Tony knocked on Jeanne's door, he had left NCIS fifteen minutes earlier than the others to be on time. Now he stood outside of his girlfriends door thinking of Kate, he shook his head.

"Get a grip," he told himself and headslapped himself for being so stupid. The door opened and Jeanne stood smiling infront of him.

"Are you ready to go?" she asked while she went inside to grab her sweater. He leaned against the doorframe.

"Sure," he answered. "Should we take my car?"

"Why not," she said and kissed him as she went by him. She locked the door and took his hand.

"So how was work?" he asked as they stepped into the elevator and he pressed for the ground floor.

"Good, there was just this guy there who was kind of obnoxious about the fact that he had to share a room with a six year old boy," Jeanne said.

"Why wouldn't he share a room with the boy?" Tony asked confused.

"Apparently, he thinks kids are loud and messy," Jeanne explained.

"Well some kids are," Tony said. Jeanne laughed.

"Yes, but the boy, Matt, can't move his right arm or leg which makes it hard for him to cause any problem."

"Ahh," Tony said. They arrived at Tony's car and he opened her door and helped her in before jumping in himself.

"So who is coming to play?" he asked her as he started the engine.

"Some of my friends from the hospital, they are all very nice," Jeanne said.

"Male or female?" Tony asked curiosly. Jeanne hit him on the arm.

"Both actually, Tony,"she said. He laughed and drove out on the road.

"So where are we going to eat afterwards?" he asked.

"I say this small chinese resturant this morning that seemed really nice," Jeanne said.

"Chinese is fine," Tony agreed. They sat in a comfotable silence the rest of the way to the park. Tony was in his own thoughts, when he had left the navyyard Abby and Ziva were still trying to persuade Gibbs to let them come. He decided to not wait for them to show up today and if Kate actually came that would be a bonus. They arrived at the park and walked over to the basketbal court. The park was quiet large and normally alot of people were there to enjoy the green.

"Hey Jeanne!" A tall guy came walking towards them, he was about as tall as Tony with blonde hair and really blue eyes. He looked like he worked out alot.

"Hi Ethan, this is my boyfriend Tony, Tony this is Ethan, he is a neurologist," Jeanne introduced them. The both men shook hand and said hello.

"So are everybody here?" Jeanne asked. Ethan nodded. They went over to a group of ten people, five women and five men.

"Hi," Jeanne said. "Everybody this is Tony, Tony this is everybody." The group said hi and Tony waved akwardlly.

"I'm John," a guy with a UCLA sweater said.

"John works in pediatrics and this is his fiancée Minnie,"Jeanne said and pointed at a short red head with a big smile.

"I'm an ER nurse," Minnie explained as she shook Tony's hand.

"And here we have Tyler," Jeanne said as she introduced Tony to a guy of afro-american decent with the whitest teeth Tony had ever seen.

"This is Carla and Gretchen," the two women were both blonde. They were as Tony soon learned both surgical residents.

"Damon works with pschcology, Jeffery in cardiology and Mark is an expert on infectious diseases," Jeanne continued. Tony nodded towards the three men. Then they turned to a couple who stood so close to eachother that separating them would be really hard.

"Jen and Carl got married three weeks ago," Jeanne said as she presented them "That is everyone right." The group nodded.

"You will be playing with the boys Tony," Jeanne said. He looked at the team.

"We are one more," he said. The women laughed.

"Well both Carla and Jen played basketball in college and quite a high level, so usally we kick the boys' asses," Minnie said. The men muttered slightly and turned and walked over to their half of the court.

"So Tony have you played alot of basket before?"Ethan asked as they walked.

"Some, but I can't say that I am good?" Tony answered. The guys decided who was to play where, Tony ended up as a power forward together with Mark.

The game started and the girls were playing really good, Tony had to admit that they were really good, after twenty minutes the guys asked for a pause and was granted that from the girls.

They all went and sat at the grass. Jeanne came and sat next to Tony.

