From a Twoleg, To a Warrior.

Mary awoke with her mother shaking her. "Wake up! You need to go to school!" "Ugh..?" she replied. After her mother left her room to get dressed, Mary jumped out of bed. She raced down stairs, to find pancakes with bacon on her plate. Mary instantly grinned.

"Mmmm!" she murmured. Her dad smiled at her. "Good morning." Mary replied with a nod. She quickly dove into her food. She decided to devour her pancakes first, and pour maple syrup on her bacon, you know, trying something new. "Whoa, slow down there!" Her dad interupted her glorious feast. Mary's cheeks turned bright red. "Sorry Dad!"

Her dad winked. Mary quickly changed, and grabbed her backpack. She strolled down her drive way. She whipped her backpack on her shoulder, and grabbed her skateboard and helmet.

She scrambled to get her helmet on. Mary rolled her skateboard a short distance in front of her. She jumped on, and started riding. Only once did she fall off her skateboard, carelessly trying to eat a candy bar. "Stupid board..." she had grumbled.

"School." Mary breathed. She spotted her two friends, Bridgid, and Kelly. They both waved to her. She waved back, then ran into the school, and stuck her skateboard and helmet, into her locker.

Mary POV

"How're ya doin?" I asked Bridgid. "Fine." she replied simply. "Hey Kelly," Kelly quickly turned over to look at me. "What?" "You've been silent, usually you talk your head off!" I joked.

Kelly didn't laugh. "Um, thats a joke." I explained. She blinked. Bridgid elbowed me, signaling me to stop.

The rest of my day had been o-k i would say. I mean it was nothing big. Just the same things. "Do your homework!" "Write in cursive!" "Don't eat chalk!" And, i ended my day with corn and chicken. Nothing special.

Finally, after my nice, warm shower, i climbed into my bed. I quickly shut my door, and turned off the lights. I opened my window to let the hot air out too. I closed my eyes, and thought about my favorite series in the whole wide world. Warriors. I smiled at the thought of them.

And before long, i was sleeping soundly.