Chapter: 1

Beware of Gundams and Overlyfriendly Mice

Prologue by The Lady aka me

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Albus smirked as he studied the Potters house listening to the baby crying inside. Things were going ahead of schedule, which was perfect. It gave him more time to mold the youngest Potter into the weapon he wanted. Yes, everything was going fine.

About to leave the scene and have Hagrid come get little Harry, Albus heard the baby's crying begin to soften. He frowned and wondered whether someone was still alive or if the child was dying. It wouldn't do to have either. Annoyed, Albus entered the house and climbed the stairs. He followed the sounds till he entered the nursery and snarled at the two boys sitting on the floor.

This was not in the plan. Voldemort was supposed to kill everyone but Harry. Yet, there was Daniel sitting on the floor comforting his little brother. This would not do. Daniel was already showing that he was too much like his parents to be controlled successfully. He would have to go. Albus thought about to get rid of the boy. Killing the boy was out of the question. It was too risky for him to do it personally. That was what Voldemort had been for. So how to get rid of the boy?

Daniel would have to be sent away, but the boy would be found anywhere on Earth within a matter of weeks. So the boy would have to go somewhere off the Earth. The space colonies would do nicely, he thought. No one would think to look for him there. And the boy's magic would dwindle down to nothing the longer he stayed there since there was no magic there. Now which colony to send him too…

L2 would have to be the place. The boy would more than likely die young and no one would think twice about yet another orphan running around. Yes, he would erase the boy's memories and send him to the L2 colony. It was perfect.


Daniel slowly climbed out of his hiding spot and looked around. The bad man was nowhere to be seen, Mommy was lying on the ground, and Raven was crying his head off. Daniel took one last look around and dashed to his little brother. The little boy gently hugged the baby and pulled him into his lap, rocking back and forth to get Harry to calm down. Daniel bit his lip as he saw the cut on Raven's head. It was bleeding a lot. Daniel looked over at his mommy. She was lying so still. She wasn't moving at all. And worst yet was her eyes were wide open and staring at nothing.

Daniel let out a small cry before Raven's own crying drew Daniel back to his little brother. Remembering one time when he had been bleeding and Mommy had pressed a towel against his injury to stop the blood, Daniel grabbed one of Harry's blankets and did just that. Daniel just hoped that someone would come to help them soon. He wasn't sure what was wrong with Mommy or Daddy, seeing as he had yet to come up here.

Sniffling a little, Daniel looked up when he heard a noise. Standing in the doorway was a really old man that he sort of remembered coming to visit Mommy and Daddy a lot.

"Can you help Mommy?" Daniel asked hopefully; after all grown-ups knew everything.

"No, you're mother is dead as well as your father," the really old man told him coldly.

Daniel had only heard of 'dead' once before, and that was when Grandma Potter had died. Mommy had told him that 'dead' had meant Grandma had gone to heaven and that she could no longer come to visit them anymore. Did the really old man mean that Mommy and Daddy had gone to heaven with Grandma?

"Not that it matters. By this time tomorrow, you won't even remember you had parents," the really old man continued.

Daniel gripped Harry harder as the really old man pulled out a wand and pointed it at him. Daniel wasn't sure what was going on but he had a feeling that the really old man was going to do something bad.

Daniel yelled as a beam of light hit him as the really old man spoke a spell. His head started getting really fuzzy and it was hard to think. His eyes started getting heavy and things seemed to be slipping away, like…like…he wasn't even sure any more, he blinked and gripped what he was holding harder. Glancing down to see what he was holding, he saw a baby; a baby with large green eyes…

'My brother…My brother, Raven…'

Daniel chanted over and over again in his head. He would not, could not forget his brother. And Daniel fell over in deep slumber.

Albus chuckled as the purple eyed boy fell over sleeping. Now to just get the boy on a shuttle to L2 and everything would be as it should be. Oh and he would need to send Hagrid to pick up Harry while he dealt with the other boy. Yes, everything was back on track…


Doctor J chuckled to himself as he went over the data once more. Yes, it should work this time. He had been highly annoyed when that last mouse had survived the gene manipulation only to turn out to be a complete and total idiot; even if the mouse could speak and understand the human language. But this time, he would make sure that the mouse at least had a brain so to speak.

