The White Knight attempted to slash open the Black Knights armour. Their ancient swords colliding with a thunderous clash. The earth trembled at their feet as they danced the dance of battle. The Magi stood under a large canopy at one side of the cave, on the other side Caesar, Eldore and Yulie watched the two ancient knights fight. Both Yulie and Caeser had been told to stay out of the battle as Leonard had wished to fight the Black knight himself.

"Those pactmakers are always fighting. Is that an Yshrenian thing or something? Why don't we just kill them now and get it over with?"

"Rayne it's not as easy as you think to kill a pactmaker. Each pactmaker gains unique abilities from their knight. Even the best assassin would fail repeatedly in their attempts to kill a single pactmaker."

Rayne is my left hand man. He isn't the smartest person around but he has more than enough strength and hatred of Balandor and Faria. He is basically just a tool to be used but he would never know that. He is quite the stereotypical dumb muscle kind of person. He keeps his brown hair, cut short; his oceanic blue eyes are always looking for something to break; he is rather tall allowing him to easily scare his prey and works out more than enough to keep his muscles in terrifying shape. He tends to wear tops with torn off sleeves, basically to show his muscles off to his would be enemies, worn jeans that are more grey than blue and never wears and kind of shoes or boots.

Rayne continues to watch the battle below as he retaliates.

"Come on Elliot no mortal is invincible. I could easily crush them with my bare hands. Their Knights would be like a fly in my hand."

Elliot is the female of our trio. She's also the brains of the group and an expert strategist. She's always emotionally collected and forward thinking. She loves to leave her long, blonde hair hanging down by her shoulder blades; her chocolate, brown eyes are always scanning the area for anything that she might not have foreseen. She's round about five foot nine with a slight cut off of a medium frame. Elliot always wears long sleeved black tops, black, skin fitting jeans and a rather strange design of shoe, I'm sure she calls them converses? What ever they are.

Elliot moved to stand beside Rayne and observe the on going knight battle. If I didn't know any better I would have thought that the knights could have continued to fight at an equal level for days at a time. However all battles must have a winner even if the winner hasn't entered the battle yet.

"Incase you forgot Rayne we are mortal too. Even you can't kill a knight it's physically impossible. Those knights could crush you under their feet. But if you want to go and fight them then you will do it alone and it will be your funeral."

"Is this anyway for friends like us to behave? Rayne not everything has to be crushed, Some things need to be handled with care. Elliot please try to remember than it everyone has their own view on thinks and that if you try hard enough even the impossible can seem almost obtainable."

Both Rayne and Elliot turned to face me. Elliot stared straight into my eyes as her body froze still. Rayne fell to his knees bowing to me as if I were a king, his body shaking in fear.

"I'm sorry my lord please forgive me."

"Rayne how many times must I remind you that I am not your lord but your brother in this despicable world."

"Zane why are you here? I thought that we were to collect this stone."

It's strange to think that both Rayne and Elliot still fear me. I presume my presence still has that dark air towards everyone. I'm technically the leader of us. I prefer to mentally toy with my opponents as I fight them. I can be as calculated as Elliot during battle but as strong as Rayne at the same time. I prefer to have my black hair cut at the top of my neck; My eyes are a mixture of green and yellow but with a dark look to them. I'm five foot eleven with a medium build. If you were to look at me you'd think that I was someone easily beat in a fight but I'm never that simple. I always wear my black trench coat closed around my upper body hiding the torn, blood stained shirt underneath. My black trouser are baggy around my legs. The entire black outfit just heightens the paleness of my skin.

"Elliot you must have noticed that all five pactmakers are here, watching those to knights that are currently fighting. If you and Rayne simply try to steal the stone from them then you may be killed by them and we can't have that. Plus it's about time we introduced ourselves to the Yshrenian knights."

"Will you be wanting me and Rayne to accompany you in your introduction to the Yshrenian pactmakers?"

I walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down upon the two knights still battling, unaware of our presence. I could feel myself smile at the idea of the anarchy our entry would cause for everyone. I turned my head to look at Elliot and stare into her deep beautiful eyes.

"Of course it's only fair that they get to meet all of the new players in their game. And Rayne don't start any fights we are only introducing ourselves after all."

Both Rayne and Elliot walked to stand beside me on the cliff edge. The wind feels cold on my face as I prepare for my first step towards my destiny. Rayne's face portrayed the sorrow he felt at being unable to fight the knights. Elliot's face was covered in joy as she would be able to examine the knights up close. Today was the beginning of the end for the pactmakers. After today the whole world will flip upside down for those pactmakers.

"Too bad we can't just crush the knights now."

"Soon we will Rayne but for now he only need to the stone and to make a good first impression."

As I jumped off the cliff Elliot and Rayne followed in turn. Our decent towards the hard rock below us was now our decent into a new and better world. It was our turn to create the history and forge our destinies.