Invisible Girl

Chapter One

The blue headphones softy played her music as she waited for the school bus to come on that oh-so-fated morning. Her head bopped to the tune, making her white blonde ponytail wave and her hands wielded imaginary drumsticks. She couldn't keep still. The simple task seemed near impossible. How could she possibly keep still when today was the day? The day she had been constantly fretting over for the first half of the school year.

What day, you might ask? Why, the first day of the second semester of her senior year at Sky High. Still confused? The first day of the second semester of every student's senior year was a very important date. The cornerstone of their Hero lives. All the parents were coming to the school that day to watch their children finally prove themselves after seven semesters of work.

Today was the day that the seniors showcased themselves in front of the whole school, and then at the close of the day would be the moment that everyone was dying to get to. The heroes and sidekicks would be chosen. They were chosen at this part of the year because then for all of the second semester they would train together and get to know one another's strengths and weaknesses. Then, when graduation came around the corner they would be ready to work together and fight against evil, teamwork process already worked out to the T. It would also be the time when their superhero and sidekick names would be chosen before receiving the diploma.

In short, today was a very big deal.

"So, your heart of gold turned platinum too," she sang under her breath. She closed her light blue eyes and turned her face upward, as if that would help her to remember how to breathe properly. Butterflies were having a fluttering frenzy in her stomach and she was so afraid that she was going to be sick. To be honest, she had half-considered calling in sick and just receive her Hero notice in the mail. Though her mother would not go for that, not one bit.

There was an unmistakable screech as the bus neared, penetrating her music. The yellow, ordinary, plain bus rolled to a stop in front of her and the door opened, allowing her to see Ron Wilson, bus driver. He gave a friendly nod and she vaguely returned it, her body moving with an almost zombie-like stiffness. She took the open seat that allowed her to look out the window and she took another shuddering breath. There was going to be no peace today. Especially, since she had no clue as to what Hero the teachers would match her with.

Yes, she was a Sidekick. No, she didn't mind. On the first day of freshman year, Coach Boomer had called her up to the podium. In retrospect, she had earned the second ranked class for her lack of reaction and undiluted fear of performing in public with absolutely no guidance. She wasn't an impulsive person by nature.

"Samantha Winchester!" She remembered jumping so bad when her name echoed throughout the gym. She had shakily made her way to the front where she tremored before the hero-enforced gym teacher.

"Well? Show us your power," he had sighed. Her throat constricted and she could only shake her head. At the time, she wasn't quite sure of her power. She had a vague idea, yes, but she still needed to refine it, not to mention that she was especially self-conscious about her power. The coach had tired of waiting and pushed a button, saying a word that made her blanch considerably, even today.


Thankfully, her reflexes were decent and she had hit the floor flat just as the car came crashing down. Teary eyed and more than scared out of her mind, she army crawled out from under the junky vehicle, shaking from head to toe.

"Nothing?" he had yawned. He checked something on his clipboard and sentenced her. "Sidekick."

She just nodded and scrambled off the stage as fast as she could.

The Sky High bus rolled to a stop again and she looked up to see who was boarding next. A few freshmen who were looking nervous along with a few sophomores, and then a person she recognized came aboard. The freshmen instantly got out of his way when he made his way to the back of the bus.

Warren Peace.

Sure, he was intimidating and hot headed, but she wouldn't mind being his Sidekick. It wasn't like he picked on Sidekicks like Lash and Speed did. More than once, she had been shoved against the locker walls or locked in the janitor's closet. They were two people out of her grade that she would not want to be paired with. They were not team players, didn't get along with others, and not to mention, blatantly hated Sidekicks, all of which were strikes against her. Their class was fairly sized and the statistics were in her favor, at the very least. There were more pros than cons, so it would be all right in the end. Still, she couldn't get the butterflies in her stomach to settle down and a feeling of dread continued to hang over her head.

"Sammy, come on!" whined Layla as she pulled the blonde down the hall. Sammy laughed and trailed after her friend who refused to release her hand, slightly tugging on her striped sleeve. Dark blue and light blue stripes on her long sleeve shirt, half covered by a grey short sleeved zip hoodie and comfy jeans that were slightly faded. It was her favorite outfit.

"My hand, Layla! You're crushing it!" she fake struggled. The red head simply gave her a knowing look.

"I know you, Samantha Winchester. If I let go of your hand, you're going to go lock yourself in a classroom or something." A blush formed when the accusation hit its mark.

" may know me a little too well," she muttered. Layla laughed again and pulled her around the corner, closer to the gymnasium.

"I don't see what you're so paranoid about. We have a good class of Heroes to be paired with," said Layla. Sam rolled her eyes.

