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He smiled as he carved a line down her chest with the sharp object, relishing in the screams which emanated from her small body at the pain she was no doubt experiencing. He licked his lips at the sight of the blood which stained her otherwise perfect body.

"No…no!" his prey screamed, trembling violently. He could see the fear in her eyes; fear of a monster; of him. "Please…stop this!"

She sobbed pitifully, and he frowned. With a sigh, he withdrew the knife from her chest.

She looked up at him with tearful eyes. "You…AAAAAAAHHHH!"

He grinned at the scream of agony which tore itself from her throat as he drove the blade of the knife through her heart. What little gratitude she had mistakenly harbored towards him in her eyes disappeared entirely, to be replaced with overwhelming fear, before her pupils dilated and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

He smiled. She was dead. He pulled the knife out of her chest, letting his tongue run over the blade and relishing in the tangy taste of the blood of the woman he had murdered in cold blood.

The killer rose. Eying the corpse one last time with amusement in his eyes, he stalked away, as silent as the shadows covering the alley's walls that night.

"Hyung, bad news!" Shin Woo blinked as Jeremy grabbed his arm and pulled him over in the direction of the television in the spacious room. "Look at this!"

The television had been turned on to the news channel. A middle-aged woman was reporting the latest happenings. Using the remote control, Jeremy turned the volume up louder. Shin Woo turned his attention to the TV screen as the woman began to speak.

"Famous model, Park Jun Yi, was found dead in an alleyway this morning." The news reporter relayed grimly, "She was stabbed to death by a knife through her heart."

"There seems to be a serial killer on the loose," she reported. "However, from what we have observed, he or she only targets young female stars around the age of 18-20."

"Therefore, we would advise the aforementioned targets to become more vigilant of their surroundings, especially at night. It seems that that is the time during which the criminal chooses to appear."

"The identity of the killer is unknown. Police are still investigating-"

Tae Kyung, who had entered sometime during the relay of the tragic news, raised an eyebrow. "A serial killer, huh?"

"A-A serial killer? That's terrible!" Mi Nam exclaimed in sympathy. "Those poor women…"

Jeremy started in surprise at the presence of the two new arrivals. "M-Mi Nam! Hyung! When did you two get here?"

"Eh? We came in while the both of you were watching the news." Mi Nam replied truthfully.

"Oh…" Jeremy said. He lowered his head. His blond hair fell over his eyes.


The blond gave a sigh, before raising his head to look the concerned brunette in the eyes. His form trembled. "Truth is; I'm scared."

Mi Nam blinked. "Scared?"

Tae Kyung scoffed. "Scared? Why should you be? You're not even a woman." He narrowed his eyes, eying Jeremy suspiciously. "Unless there's something you're not telling us…"

"What? No!" Jeremy exclaimed indignantly. He puffed out his chest proudly. "I'm a full-fledged man!"

"Yeah right…"

"What? What does that mean? Hyung!"

"Jeremy…why are you scared?" Mi Nam ventured cautiously.

He turned his attention back to her. "Mi Nam…I'm scared because…because…" his bottom lip trembled.

The others stared at Jeremy as he struggled to get the words out. The blond took a deep breath.

"I…I'm scared for you!"

His male band members blinked in confusion. "What?"

Jeremy shot them a glare. "What? Aren't you guys scared for her too?"

"Why should we be?"

"Because she's a girl too!" Jeremy proclaimed loudly. He leapt from the couch to make his way over to the surprised girl.

Mi Nam started as Jeremy placed his hands on her shoulders. He met her surprised stare with a tearful gaze. "I-It's alright, Mi Nam. You don't have to be scared." He nodded his head in determination. "Because I'll protect you!"

Mi Nam smiled, meeting Jeremy's eyes gratefully. "Thank you Jeremy; you're really a kind person."

At those words, the tears receded from Jeremy's eyes. He lit up, moving to embrace her.

"Mi Nam…OWWW!" The blond yelped at a painful sensation on his ear. He turned to glare at the culprit, rubbing the injured appendage delicately. "What was that for Hyung?"

Tae Kyung ignored him. He turned his attention to the only female in their group. "Go Mi Nam? Don't listen to Jeremy. He's talking nonsense again."

Jeremy scowled. "What? How could you say that?"

"Go Mi Nam's not scared," Tae Kyung replied matter-of-factly. He turned to the brunette, raising an eyebrow. "Are you, Go Mi Nam?"

Mi Nam shook her head. "No, I'm not." She replied honestly.

"W-What?" Jeremy stammered. He took a step back, staring at his bandmate with wide eyes. "You're not scared…?"

Tae Kyung crossed his arms. "Go Mi Nam's a man. He has no reason to be afraid."


"Mi Nam's a man now, Jeremy," Shin Woo provided helpfully. "We're the only ones who know his real gender."

Jeremy blinked. "Oh."

