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*~*Chapter Nine: Second Day, A Date?*~*

Ever since that 'grand' meeting under the sea, I hadn't been able to get in touch again with her, and all the fuzz about this stupid 'data-corruption' of mine had made me totally forgot about her. Not really a good thing to do to a close friend, I know, so I had expected her to be a bit angry when I see her again.

But now, how could I be not surprised, when the almost forgotten friend was pointing a weapon at me when I first see her again? She couldn't be that mad now, could she?


She looked at the both of us with a confused look, as if just as surprised as we were to see her pointing a weapon toward us, "W-why are you here?" She asked as she looked at me, and then at Raysand with a questioning—and dare I say, cautious—look in her eyes.

I suddenly realized that I hadn't told her anything about my current situation yet, and how she had just left the other day gave me no chances to. And judging by how she suddenly saw me alone with Raysand, whom I believed she still saw as some pervert playboy, there's no doubt that she was currently jumping into strange conclusion.

"Ame, this is absolutely not like what you're thinking right now…" I denied before she could even state a thing, guessing that her current behavior might be caused by her thinking that Raysand was making dangerous advances towards me.

"Hmm? And why would this not be whatever she's thinking about?" Raysand asked in his usual teasing tone, giving no help at all by warping his right arm around my shoulders. When did he get to my side, anyway?

"But no worries, honey. I'll always have an open arm for two beautiful ladies." He added, sending a playful wink at Ame and held out his free hand towards her.

"Uh… Thanks, but no thanks." She quickly took a full step back, and I believed that sentence just now sent shivers down her bones. "I'd rather not, uh, disturb you both so I think I'll just—uh!"

I looked at her confusedly as she didn't finish her sentence and just froze in place. "…is something the matter?" I asked worriedly as she didn't say a thing, not forgetting to shove away Raysand's right arm from my shoulder.



"I-it's nothing! Just…run along with your date or whatever now!" She said anxiously, with slight panic clear in her voice while the cleric still froze in her place.

Confused, I stood up and walked towards her, worried to see her strange act. "Ame, what's—oh!"

"S-stay away!"

With the late warning, Ame swung her sword-like wand towards me and landed a direct hit. I stepped back and gasped in shock. And to my surprise, the attack actually managed to reduce my HP to almost its half.

"Ame? W-what're you doing?" I asked in surprise, half because of her sudden attack and half because of the damage she just made. When did she become that strong at physical damage?

"I didn't—I wasn't trying to—"

And without even finishing her sentence, she casted a spell and a blue arrow formed in her hands, with its arrowhead pointed straightly at me.

Taken completely out of guard, I saw no chances of dodging with our close range and just closed my eyes before she unleashed the arrow, readying myself for the damage. But the hit never come, and as I opened my eyes in confusion, I saw Raysand was already standing right in front of me, taking the damage in my place.

"You okay, miss?" I heard him asked.


The said mage just smirked, before turning to face his attacker. "Quite a fiery one, aren't you? Not that I hate fiery ones…" He somehow managed to still send another wink to her.

I quickly checked on his HP bar and was more than surprised to see almost a quarter of it was empty. How could it be? Though I knew Ame's magic attack was indeed strong, I was sure she wasn't this strong. Not to mention that her character's level was quite a bit lower than mine.

"I—I can't control my character, Tchet! Please, run!" Blue light engulfed the cleric's hand, as the magic arrow once again formed, ready to attack.


"Step back, lady. She seemed to attack those closest in range." He commanded, his back facing me while he seemed to heal himself with a healing potion. "I'll handle this."


"Don't worry, miss. I'm used to handling wild girls."

And just like that, he dashed toward Ame.

"Stay away!" Ame shouted as she charged another one of her arrows spell.

This time, Raysand successfully dodged it as he rolled to his right. He stopped and chanted a spell, and blue light started surrounding him. In mere seconds ice spears formed around him and attacked her.