"You're so calm because everyone knows that you're going to be paired with Will Stronghold, not to mention you're a Hero yourself! Disguised as a Sidekick of all things," she reasoned. The girl with an affinity for plants gave her a stern look over her shoulder.

"Hey now, I hear your tone. No downgrading yourself today. We've got a showcase to do!" she cheered, making the shyer girl smile.

They entered the gym and Sam gasped lightly. The whole place was packed with people and small stages and podiums. Half the senior class was performing at the moment, the Hero half specifically. The Heroes would go first, then the Sidekicks. This would be the prime time for everyone to scope out potential partners, not that Principal Powers would grant requests but she would take opinions into considerations.

Layla immediately went over to Will's showcase, where he was lifting inhuman amounts of weights and flying. Sam sighed and rolled her eyes again as she started to wander about the showcase. There were lots of kids with crazy strengths and abilities but none really caught her eye. She wasn't particularly interested in those demonstrating telekinesis, water control, or any kind of transformation type powers. There was a flash of fire and she couldn't help that her gaze wandered over to Warren Peace's showcase.

The fire wielder was wearing a black close fitting tank as his arms became alight with fire, his muscles apparent through the shirt as he flexed and called upon his power. Spheres of flames were conjured and thrown with impressive accuracy at its target, merging into fire whips that he controlled equally skillfully, the mark nothing more than ash. A warm blush made its way across her face as she observed him. His long dark hair was tied back away from his face, some strands slipping loose. No, she wouldn't mind being his Sidekick at all, she thought wistfully. Before she had the chance to pluck up the courage to step closer, something soft wrapped around her middle and pulled her clean off her feet and away from the fire Hero with a small panicked yelp.

"Thank you for coming today, ladies and gents. I am Lash, the ever extendable Hero!"

Sammy's face drained of her previous flush at the sound of the horribly familiar voice and she turned her wide eyes to see that what had grabbed her, praying that she was wrong. Striped arms that continued to snake around her waist lowered her onto the Hero's showcase podium only made her heart beat faster in fear. No, no, no, anyone but him…

"I'd like you all to welcome my assistant, Samantha Winchester, who will help demonstrate my oh-so awesome power."


The gathered crowd clapped politely while Sammy was close to hyperventilating. Blue eyes darted about, looking for the closest exit. Heck, she'd even jump off the stage if she had to. She saw someone gesture to her stripes and then to his. The realization hit her like a ton of bricks, her panic truly setting in. They thought this was planned, the both of them wearing stripes and whatnot, the common factor tying them together. It was just a coincidence, nothing more.

Oh no, she had to get out of there and fast.

The black and white snake limb released her and she took the opportunity and flew down the stairs, trying to immerse herself in the crowd. She only made it a few paces before the arm snatched her again, quickly weaving around her torso like a harness. It retracted and yanked her firmly off her feet and she found herself on the stage again.

"Can't escape me, for I can always reach them," narrated Lash. The crowd chuckled at his word play. The smaller girl struggled but the arm continued to extend and weave around her, almost like how a snake would strangle its prey. Heart pounding with fear fueled adrenaline and mind working in overdrive, she opened her mouth and bit down on the closest black and white extension. He yelped and dropped her like a hot coal causing her to land loudly on her rear. The crowd laughed again and Lash forced a smile but sent her a stern look.

"What the hell?" he hissed. She gave him a look of bewilderment as she got to her feet.

"What the hell? I should be saying that! You pulled me out for no reason! What the heck are you up to?" she whispered back. He flashed a smile for his audience that was starting to lose interest.

"Also, numerous weights can be lifted as well. My charming assistant would love to demonstrate, I'm sure." Sammy sent him a wide eyed look but it didn't matter. The extensions wrapped around her knees and waist and lifted her as high as the gym would allow him. Her stomach felt woozy at the sight of the small gym floor that was too far away.

"Don't throw up, don't throw up," she chanted through clenched teeth. It seemed like an eternity that she clung onto the ever striped arm, praying that he wouldn't drop her, just for his amusement. He would be the type to do it and she wasn't about to put it past him.

"...for the final act..." she thought she heard him say. Her heart pounded and nearly stopped altogether when the arms started to unwind from her sections of her support suddenly vanishing. It took a matter of seconds before they had returned to human length and she had nothing suspending her. A small scream passed her lips as she plummeted downward, arms flailing in attempt to try to slow her momentum, screwing her eyes closed and preparing for impact.