Mi Nam nodded her head in agreement. "Shin Woo hyung's right," she gave the blond a reassuring smile. "I'm a man now, so you don't have to worry about me, Jeremy."

"I…I see…"

"Finally the idiot sees." Tae Kyung remarked snidely.

Jeremy brightened, paying no heed to the vocalist's words. "Well, that's great then! Mi Nam will still be able to go out!"

Smiling brightly, he took hold of the brunette's arm. "Let's go then, Mi Nam! Come, let's go play tennis!"

"Eh? Ah, wait, Jeremy!" Mi Nam protested as the blond led her out excitedly. "I-I don't know how to play tennis!"

Jeremy merely grinned. "No problem! I'll teach you!"


Tae Kyung scowled. "Where do you think you're taking her, idiot?" He hissed, stomping after his two bandmates with heavy steps. "Go Mi Nam! You dare leave without my permission?"

"I-I'm sorry, Hyung-nim!"

Shin Woo shook his head as he watched the antics of his bandmates. He rose from the couch. Picking up the remote control, he gave one last glance at the photo of the dead model on the television screen before turning it off.

Placing the device neatly back onto the couch, he moved to join his bandmates, an amused smile on his lips.

"Here Mi Nam, hold this!"

The brunette complied, taking hold of the large object in her hands. She tilted her head to the side, staring at it curiously. "What's this?"

Jeremy, who was standing beside her, grinned. "It's a tennis racket, of course!" He gestured vaguely to the side. "Now, try to swing it."

Mi Nam nodded. Clutching it tightly in her two hands, she pulled it back before giving it a slight push forwards. "Like this?"

Jeremy shook his head. "You're doing it wrong, Mi nam," he grabbed a red tennis racket from one of the nearby hooks. With his feet slightly apart, he proceeded to demonstrate to Mi Nam, swinging the racket in his right hand back and forth expertly and creating a whoosh sound with the force.

"You do it like this!" He turned, beaming at Mi Nam. "Got it?"

Mi Nam stared at her bandmate in awe. "Wow, that was amazing, Jeremy!"

He grinned proudly at her. "Of course, I am an expert in tennis after all!"

Tae Kyung snorted, eying Jeremy with something akin to jealousy in his eyes. "Tch. That's nothing!" Snatching a racket up from nearby, he raised it to point directly at Mi Nam, fixing her with an intense stare. "Watch carefully, Go Mi Nam."

Mi Nam nodded, seemingly unaffected. "Yes, Hyung-nim!"

Tae Kyung gave a nod of approval. "Good." Gripping the tennis racket, he gave it a confident swing, almost in slow motion, with the ease and graceful movement of one who had been playing the sport for years.

The atmosphere was silent, save for the quiet echoes of the sound the force applied to the racket produced. Tae Kyung remained in his stance, his attention still on Mi Nam, before he reverted back to his normal pose, smirking as applause broke out from his three bandmates.

Jeremy was staring at him with widened eyes. "Wow, hyung, I didn't know you played tennis!"

Beside him, Mi Nam grinned in excitement. "Wow! Hyung-nim, that was great!"

She blinked as Tae Kyung gave her a disbelieving stare. "What? I'm only great?" He raised an eyebrow, pointing at Jeremy accusingly. "And he's amazing?"

Mi Nam gasped, realizing her mistake. "Eh? Eh, no!" The vocalist shook her head, waving her hands frantically. "You're amazing too Hyung-nim!"

"Only amazing?"

"No! I-I mean, you're super super amazing!" Mi Nam nodded determinedly, thrusting two thumbs up in the Tae Kyung's direction. "Super, super, super amazing!"

Tae Kyung watched as Mi Nam smiled at him brightly. He felt a temptation to return it, before the feeling disintegrated as she directed the smile at Jeremy, who sent a blinding grin back. The lead vocalist scowled, feeling jealousy burning his insides.

"Stupid Pig Rabbit…"

"Thank you, Jeremy, Hyung-nim, for demonstrating to me." Mi Nam's smile was directed towards him again, and he managed an imperceptible smile back, feeling the green monster leave his vision. "I will try it myself now!"

They watched as the petite brunette narrowed her eyes in determination. Holding onto the handle of the racket tightly, she put one foot behind another. Her band members watched as she swung the racket like she had seen two of them do, an act which would have succeeded had her foot not tripped on the roll of grip tape which had been lying innocuously, unnoticed, on the floor.

"Mi Nam!" Jeremy and Tae Kyung yelled in panic as she began to fall.

Mi Nam yelped as she lost her balance. She squeezed her eyes shut, baring herself for the impact of the hard floor on her head.

To her surprise, she felt no pain. Mi Nam opened her eyes, blinking. She started at the presence of arms around her waist, twisting around in them to gaze up at the person who had caught her. "Shin Woo hyung!"

The guitarist of the band gave her a gentle smile. "Are you alright, Mi Nam?"