"So Tony how did you meet Jeanne?" Minnie asked from where she sat in John's lap.

"Please not couple talk," Ethan said. "You guys just remind me that I am still single."

"That is because you don't ask her out," Jeanne shot back. Tony watched the dialogue confused.

"Ethan has been trying to ask this psychologist at work out for a really long time," Carla clarified.

"That is Catherine that I told you about this morning?" Jeanne said. It took Tony a few seconds to connect what he had just been told, Ethan was trying to ask Kate out.

"Ohh," Tony said. "Just do it, man, what is the worst that could happen?"

"Exactly, what we have said," Jen said.

"Instead of discussing my non-exsisting romantic life can we finish this game now," Ethan said and rose. The group agreed and soon the game was on again. About ten minutes in he got a long pass from Mark so he started backing up and he didn't look where he was running until he heared Jeanne scream; "Tony watch out!"

He turned to see Kate just before he ran into her and they both hit the groung with him on top. The others came running and soon they were standing around them.

"Well you always knew how to sweep a girl of her feet, Tony," Kate said teasingly. She then wrestled him of her.

"But you know I prefer to be on top." Tony just looked at her, this was not like his Kate.

"I'm sorry Kate," he said after regaining the ability to speak. They both stood up and brushed of some dirt from their clothes. Jeanne and her friends were just standing there looking utterly confused.

"Hi, guys," Kate said to the stunned doctors.

"You two know eachother?" Jeanne asked.

"Yes, you know Kate?" Tony said keeping the cover intact.

"I work at the same hospital as Jeanne," Kate said.

"You're back in D.C, why didnt you call?" he asked pretending to be upset.

"I was going to but it never seemed to be the right time," Kate said. "Wait this is the Tony you talked about, Jeanne?" Jeanne nodded.

"I thought we said that we weren't going to date people the other person knew," Kate turned to Tony.

"How could I know, nobody told me that you were back Kate," Tony defended himself. Then he heared somebody shout his name from behind. He turned and saw Abby coming running towards the group with Ziva not far behind. Abby ran up to him and hugged him. Tony could see Jeanne stare at the goth with confusion.

"Hi Abby, Ziva," he said when Abby let go of him.

"Tony," Ziva said shortly and kissed him on both cheeks. He turned to Abby.

"Why didn't you tell me that she was back?"

"Well the time was never right, plus I thought that she had called you," Abby answered. Tony turned to Ziva and stared at her.

"Do not look at me, I do not think it is my responsibility to keep track of other people's exes," she said staring back.

"You two used to date?"Jeanne asked surprised.

"Yes," Tony answered. Then six pagers started beeping.

"We have to go," John said and he and everybody left. They waved good-bye and then Jeanne turned back to Tony.

"Why haven't I heared this before?" she asked a hint of jealousy in her tone.

"Well, we ended the engagment without any drama and stayed friends so there is really nothing to talk about," Tony told her.

"You were engaged?"

"Yes, and you should have told her Tony," Kate said. Tony laughed.

"There will be no point in arguing, right? he asked. The two women shook their heads.

"Are you done having you're little reunion now?"Abby asked. Tony and Kate nodded.

"Then you might be able to intoduce us," Ziva said.

"Right, sorry," Tony said.

"Jeanne this is Ziva and that is Abby, they are very close friends of mine," he explained. Jeanne waved at both women and they greeted her the same manner.

"Tony will you and Jeanne join the three of us for dinner?" Abby asked.

"Is that okay with you, Jeanne?" Tony asked her while putting his arm around her shoulders.

"Yes, I would love to get to know your friends," she said.

"We are going to this small italian place that I love," Kate said.

"Is that the resturant next to the chinese place we used to go to?" Tony asked. Kate nodded.

"We will see you there in ten minutes then," Abby said and the three girls started walking. So did Tony and Jeanne but he turned to see Kate looking at them, he winked at her and she gave him a thumbs up.