Just before she hit the floor, the all too familiar black and white saved her with only an inch between her face and the stage floor to spare, her loose strands of hair touching the smooth floor. She could dully hear the crowd clap as she was placed upright again, knees shaking and stomach more than uneasy. Lash smiled and bowed and she was unaware of her body moving on its own. She could feel her cheeks turn pink and her eyes sting in her flustered state. Her legs took one step, than another and finally her fist pulled back and it connected solidly with his arm. He looked at her surprised but she had already turned heel and vanished. Quite literally.

Samantha Winchester's power was that of invisibility. Over the course of the years, she had managed to grasp a hold of her power and even amplify it. She could turn invisible at will, it was very natural for her and she did so more than once to avoid conflicts and being called on in class. The next stage she spent her energy on learning was how to turn astral, or fading as she sometimes called it, and then being completely intangible altogether.

She flew off the stage, invisible to the human eye and she phased through whatever solid object that stood in her way. It only took a moment for her to be securely locked in a bathroom stall, feet drawn up. Out of sight and out of mind.

Sammy could only hide for a short while because the Sidekick showcase was up next. Her nerves had settled somewhat and she practiced smiling in the bathroom mirror as if she was in front of audience. She needed to reign in her confidence and completely wow the crowd. The better her show, the better her chances would be of getting paired with a strong (and hopefully nice) Hero.

"You can do this, Sammy," she told herself as lame as it was. "No one else even has anything close to your power. You're unique and everybody will want to know your strength." She flashed a smile as if she were on stage, turning her head this way and that. She took a loud breath and walked out of the bathroom with a stable confidence. All she had to do was pretend that the whole Lash encounter didn't happen, just like any other bully interaction.

Her podium was about in the middle of the showcase, and she took her respectful place as the parents and teachers walked around and studied them all. Once a fair crowd was gathered she beamed her smile and started her introduction. Short, sweet and to the point.

"Hello everyone! I'm Samantha Winchester and I'm a Sidekick. So, to be honest, you probably haven't heard much about me. Or have seen me for that matter," she laughed. It was almost an unconscious effort for her to vanish and her excitement grew when the crowd gasped aloud.

She reappeared again and modeled for them, turning a full circle.

"So, now you see me." Her form flickered. "Now you kind of see me." She gave a wink and vanished altogether. "Now you don't." They clapped again and she smiled, revealing herself once more.

She was in the middle of bowing modestly when there was a flash of stripes.

"Oh, you must be her assistant this time, aren't you dear?" asked someone's grandmother. Sammy and Lash both locked gazes for a brief second and her stomach dropped completely. The Hero smirked.

"Of course, ma'am. I just didn't think that she'd be starting so early without me," he smiled. His legs stretched onto the stage and she took a shuffled step backwards. She couldn't help but shy away further from the lanky boy.

"So, what's next?" he asked, a fake smile on his face purely for the parents and teachers. She eyed the wooden chair she had brought as a prop.

"Next, I was going to demonstrate how I can phase through solid objects," she explained softly. He raised his eyebrow in question.

"Phase?" he asked. She could feel her pride rise slightly when his face read honesty, a new expression for her to see on the boy. An idea sparked and she took action.

"Here." She led him to the front and center of the stage and turned to the audience again, smile returning. She might as well use him as he volunteered.

"Ladies and gentleman, allow me to show you the other aspect of my power." She clapped Lash on the back loudly, making him flinch. "My partner, Lash, is obviously solid. A simple fact for you to bear in mind for the next few moments." They chuckled softly while Lash only continued to give her a strange look.

The blonde stood at the back of the stage, directly behind the taller boy. Slowly, she stepped forward and just when she was about to bump into him, the contact that she should've had blurred and she melted into his back and reappeared in front of him, separating from his body and becoming solid once more. The audience clapped loudly and she bowed. When she looked up to see Lash's expression her smile faltered when she saw that his face was frighteningly pale and he was swaying on the spot. It was kind of a side effect after she phased through people, only occasionally for some though she tried not to do it so often.

"Sorry, folks. I need a quick breather before the next show," she laughed. They smiled and slowly began to disperse. Once enough of them were gone, she spun around to examine the boy.

"Are you all right?" she whispered. He nodded numbly and she sighed, leading him over to the edge of the stage to take a seat to which he didn't resist. She doubled back and grabbed her water bottle, taking a seat next to him and sighing again. There was a crack as she broke the seal and handed it to him. Both were unaware of Principal Powers standing just a few feet away and jotting a few notes on her clipboard.

"Here you go." He held the bottle in his hand but didn't drink it. Her fair eyebrow quirked and she bumped his arm. "Go on. I don't want you to faint or something." Brown eyes sent her an insulted look.

"I'm not going to faint," he snarked. She rolled her eyes as he sullenly took a sip of water. Back to normal. That sure was quick. She huffed and got to her feet, seeing as the next crowd had started to near.

"Whatever you say."

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