Ncis fanfiction

During Tony's undercover mission in Season 4, you know the one where he dated this french armsdealers daughter, Jeanne. Kidding of course you know. What if this was found out to be tied to a case where Tony's partner was shot in the head by Ziva's half-brother. Well this is what happened when we find out that Caitlin Todd isn't as dead as we think.

Ncis-director Jennifer Shepherd was sitting in her office drinking bourbon, she had been in a really bad mood lately. This she blamed on her gut that told her that the undercover mission she had sent Tony on wasn't just an op for him anymore.

She had seen the way he had been changed over the last few weeks, this was becoming serious. But what hurt her the most was seeing the way the rest of Gibbs' team reacted, she had seen Ziva and McGee's worried glances and even more so the look on Gibbs' face.

Jenny was worried too, but for other reasons. The others had their explanations to why Tony was acting the way he was. Ziva thinking of the worst, thought it was a relapse of the plague, Jenny had seen her talking to Gibbs about it. Gibbs, she was sure, knew on some level what the problem was but he didn't know how deep in Tony was.

The phone rang and distured Jen's thoughts.

"Director Shepherd," she answered.

"Jenny, we have a problem," she heared from the other end.

"What kind of problem, Tyler?" Jenny asked.

"A National Security kind of problem."

"Fill me in."

My first very short chapter of my first hopefully longer NCIS fic. I still haven't decided which pairings to use I'm leaning towards Tate, Jibbs and McAbby, but I think I might make it Tiva and Kibbs instead. Maybe Kate/OC, well any suggestions are welcome. Press the review button for another chapter :)