A/N: FINALLY! I have the ending finished! Well, now that this story draws to a close I can now finish 'Apologies' and I have started another one-shot aswell and that will be posted when completed.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the ending, it was tough to write but, I think that this'll do...

River walked alone down the dark corridor until she came to a halt in front of her TARDIS. The bright blue Police Box stood tall and full of pride in the centre of the corridor, just waiting for her to explore the universe with it.

As she placed the key in the lock and twisted, the TARDIS greeted her with some melodic humming noises. She smiled as she was welcomed to her new home.

"I'm back." She grinned taking a step into the time machine.

The door eased closed behind her and River looked around the console area. As she craned her neck, her golden curls glided over her shoulders and it felt so warm, almost as if someone was there with her and their hands touching her shoulders, the warm feeling she had missed. There were still so many parts of the TARDIS she hadn't yet explored or even discovered.

She traced her fingers along the console and she walked around it. Her attention was diverted to the drawer where the data stamp was found. She began to question herself again 'Who was he? How did he know this was going to happen? Why did he save me?'

Although, she had to admit that having someone do all of this for her when she doesn't even recognise them did make her feel important...

River re-focussed as her hand reached towards the drawer again, curiosity was strong. She gripped the handle and gently tugged it open.

Her inquisitive emerald-green eyes gazed inside the small drawer. Inside laid a small blue book that had a pattern similar to the TARDIS engraved on the front cover. It looked slightly battered and old, but worth a lot.

She picked it up and felt each crevice of the pattern with her slender fingertip. River opened up the first page of the book and there was a note inside. It read:

'A gift for you, my darling River you'll be needing it a lot more than me.

This book is for you to write down each and every adventure you go on inside the TARDIS, write them down and cherish them forever.

One day, that book could be one of the millions in the Library as long as you remember. Make me proud, as always...

The Doctor x'

River's eyes began to water as she read the note but she still managed a smile behind the sorrow.

"...I will." She promised him.

Those words he had used in the note had narrowed down the possibilities of the identity to his mysterious identity but, there were still too many to come to a clear judgement.

Just then, something else in the drawer had caught River's eye. She reached inside and grabbed hold of a small object. The drawer stayed hanging open as she took a long look at the item.

The object was long, like a pen and it had a small blue bulb on the top. The handle was black and the rim was copper. She held it in between her fingers and examined it. There was a small button on the side and she pressed it. The object let out a sonic sound wave of some sort.

"So he was the man that I've heard about in numerous stories... the star-traveller that could do the impossible." River realised. "...typical" she smiled, trying to make some fun out of it.

When she was younger, River had heard of many stories about the time-traveller with the sonic screwdriver and he used to save civilizations from great suffering. He was a legendary figure, known and in some cases feared throughout the stars. He was a lone warrior saving the innocent and helping the weak. She had always wondered if he actually existed and if she would ever meet him, and last week she had gotten more than she had bargained for.

River spun the sonic screwdriver between each of her fingers from her index finger to her pinkie and back. This was an odd gift, if it was even a gift but she will treasure it as well as the book.

"He's just full of mystery." She grinned, trying to understand the complex man who cared about her so much.

River walked over to the console and she placed the blue book onto the counter. As she did, her knee hit the drawer that she had forgotten to close.

"...Damn it!" she cursed under her breath, she felt ashamed and embarrassed for being so... human.

The drawer fell to the floor with a mighty thud, just mere inches away from landing on River's foot. She backed away out of instinct to protect herself from the falling drawer. Her heart was pounding against her chest; the suddenness was a slight shock. Her hand placed over her heart to regulate the beating of it again.

She sighed and kneeled over to pick it up. Then, she turned to face the slot where the drawer rests and her head was directly in line to it so there was no reason why she wouldn't be able to fit the drawer back in perfectly.

Holding the drawer just in front of the slot, River froze. There was something at the back of the slot- misplaced or maybe hidden? She reached inside and felt around for the item and she clutched it tightly as she withdrew her hand.

It was a small black, velvet box. She had a puzzled look across her face as she carefully opened the box. And there, sitting on a small cushion was the most amazing and beautiful ring.

The clear, glass gem on the silver band was shaped like a heart, and inside were many swirling lights that looked like the stars of a galaxy. The swirling lights then re-arranged themselves to spell three words... 'I love you'

River looked in amazement, this ring was beyond imagination and only a man this impossible could own one.

Her eyes caught a glimpse of an inscription on the inside of the band. She moved the ring to make the inscription easier to read.

'... The Doctor and River's love will last forever.'

The blank was his real name. River stood staring at the ring; she never thought that she would be the marrying type.

Tears began to shed and roll down her cheeks; she didn't even recognise her own husband- the love of her life. The guilt loomed over her like a dark storm cloud and each rain drop a tear was falling, each clap of thunder her heart would shatter and each flash of lightning she was struck by guilt.

Time just froze around her. Within moments of the stillness, a faint beating echoed through the silence and whispered into River's soul.

The sound was so familiar yet so foreign. Then, all of a sudden... silence. A flash of images began to flood through River's mind, a flow of memories and feelings that she had never felt before until now. The beating was the beating of a Time-Lord's two hearts; she knew it now and recognised it.

It made her head ache, it was so painful but so meaningful- she remembered, she remembered who he was to her, who she was to him.

"Oh, Doctor..." she began through the tears and the flooding memories. "...how could I ever forget you?" she accused herself. "I'm... so sorry, my love."

She slipped the ring on her finger and it stung so much. She had led a whole other life without him whilst he rescued millions of people far and wide still remembering the love they once shared until she forgot.

Just then, River stopped crying, cleared her throat and wiped away the tears, trying to keep her composure. Her hands gently glided over the controls of the TARDIS, more knowingly this time. Her memory had returned after being locked away for so, so long.

"I will bring you back, Doctor!" she vowed. "No matter what it takes, you will come back into my life!" her confidence breaking its way through the heart-break.

The engine of the TARDIS started up and a smile came from the corner of River's mouth.

"Next stop: everywhere..."