jail Scagiletti's DNA in her, though slightly modified."

"Eh?" The green-blue haired one, why did she look so familiar to her? Spoke up. "But that's not possible. Uno, Tre and Quattro are in prison, only one other person had the doctor's DNA, and that was Due, but she's dead."

She narrowed her eyes at hearing that. Yeah, everyone thought she was dead, this sucked.

"I know but..." The taller woman trailed off as she got a look at the bed. "She's gone!"

"What?" The other girl sounded surprised.

"Sein, go check around the hallways, I'll check outside!"

"Got'cha Sister Schach!"

Watching as the pink haired one seemed to teleport through the window and the other one left, she frowned. 'Sein? She lives here now?' Another problem with Reincarnation Mode, she supposed, her memories were scrambled to hell and back. Dropping down, she got a look at herself and blinked, at least they were kind enough to change her clothes into something that wasn't full of holes and cold.

Still, she didn't know what they would do to her if they found her, and she didn't want to find out. Running down the hallway, she just hoped that she didn't get caught by anyone. She came to a screeching halt as she saw Sein's back and gulped, she just knew that Sein was going to turn around and...

"Huh?" Sein spun around and blinked at the young girl that stood in front of her. "Shouldn't you be in class?"

"I'm sorry." The blue-haired, red-eyed girl bowed, though Sein thought she sounded an awful lot like Fate Tesstarossa at that moment, and blushed as she looked around nervously. "I'm new and I got lost."

Sein thought about it, she didn't think there were any new additions lately, but then again, she didn't always pay attention when Carim or Schach told her things. Oh well. "Come on, let's get you to a class until we can figure out what to do with you."

"Okay." The girl followed her as the two walked towards classes.

"Now, here's your class and..." Sein blinked a few times. "Where did she go?" She pouted. If she lost a student, Schach really WOULD have her ass.

From her position behind a pillar, she watched Sein disappear looking for her and cursed the fact that she had seen a penny on the floor, which caused her to drop her transformation. If she could just find her way to the front door, she could just slip away unnoticed.

It wasn't as if she didn't trust Sein. Sein would never harm her.

She didn't trust the OTHER people that Sein was with not to harm her.

After all that Jail did, she wasn't sure that people wouldn't try to use her as a way to get back at him.

"Vivio?" A female voice had her stiffen and slowly turn around. In front of her was a girl with sandy brown hair done up in two pigtails and blue eyes. "Oh, sorry, you just kind of looked like her from the back. Then again, she's wearing different clothes today. You wanna meet her? She's a really nice person."

"Um..." She didn't get much of a chance to say anything when her arm was grabbed and she was pulled into a nearby class.

"Vivio!" The girl waved, getting a smile from a blond haired girl with mis-matched eyes.

"Corona!" The girl grinned happily at her friend. "Hey, who's that?"

"I'm not sure, actually." Corona chuckled and turned to her. "What's your... Are you okay? You look ill."

The Saint Kaiser? Of all the things... She had to run into the Saint Kaiser. "Um, yes, not feeling well... I'll just... Find my way to the infirmiry..." She chuckled nervously and slipped back out of the room, leaving everyone to blink in confusion.

"Weird..." Rio said, wondering why that girl had gone deathly pale when she saw Vivio.


Panting, she ran down the hallway. She couldn't be caught. After all, after everything she had done before she had died, she just couldn't imagine that anyone would accept her. Not without doing something... She slid and nearly crashed into a wall as she saw two people's shadows moving towards her. Spinning around, she turned a corner and ran down the hall. She hated this tiny body. If she could just find a door outside...

She turned a corner and grinned, there, she could see the door, she was... "OOOMPH!" She crashed into something and found herself on the ground, rubbing her butt. "Oww! That's not fair! I can't do anything! Owwies!"

"I think you hurt her, Cinque." A kind voice was heard, chuckling softly.

"I didn't mean to, Carim..." Cinque knelt down in front of her. "Hey, are you okay?"

Cinque, she remembered Cinque, that girl got hurt years ago, her right eye had been lost. "Uh..."

"Cinque, Knight Carim, I'm sorry, I... Hey!" Sein was heard as she came across the scene. "It's that girl that disappeared from her room!"

She whimpered and looked at Sein and Cinque. She just needed to...

"Who's this?" A soft, almost masculine voice spoke up and she turned to look at a boy with short spiky brown hair in a butler outfit and a girl with a long brown hair wearing a typical nun outfit, she would know, she impersonated a nun for long enough.

Seeing everyone look at her, she did all that she could considering the situation.

"WAAAAAHHHH! I'M SORRY!" She threw her head back and wailed, hoping that they wouldn't do anything drastic to her.

The small group looked at each other in confusion before looking back at the crying blond girl.

"I looked everywhere but I couldn't..." Schach blinked as she came across the scene. "I see that she's been found."


Looking at the little blond girl as she sat in the office sniffling, Carim shook her head in amusement. "Now... Can you start by telling all of us your name?"

The girl seemed to stiffen and looked around nervously. "Um... Uh..."

"None of us are going to hurt you." Cinque smiled at her, trying to reassure her. Oh how she wanted to tell Cinque who she was, but there was the whole... Killing that priest in her past life, the brains and that general.


Well, no one cared about that last person anyway.


Auris sneezed and felt like she needed to find someone to torment.


Schach shook her head. "We already know that you're a clone of Jail Scagiletti and..."

"Due?" Cinque gasped and grasped the girl by her shoulders to look at her closer. "Is that you?"

She gave a slight nod and was surprised when Cinque hugged her tightly.