Mi Nam returned it with one of her own. "Yes, Shin Woo hyung, I'm alright!" She carefully stepped out of his arms as he released her, gazing up at him with a grateful smile. "Thank you for saving me, Shin Woo hyung."

"You're welcome, Mi Nam." Shin Woo smiled fondly. He moved to pick up the tennis racket which had fallen from the vocalist's hands during the fall, before returning to his previous position.

"Here," Mi Nam blinked as Shin Woo placed the racket in her hands, his arms coming around her from behind.

His breath tickled her ear. "I'll teach you how to swing it properly."

"A-Ah…alright," Mi Nam stuttered. She smiled, flushing lightly as Shin Woo placed his hand over hers in a gentle grip, guiding her on how to swing the equipment in the correct way.

"You do it like this. Understand?"


They swung back and forth for a while, before Shin Woo released Mi Nam's hand. His arms retreated from around her waist, and he gave the shorter brunette an encouraging smile. "Now you try it."

"Alright…" The vocalist tightened her grip around the racket. Her mouth in a determined frown, she proceeded to swing it in the same, fluid movement Shin Woo had shown her.

The brunette stared at her racket in surprise for a while, before breaking out into a wide smile. "I did it!"

Shin Woo smiled at her. "Congratulations, Mi Nam."

She turned to him with wide eyes and a bright smile. "Thank you for teaching me, Shin Woo hyung!"

Shin Woo's smile widened. He moved his hand to ruffle her hair in a familiar gesture, but was beaten to it as Tae Kyung grabbed Mi Nam's arm and pulled her away.

"Go Mi Nam? You don't have to be so happy over such a small thing," Tae Kyung told his fellow vocalist, but his gaze was fixed on Shin Woo. "Do you understand?"

"Y-Yes, Hyung-nim…" Mi Nam replied hesitantly.

Tae Kyung nodded his head in approval. "Good, then let's go." He gave Shin Woo an icy stare before proceeding to drag the protesting girl away.

"Eh? Where are we going, Hyung-nim?"

"To the cashier, where else?"

They arrived at the counter, and Tae Kyung paid for his and Mi Nam's rackets. He frowned impatiently as the counter girl scanned his credit card, before snatching it up from the surprised girl as she returned it to him and forcibly leading Mi Nam out of the department store.

"Wait, Hyung-nim! We have to wait for Jeremy and Shin Woo hyung!" Mi Nam shouted as Tae Kyung drew her away. "Hyung-nim!"

Jeremy, who had mostly been in a daze during the past events, snapped out of it at Mi Nam's words.

"Eh? Wait!" The blond yelled at the disappearing figures. He dashed to the counter, quickly paying for his racket before chasing after his two bandmates.

"Tae Kyung! Mi Nam! Wait for me!"

Shin Woo blinked, staring after the members of his band in the distance. Not wanting to leave Mi Nam alone with the two boys, he moved swiftly, picking up a blue racket and swinging it experimentally before striding to the counter to make his purchase.

The counter girl smiled at him as she scanned his credit card. "You have really good looking friends, don't you?"

Shin Woo nodded vaguely, his gaze trailing after Mi Nam, who was sandwiched between Tae Kyung and Jeremy. "It would seem that way, yes."

"Oh, don't be so modest!" Shin Woo stared as the girl reached up to place a hand on his cheek.

She gave him a flirtatious wink. "You know, you're really handsome too."

Shin Woo gave a forced smile, removing the delicate hand from his cheek gently, forcing her to withdraw it. "Sorry Miss, but I'm in a hurry…" he resisted the urge to tap his foot impatiently.

"Oh. Well, that's too bad," she said as she handed his credit card back to him, still smiling. "Say, how about we meet another time?"

"Can I have your number please?"

He was about to refuse as he pocketed the credit card, but an idea struck him. Smiling charmingly, he replied, "Alright. It's 95604321."

"95604321…great!" The girl smiled happily. She tore a piece from the paper she had been writing on, scribbling on it and handing it to Shin Woo, who received it carefully. "Here's mine!"

"Call me soon, handsome!" She winked playfully at him. He nodded, smiling politely.

"Sure." The girl grinned, before attending to her next customer.

Shin Woo grabbed his racket from the counter, smiling in amusement at the thought that a certain proud black haired vocalist would be receiving an anoymous call from a chirpy female soon. Fixing his gaze on his band mates who were heading into the other side of the shopping mall, he made to exit the department store.

A tall man cloaked entirely in black was walking into the department store when Shin Woo bumped into him.

"Sorry." The brunette muttered as he brushed past the stranger. If had been any other time he would have been more courteous. But he could see Tae Kyung and Jeremy straying out of his view, taking Mi Nam with them. He had no time for a proper apology.

Shin Woo focused his attention on his bandmates, oblivious to the pair of black eyes which gazed after him in dark interest.