After looking into making a mouse smarter he had discovered that the manipulation that he was using on the mice only needed a few minor adjustments to develop a mouse brain even more. That had really annoyed him.

But Doctor J just shook his head and forced back on the task at hand. The past did not matter anymore, as this time it would work and he would get the desired results. And when he did, then he could move onto the next level of gene manipulation; maybe human. He couldn't help but laugh as he began the manipulation on the mouse, unknowing that one day that mouse would do great many things and humanity should fear.


Kid frowned looking around. The place where he was at was filthy and nothing looked familiar. He had been at this place for one night and he was beginning to get tired again. Not to mention his stomach would not be quiet. However, he wasn't sure what to do about food. He could not remember how he had gotten food before so he had gone looking for some and watched people to see how they got food. There seemed to be two ways one could get food. Trade it for something (he wasn't sure what people were trading) and just simply taking the food.

He didn't know what was being traded and he noticed that if you were caught taking food you got yelled at and chased. He didn't want that even though he was beginning to believe that the only way for him to get something to eat was to take food.

His stomach growled, telling him that it was empty. Biting his lower lip he decided to take the food. He would just have to wait till the person who traded the food wasn't looking at him and he'll take one piece and run off. He started following an adult to the store trying to make it look like he was with the woman but not have the woman noticed he was following her. As she entered the store, he hung out around the display of wrapped candies. The woman was talking to the trading person but he noticed that the old man kept giving him glances. So he made sure to keep his hands behind his back and pretend to just be looking. He watched the old man from the corner of his eye and soon another person started talking to the old man as well keeping him from paying attention to Kid. At that moment, Kid grabbed one of the candies and began walking out of the store at a fast pace.

"Hey Kid get back here and pay for that!" the trading person shouted at him. Kid glanced back and took off running.

The trading person took off after him screaming about thieves and someone stop him. The trading person only followed him for about half a block, not very far from his store, but people were glancing at him. Kid noticed a man across the street begin to pick of speed. The man started crossing the street towards Kid.

Kid turned the first corner he came to and ran as fast as he could away from the man. A little bit later, Kid heard a small sound coming from his left.

"Over here kid!" a whispering voiced called as it noticed Kid looking its way. Kid didn't think twice and ran to the voice. Hands pulled him in and arms wrapped around him keeping him in place. The voice hissed in his ear, "Be quiet."

Kid sat very still and watched as the man that had started chasing him run right by without seeing them. He sat still till the arms loosen around him and the person behind him sighed. "Man that was close. You all right Kid?"

Kid turned and looked at his savior to see a dirty blond haired boy a few years older than him grinning at him. Kid nodded and glanced down at the somewhat squished candy bar in his hands.

"Go ahead, eat it. You earned it," the blond boy encouraged. Kid didn't need to be told twice and ate the candy in about five bites. "So, I haven't seen you around before. When you get here?"

Kid liked his fingers off in thought before answering, "Yesterday…I think. I fell asleep once…"

"So not that long. Anyone with ya?" the older boy continued glancing around.

"No…but I'm supposed to have my brother," Kid answered frowning as he tried to remember why he was supposed to have his brother with him.

"Brother? When was the last time you saw him?"

"…I don't know. I just know he's suppose to be with me. I don't remember anything else," Kid replied sadly. Why couldn't he remember anything?

"So you're alone? You don't remember ever being with anyone? Well, except for your brother," the other kid asked leading the younger boy away from their hiding place. The older one kept glancing around.

"Don't remember anyone else."

"Um…what do you remember about your brother? Maybe we could find him."

"He had big green eyes like…um…big green eyes. And black hair. Messy black hair. And…I think he just got hurt. Something cut him on his head right here," Kid pointed to forehead to show the other boy. "And I think he was called Raven."

"Raven huh… anything else?"

"No…that's all I remember…"

"What about your name?" the older boy asked.

"I've been calling myself Kid. Everyone seems to call me that," Kid answered.

"Well, it seems like you're 'lone in the world at the moment. Want to stay with me and my friends? Doesn't look like ya have anywhere else to go at the moment. And we can teach ya how to survive around here and not be chased by people."

"…okay," Kid decided. It was true; he had nowhere else to go. Kid glanced at the boy next to him before asking, "Um…what's your name?"

"Me? You can call me Solo."


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