Chapter 27

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"Who should be the Secret Keeper then?"

"I will do it." Heero's voice held no room for argument , drawing everyone's gaze toward him.

"You're sure?" Sirius asked, "It's dangerous. If anyone looking for us found out you were the Secret Keeper, they'd target you. They might not be able to steal it from your mind - a handy side effect of the spell - but it doesn't matter what they do to make you tell them."

"I understand, but I will be the Secret Keeper."

"I'd like to see the person who can make Hee-chan do something he doesn't want to." Duo's grin was frightening in all of its anticipatory glee.

Quatre looked up, his brow creased in thought, "Does the Secret Keeper need to have magic?"

"I- " Sirius frowned, "I don't really know. There's never been a reason to think about it before."

"Is there a way to find out? I would prefer we not discover that it's dangerous after the fact."

"There's probably a book somewhere that could tell us. I'm really not the best person to ask. Spent more time pulling pranks than studying in school." Sirius admitted with a grin.

"A prankster?" Duo looked him over before nodding, "I knew I liked you. What kind of pranks?"

"Well, there was the time me and James turned the Slytherins pink. Skin, hair, clothes, all a different shade of pink." Sirius smirked, "We laughed about that one for ages."

"Really?" Duo leaned forward, intrigued. "How did that work?"

"A delayed spell on their seats. The moment they sat down, it activated. Five minutes later, instant pink."

"Awesome! Could you teach me?" Sirius' grin faded, and Duo's face fell, "Right. No magic. Damn Dumbledore, stealing my magic! I wonder if I could do it to him. . . take away his magic?" His tone was light, but there was a harsh light in his eyes that betrayed his true feelings.

Heero pulled the braided pilot down onto the seat next to him. "Later. If we attack before we are ready, it will fail. We will plan and prepare, and when we are ready, he will regret his actions."

Duo seemed mollified by this, as he cuddled up to the other teen.

"Right then." Quatre nodded, "Where would we go to find books on the Fidelius Charm?"

"We could try Flourish and Blotts. It's a wizarding bookstore," Sirius explained, "We could even order the books by owl, for a slight fee. Probably easier than risking running into Dumbledore by going into Diagon Alley. "

"Sounds like a plan! Now then, I'm going to-"

A groaning sound interrupted Duo, and all five pilots turned to look at the unconscious Remus. The werewolf was waking, slowly and noisily.

"Should he be waking already?" Quatre asked, looking to Heero.

"No. That was a powerful sedative. It should have lasted another hour or two, at the least."

Sirius scoffed, waving off the curious looks from the pilots. "Remus doesn't react to drugs or potions the way most people do. He's a- he has a condition that helps his body fight off foreign substances."

"Sirius Black!" Amber eyes glared at him, though it might have been more effective had Remus not still been fighting off the last of the drug. "James, Lily, and Peter not enough for you? You going to kill me next?"

"No! Moony- Remus. I swear, I never meant for them to die." Sirius stood, his eyes pleading as he reached out a hand as if to touch his old friend.

"Right, you expected Voldemort to leave them, and just kill Harry. Murderer!" Remus pulled out his wand, a spell on his lips. Moving quickly, Wufei knocked the wand out of his hand, as Heero pulled out his gun, the muzzle pointed at Remus' chest. Duo stood in front of Sirius, the knife in his hand held ready to throw if necessary. Trowa scooped up the wand from the floor while Quatre circled around to block any escape attempts.

Remus took a step back, "Muggles? Wha- Do you not know who he is?"

"Sirius Black. Escaped prisoner, prankster, and godfather." Duo's smile was cold, "And you are?"

Remus froze, only his eyes moving as he scanned the braided teen's face. He sniffed the air - though it was tinted with the smell of smoke and metal, there was no mistaking that scent. His eyes widened in wonder, "Daniel?"

"So I've been told. I prefer Duo, personally."

