PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE READING THE STORY! This story uses the universe of Perfect World International as an ONLINE GAME, but using a somehow different system (like .Hack but a bit different). I know the story might sound strange and confusing at some point. Even I am confused. But just ignore it, please and thank you.

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Game Start

Currently loading…

Logging in…

Welcome to Perfect World

*~*Chapter One: A Meeting*~*

A short beeping sound rang in my head, telling me that I had successfully logged into the game I had known all too well, Perfect World. It was currently one of the most internationally known online games; people from all over the world in wide variety of age played this game. Playing game itself was simple enough; you put on a something-head-device (I could never remember the device's name right) and the visualization of the game will be sent to your head. To put it simply, put on the head-thingy and you'll see the in-game world.

I opened my eyes as the game finished loading, projecting the surrounding of the last spot I had logged off from. Or so I thought. Now where am I again? I thought confusedly as I didn't recognize my PC's surroundings.

Surrounding me was a misty forest, with quite a high mountain or something blocking my front view. I was so sure that I had logged off from Archosaur, just after reporting a quest to General Summer. Or was it two weeks ago? I really need to keep tracks about these kinds of things… I noted mentally.

"Perhaps I was doing some kind of quest?" I asked to no one in particular as there really weren't any other players around. As I was just about to check my quest list, some small stabbing sounds rang on my headphones. I glanced at my HP bar and almost jumped in shock as I realized that it was rapidly decreasing.

"The hell?"

I looked around and saw some kind of wolfman archer—not to mention the deep-orange colored name hanging above its head—shooting some arrows at me. "Oh crap…" I cursed under my breath as I saw my HP was now almost in critical condition. In my panic I activated the spell town portal without thinking. Luckily, the spell finished just in time before it could send me the final blow, and my vision flashed in black.

Not even two seconds later, the view around me changed into the ever-bustling city of Archosaur. I sighed in relief as the familiar view filled my vision. Not wanting to have people stepping through me or something, I jumped onto the nearest tall roof and sat back, recovering my HP as I checked my quest list with no worries.

I sighed as my eyes went throughout the endless lines of quest. A small beeping sound distracted my attention and a private chat box opened.

From Ame.

-Ame: Tchet…- The sender typed my name.

-Tchet: Hey there-

-Ame: These quests are killing me…-

-Tchet: LOL-

-Ame: Seriously… I mean, 30 mobs after another 30? What am I, Summer's personal butcher?-

I chuckled at her reply. Ame was a winged elf cleric. With most of the quest being grinding on not-so-small amount of different monsters, she always complained at how she almost always had to rely on other players just to finish one, or how absurdly long of a time needed to finish one quest alone. Not to mention she was never that much of a sociable person, thus rendering her to only able to rely on my help most of the time. And that's why General Summer was never her favorite NPC.

-Tchet: Can't expect less from an online game, can you? What are we going to do without any quest at all? Sleeping around the field?-

-Ame: I guess so…-

-Tchet: Anyway, wanna do a quest together?- I asked, knowing that she was probably going to ask for my help.

-Ame: Sure! Invite me-

I sent a squad invitation and she accepted right away. In no less than 2 minutes later she fell down from the sky as gracefully as any winged elves could be, as usual.

"So, where to?"

"I got a quest near the hidden Orchid Village. Shall we go there?"

"Lead the way."

We walked to the nearest Teleportation Master and teleported right into the middle of the village.

"Where to, now?"

"Follow me."

Ame summoned her wings and flew south of the village. I, too, summoned my Aerocraft, a giant flying mantis, and followed behind her. Ame had to stop a few times to wait for me to catch up; sky wasn't really venomancer's best field. I sent her an apologetic look after the tenth time.

"Nah, don't sweat it. Oh. We're here."

She undid her wings and fell straight into a thick forest. I followed after her and called back my Aerocraft. Strangely, she was nowhere to be seen when I safely landed on my feet.


"Over here…"

I heard her voice but she was still nowhere to be seen. I looked at the mini map and saw that she was definitely near. Then I realized a wolf circling around a tree, as if waiting for a prey. I looked up and saw Ame standing right on the highest branch of the tree, with half her HP depleted. She waved her hand, trying to shoo away the menacing wolf to no avail, after throwing herself a few healing spells.

"Got it." I nodded.

I summoned my pet: a grey wolf I once found in a quest, and commanded it to attack the other wolf. It died in a few moments after a few beating and Ame's spell. Soon after it was dead, Ame jumped off the tree, patting nonexistent dust off her skirt as she landed.

"Ehehe… Sorry 'bout that…" She grinned as she walked towards me, playing with her green hair as she did so. I frowned as I realized something was wrong.

"W-what? I said I'm so—"

"Not that. Look at the mini map." I told her. She raised an eyebrow questioningly but still followed my instruction.

"What is it? Seems like just a bunch of player running around and—what's that orange circle behind them?"

Both of us looked away from the mini map as the crowd was getting closer, trying to get a better view. In less than a few seconds a bunch of players came running from behind the lines of trees from afar. I was just about to open my mouth to ask one of them what's going on when I realized they were running desperately from something.

"Run for your life!" One of them shouted while running.

Ame and I looked at each other confusedly when suddenly a loud roar was heard. We looked at the direction where the crowd came from and froze at the sight of a huge lizard-like monster. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before. With thorns like stone growing on its back, and spiky green tail waving around as it move, the yellow lizard-like monster looked menacingly dangerous.

And it was walking in our direction.

"Damn! Ame, let's go!" I shouted at her, and almost freaked out when she gave no reaction.

"Oi, Ame!"

She couldn't be away at a time like this, could she?

"I can't…"

"What?" I shouted again, half in relief and half in anxiety.

"I can't fly! My wings won't come out!" She cried out, waggling her hands in panic.


I tried summoning my Aerocraft without waiting for her answer but to no avail. I tried a few more times but the results were still the same. I could see that Ame had no luck either. A bug, now of all the time?

"Eep!" She yelped and pointed forward. I looked to where she pointed and froze. The lizard opened its wide mouth, and a purple fireball-like formed in it. Ten seconds later fire burst out of its mouth with a loud roar, swiping a wide range between us and the monster.

Luckily, it seemed like its attack range was just a few centimeters short before it could affected both me and Ame. But my relief was quickly replaced by another panic as I saw the piles of dead player after the fire was gone.

"Use town portal!"

"No good! I just used it 15 minutes ago!"

"Oh!" I realized that I, too, had another 50 minutes before I could use the spell.

"Gah! Run for it!"

Ame shouted, snapping me out of my frozen state. I quickly ran after her, but soon realized that we were already in its attack range as the huge lizard was surprisingly fast. It gave another roar before opening its mouth and stopped for another attack. Just as I thought it might give us some time to run, I felt my feet stuck on the land.

"What's happening?" I heard Ame cried out, telling me she was in not so different situation.


I closed my eyes, expecting my character to burn into crisps in three seconds.

But even after ten seconds (I mentally counted), the beeping which supposedly rang when my character died was not heard.


Instead, an unfamiliar male voice was heard, and it sounded very close. Wait, a MALE voice? My eyes snapped open in surprise.

And my green eyes met crimson.

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