"Oh gods! Due!" Cinque had tears falling out of her good eye. "I missed you so much!"

Before Due could say anything, another pair of arms wrapped around her as Sein joined in on the hug.

Carim looked at Schach, Otto and Deed, all of whom shrugged helplessly. "Due was killed by Zest a few years ago, Cinque... Are you sure that's Due?"

The two pulled away from the tiny blond girl, who looked at Carim and sighed. "I'm Due... Yeah, Zest killed me a few years ago and... Oooh!" Due jumped from where she was and grabbed a pen from the top of the desk. "My pen!"

"...She has ADD?" Cinque asked, dumbfounded. Her older sister, the cold-hearted assassin, had trouble keeping her attention on something more than five seconds?

Carim coughed politely. "Due... If you died, how are you here now?"

"Reincarnation Mode." Due squeezed the pen tightly and rocked slightly. "My body had to canibilize itself and the energy I had in me brought me back to life a couple years ago..."

"Wait... A couple years ago..." Sein blinked. "Then where have you been..?"

"The winters were cold..." Due shivered slightly. "Did you know that a scarf keeps you really warm?" She grinned brightly and put the pen back on the desk. "Hey, Cinque, can I have your eye patch?"

Cinque took off her eye patch and gestured for Due to come over to her. "Yes, scarves are warm and..."

"Hey!" A female voice spoke up and Due suddenly stiffened and went stark white as Vivio poked her head in. "I was wondering if you saw that new... Oh hey! There she is!" Vivio grinned happily. "I'm glad that you're not sick."

Due whimpered. "No... No..." She shook her head and turned, but Cinque grabbed her wrist. "No! Lemme go! Lemme go! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! I was under orders! I'm sorry!"

"Due!" Cinque looked at her worriedly as her sister tried to get away from her. "Calm down!" She pulled Due into a hug and for the first time noticed how skinny she was. "Shhh... Calm down."

"Huh? What's going on?"

"Waaaahhh! I tricked the priest into stealing the fabric with Olivie's blood on it and gave it to the doctor to use for cloning!" Due cried out, tears leaking out of her eyes.

Otto looked at Deed, who shrugged. Both of them had heard this from Jail before, well, not who did it, but they knew that the shroud was stolen, so, it was kind of interesting.

"I'll be good! Just let me go! I'll go live behind the pizza place during the winter!" She calmed down and trembled, whimpering. "Maybe the stuff won't be too covered in gunk this winter..."

Schach sighed softly. "Well, I didn't want to bring this up, but she's got several signs of someone who's lived on the streets for awhile... Malnutrition... Mental disorders... And several diseases that we can take care of pretty quickly..."

Carim sighed softly and nodded at Schach. "Thank you. As for you, Ms. Due... I don't think that your sisters are going to let me kick you out into the street, at least not as you are."

Due whimpered, tears falling down her face. "You're going to throw me in prison for killing those people, aren't you? WAHHH! I'm only six years old right now! I don't wanna spend the rest of my life in prison!"

"I think dying kind of absolves you of your previous crimes, Due..." Sein chuckled softly, before her chuckles died off as Due didn't say anything. "...You've been back alive for two years... Why didn't you search us out?"

"Nnnngh!" Due growled and grabbed her head. "Couldn't remember! All my memories were screwed up and my head hurt! Did you know that mice aren't very tasty?"

"You... Ate mice?" Cinque blanched slightly as Due nodded.

"Uh huh... Last winter, they all crowded in that abandoned condemned apartment building. Kinda chilly, but at least they were food..."

"Which would explain the diseases we found..." Schach shook her head. The more she heard from this kid, the less she wanted to let the girl out of her sight.

"Then they blew up the building in the spring." Due pouted heavily. "My scarf went with it! That nice man gave me that scarf!"

"Nice man?" Cinque looked confused as Due turned to her and nodded.

"Uh huh... He got mad cuz I stole his hot food, but then he saw how I looked, gave me his scarf and some money for food or clothes and left. But he was pretty nice, even if his face was all scarred up and hairy. Hey, did you know that puppies are excellent body warmers?"

Due's stomach growled and the cyborg in question winced. "Sorry... I'll just..."

"Sit down while Otto and I go and get some food, sister." Deed smiled at her. "You aren't going to go anywhere until you have a good meal, understand?"

Due blinked at her as Otto smiled and slipped out of the room. "Huh?"

"Just sit and wait for a few moments." Deed smiled as she left the room.


Cinque sighed softly. "You aren't going back to the streets, Due. We aren't going to let you."

"Besides..." Carim looked at her seriously. "I can't let you go until I've made sure that you're at least medically healthy, so, you're stuck here until the doctors clear you."

Due looked down and trembled softly. "Thank you."

Vivio scratched her head. "So... Are you going to school with me now?"

"Crap!" Sein paled heavily. "I forgot! There was this blue-haired girl and..." She trailed off as Due turned into the girl that she saw before. "...I should have guessed..." Sein hung her head down. "I forgot you could shape-shift."

Due, in her blue-haired form, giggled softly. "Yeah, my transformation ability is still top-notch but... OOOH! A birdie!" She turned back to normal as a bird flew by the window. "Did you know that normal birds don't taste that good? Not much meat, all bones."

"...I guess she can't keep her transformation up if she gets distracted..." Carim shook her head.

Cinque just smiled as she walked up to Due and hugged the young girl. "Glad to have you back, Due."

The small girl hugged her back. "Thank you, Cinque."

You know, I'm never going to be able to look at that cyborg the same way again.