Preview of the Sequel

Wow, time flies, and maybe some of you've already been waiting for this. So this is the short preview of the sequel I am currently writing, maybe some of you will like to follow me through OotP and further. I thought I'd post a little preview here for those of you who are interested in the sequel and to announce that it is coming, after all. The sequel will be divided into three parts: OotP, HBP and DH. I enjoy writing Severus and Remus again and I hope you will like it too. So, if you want to read it, just keep your eyes open for:


The grounds were tranquil and deserted in the semi-darkness of breaking dawn. Though the stands and the maze of the Third Task were still where the spectators had left them, shocked and confused, everything was still and silent, not even the birds made a sound. Only the discarded flags and banners on the ground told of the cheerful crowd that had celebrated their champions just a few hours before. Now an eerie calm lay over the place that had changed everything. The weight of death lay over Hogwarts Castle, and it lay on Severus Snape's shoulders when his feet touched the hard ground before the iron wrought gates protecting those who knew nothing yet of the horror that awaited them in the future. The soft crack of his Apparition echoed over the silent grounds and the gates swung open with a squeal to let him in.

Firm steps carried him uphill, his black cloak whispering behind him on the moist grass. The rising sun cast long shadows on the ground and blinded Severus's tired eyes. When he was level with the Quidditch pitch, he stopped for a moment to look at the stands on which he had sat when the burning call shot through his arm had made him double over, considered the place where Potter and Diggory had appeared out of thin air only a few hours ago confirming what Severus had known and tried to deny. Then he climbed the stairs and pushed open the gates into the Entrance Hall. Everything was quiet, no one was up yet, shocked and yet so blissfully oblivious they lay in their beds, believing Diggory's death to have been a tragic accident. How lucky they all were. How unfortunate were those who knew better. Or worse.

Severus descended the stairs into the dungeons where the darkness seemed absolute and the corridors endless. He was thankful that nobody crossed his path. His legs carried him to his rooms and with a look over his shoulder he entered. He closed and locked the door and when he had made sure he was alone he slumped against the wall and sank to the floor for his legs wouldn't carry him any further. He buried his face in his trembling hands with a shaky sigh. His nerves were not nearly as good a he'd have liked them to be. In fact he was glad he had made it back here.

He was aching with tense fear and his arm was still pulsing with a burning pain that had barely ceased ever since the call had come. Though Severus had known that the day would arrive when the Dark Lord returned he had not been prepared. He had not been ready. He had thought there would still be time. He had been deceiving himself. About many things.

Coming soon.

Actually I just wrote this sequel for myself and I enjoyed writing it, so I'll be glad, if some of you follow it. But if you don't want to read any further and like to think of this story as finished then just ignore Journey, instead of spoiling The Teacher which is just as dear to me, or even dearer still ;).