"Wha- How?" Remus forgot Sirius entirely as he drank in the sight of the boy he'd thought long dead. Daniel- Duo, he corrected - held himself like a fighter, lean and wiry, though the braid was a bit off-putting.

"Hey, Q, what d'ya think, can we trust him?"

"I think so. He is very confused, but not malicious."

"Alrighty then." Duo was about to begin explaining the situation, when Harry walked into the room, rubbing at his eyes sleepily.

"Duo? I heard yelling. What's going. . . on?" Harry froze in the doorway, taking in the standoff. "Duo?" His voice quivered with uncertainty.

Trowa took Duo's place in front of Sirius as Duo ran to Harry's side. "It's okay, Raven."

"Harry?" Remus stared at the dark-haired boy, held in his brother's protective embrace. Harry couldn't help but pull away from the scrutiny.

"Who's he?" Harry asked in a whisper.

"Remus "Moony" Lupin. He was one of my best friends, before Azkaban."

Remus growled, "Shut up, traitor. Get away from them." He made to move forward, to stand between Sirius and the brothers, only to be stopped short by the circle of armed teens.

Harry shrunk away from the angry man, pressing himself into Duo's side. "Is he going to take me back?"

"I promise you, Raven, no one will take you away from me. Not as long as I still breathe. And you," Duo turned on the werewolf, "back down. We're not your enemy, unless you persist on terrifying Raven. Sirius is innocent. Dumbledore played him for a fool, and he fell for it."

"Wha- Dumbledore would never. . ." Remus' voice trailed off as six pairs of angry eyes glared at him.

"Would never what? Wipe a child's memory? Steal a child's magic? Subject a child to growing up alone and hated?" Duo's voice was icily calm. "Your wonderful Dumbledore sentenced an innocent man to prison so that he could take control of Raven's life."

"How did Voldemort get in then? Sirius was the Secret Keeper, the only one capable of giving away their location!"

"I wasn't. Me and James decided that no one would ever suspect Peter of being the Secret Keeper. It was supposed to be an extra precaution. But Peter was the spy!"

"Peter died trying to stop you, traitor!" The anger in Remus' voice was not as fierce as it had been, as he searched for something to disprove what they were saying. If Sirius was innocent. . .

Sirius laughed once, cold and harsh, "I wish. He cast the spell that killed the muggles, and then he slipped away like the rat he is. We should have known, I shouldn't have let them switch."

"You didn't. . . " Remus collapsed, his legs giving out as he stared in disbelief. "Why didn't you tell me?"

". . . we knew there was a spy in the Order. The only people who knew about the change were James and Lily, Dumbledore, Peter, and me. I'm so sorry Remus. We should have known you'd never betray us."

"Damn right you should have! I can't believe it. Dumbledore swore Harry was safe, he told me you - " Remus nodded to Duo, "were dead. And now you're saying he knew you weren't the traitor, and didn't do anything about it?"

The boys sheathed their weapons, and stepped away from the two wizards as they embraced. Pretending not to notice as a few tears escaped, they settled back down.

Duo pulled Harry's gaze away from Sirius and Remus, looking him in the eye. Harry's eyes were half-shut, and he blinked slowly as Duo stared at him. "Wha-at?" Harry asked, splitting the word with a heavy yawn.

"Sleepy-head." Duo laughed lightly, "Go on back to bed, Raven."

Harry smiled, "Kay."

Duo turned back to the group, as Harry made his way up the stairs. "So. . . what now?"

"I'm not leaving. I don't know why you brought me here, but I'm not leaving." An amber warning shimmered in the werewolf's eyes.

"Remus can help us with the studying, looking stuff up. He was the bookworm of our little group."

"Excellent!" Quatre smiled, "What do you know about the Fidelius?"

"I actually did quite a bit of research on it when James told us that was how they were going to hide. What do you need to know?"

It wasn't long before the two were caught up in heavy conversation, the four onlookers sharing bemused smiles.

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