She didn't dodge and casted another spell instead, and white feathers surrounded her in circles. The feathers seemed to shield her though she still took quite some damage. She casted another arrow at him, ignoring the spears of ice that pierced through the feathers.

"Sorry honey, but I need you to sleep for a while." Raysand said as he dodged the attack.

He casted another spell; this time a phoenix-like fire formed above him and started to attack her rapidly. Before it attacked her, Ame casted what seemed like a healing spell a few times to her. As the phoenix did continuous damage, the cleric's HP bar healed every time it was reduced, leaving the attack useless.

As if unfazed by the damage, she casted another spell, and this time a tornado formed around Raysand. I could hear him grunted as his HP bar was decreasing; now getting dangerously past its half.

Suddenly a rainbow-colored light shone on him and his HP was healed almost completely; a healing spell. Both I and Raysand looked at Ame, who was the only one who could have casted it here, with a confused look.

"I couldn't let you die now, right? You are trying to stop me… right?" She said, though contrary to her words, she casted another arrow and attacked him yet again. "Sorry, but…I can't control my movements any longer, so please…"

I could see Raysand smiled at her before charging to her. "Don't worry, sweetheart. I'll definitely end this little nightmare." He said as he casted another spell, and another ice spears attacked her. Another of the cleric's feather-like shield formed, reducing the damages from the mage's spell.

"Interesting…" The blue-haired mage said as he rolled to dodge yet another arrow, and a playful smirk could be seen as he said so.

The battle continues for minutes, though it sure felt longer. At first glance, they seemed to be fighting equally—Ame on the lead, even. Yet after a few time passed, I got this feeling that Raysand was intentionally prolonging the battle.

"Sorry but, could you please put more effort in this?" Ame's annoyed tone was heard, telling me that I wasn't the only one that felt that way. "I don't think I'm going down that easily." She casted another tornado around him, ignoring the ice spears that was still attacking her.

The mage's smirk only widened at the demand, and with a slight bow he answered, "As you wish, milady."

And with that, he charged towards her and stopped right in front of her. A blinding flame suddenly emitted from his body, and for a second I thought he had self-exploded. As the view cleared, I could see Ame lying on the ground, her HP finally depleted, while Raysand was kneeling down right beside her.

"Stay here. I'll check on your data right away." He said as he examined her carefully.

"My…data?" An obvious confused tone was heard in her voice,

"It's okay, Ame. He knows what he's doing." I reassured her.

"O..kay… But could you please do it not so… closely?"

"Hmm? Don't worry, you'll never get enough of me." He said, and purposely leaned his head closer to hers.

"Wha-! No! Stay away!" Ame shouted in panic. If she could help it, I was so sure she'd roll away just to get away from him.

"Haha… No need to be so shy, girl." He laughed, clearly amused by her annoyance. "Anyway, as I was afraid of, she seemed to be affected by you, Tchet." He added, once again in his rarely-heard serious tone as he rose and turned to face me.

I looked at him in disbelief as I heard it. So Ame…'went berserk' because of me?

"I'm sorry, but I guess our short 'date' have to end now." He shook his head in regret and shrugged. "I'm afraid 'managing' two at once was, after all, too much indeed."

I bit my lower lip as both pang of regret and guilt struck my heart; regret of hadn't been able to do anything to help earlier, and guilt for being the cause of it all. "Is there anything that…I could help with?"

A gentle smile—one without his usual teasing look or the likes—formed on Raysand's digital face, as the mage rose and patted my head reassuringly. "I'll need to report this to Areyst, and have this accident investigated with the others. So you could just take it easy for the rest of the day and leave this to us, okay?"

I fell silent for a moment as I let his words sunk into my mind, before finally nodding in comply. I realized that for now, the best that I could do was to log out and try not to get in their way.

"Well then, I guess I'll… leave her to you, Raysand." I glanced once again at the victimized cleric, sending her an apologetic look before clicking on the log out button. "I'm sorry, Ame."

"Wait, what? No! You can't just leave me with this—this guy!"

And her shout was the last thing I heard before my vision blacked out.

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