Invisible Girl

Chapter Eighteen

"Get up."

Sammy looked up from her spot on the floor, heaving as she gasped for breath. Her once lovely dress was now ruined, torn in a variety of places and dirtied from being thrown about. The heels were tossed aside, long forgotten while her pantyhose bore several ragged tears. Blue eyes managed a glare as she regarded the man before her.

Phantom stood at his full height, not even breaking a sweat in dealing with her. His abundance in power was simply terrifying. Back when he encountered her during her training run at school, that moment had nothing on him now. It was evident that he had been playing with her. That he was capable of so much more.

"I said, get up," he repeated, voice becoming stern. Digging her nails into the floor, she quickly lunged at the man, hoping to catch him by surprise. Not even sparing her a glance, his power threw her hard against the adjacent wall.

"Typical. Not creative in the slightest," he sighed. "I'm disappointed with you, Samantha. Do you understand why I am?"

She gave a harsh cough, rolling over onto her side to try and recover from the hit. "Because you're a...narcissistic psychopath..." she wheezed. He gave a humored smirk as he stepped toward her. Snatching her by her white blonde hair, he tugged her head up so to fully look at him.

"Unlock your mind, you ungrateful girl," he snarled. "You're not pushing yourself to achieve your full potential!"

"Yeah, and just what is that?" she growled back. "Why do you want anything to do with me if I'm so disappointing?" He dropped her back onto the ground, standing upright.

"Get up," he instructed. Entire body throbbing and blood creeping down the back of her neck, she pushed herself back up onto her feet once more. She kept her eyes locked on the mad man before her, feet settling into her usual stance, arms brought up just slightly.

"What's it matter to you?" she asked, ignoring the sharp pain of her ribs. "Whether or not I reach your idea of potential?"

There was the nasty red gleam and his form flickered, appearing directly before her. Her back hit the wall as she tried to create distance, unable to get away or vanish in time. With hardly a sound, his hand delved into her chest, bypassing her physical state. Eyes wide, she gaped at him as she felt his hand close around her heart. Every frantic beat was more pronounced as it worked in overdrive to due to fear and its threatening situation. Her nervous system was alight, going wild with the unnatural invasion. She drew a shuddering breath as he tightened his grip, heart pumping faster now in order to stay alive. Air left her completely as she clawed at his exposed arm, unable to get free despite her flickering.

"This is why it matters to me," he explained, tone eerily calm. He gave a little tug, pulling her closer to him. "This is what I want from you, Samantha." She managed a cry of pain as he dared to twist ever so slightly. He grinned, showing his sharper than average canines as he leaned in closer to the battered girl.

"You really know nothing about me," he assumed. "What is it like, being so irreparably naive?" His free hand grabbed her jaw, nails digging into her skin as he forced to look up, adding the discomfort to her obvious pain.

"I see myself in you, darling. I've carried the burden of the Sidekick title because ignorant fools couldn't see what I could do. They don't understand us. Power isn't always about muscles and what a person can see. We can do so much more. Over the years I've grown stronger. I've evolved to conquer my enemies. They don't teach you that you need to adapt in order to survive in the world. They are still bound, chained, by their want to be loved by the public. Without the human world's approval, they fall. Heroes are nothing without the disgustingly ignorant masses."

"Not..." she managed, still digging her nails into his arm. He didn't seem to notice her effort. " you..."

"Not like me?" he actually laughed at her. "I've been studying you, Samantha Winchester and I know more than you think." His hold increased so that she would cry out again, a satisfied smirk stretching across his face.

"You're a Sidekick. You're insecure about everything, your power, your appearance, your worth. With your insecurities, any other person would cling to their friends but not you." She started to argue but he pushed her head back to a strange angle to quiet her. "You hide behind your wall of so called 'friends' but in the end, you only trust yourself. No one else. You play their social games, you know your part, but you are not emotionally connected, not really. You're a lonely girl, Samantha, and you like it."


He released her jaw, allowing her to look at him properly. She was still immobile, slowly adjusting to pain of having his hand lodged in her chest cavity. Blue eyes glared daggers, and he smirked again. It was clear to see her outrage at his statement, the hurt, but beneath all of that, the shining of the truth.

"You're wrong," she heaved. "I trust my friends."

"Do you?" he asked, nonchalant. "Then why didn't you tell anyone that you were coming with me?"

Shock slowly settled into her features and he grinned, content with his victory. "That's right. I know you, Samantha, because we are the very same."

"What happens...when I reach my potential?" she asked between sharp puffs of breath.

His readjusted his grip, becoming vice like around her source of life and bringing her closer so that they were nose to nose. A twisted grin warped his features further as he looked down at the blonde girl with a ravenous hunger, canines gleaming.

"I will eat your heart."

Sammy where r u?

Sammy pick up ur phone

Where r u?

What happened?

Where r u?

R u hurt?

Please answer me

Sammy please

Lash slipped his phone back into his pocket after sending another text to Sammy's unresponsive phone. That made it at least a dozen messages now. He ran a hand through his hair that was now completely disheveled due to the repeated action. He was pale, shaking, and his heart wouldn't stop pounding away in his chest. It hurt. He felt sick.

He didn't understand what had happened. A slow song had started and he went looking for the blonde Sidekick to finally have their dance together. It didn't take him too long to find her, he had the height advantage anyway. She returned his smile and they had stepped into proper slow dance position. It was easier than he thought, slow dancing. It was almost nice actually. She was right against him, hand curved around his shoulder so they were almost hugging. His arm fit around her waist easily without the help of his power while he held her other slender hand properly. He was barely listening to the song, thoughts busy with his Sidekick. He felt her tilt her head down, resting her forehead against his shoulder. That seemed a little odd. Next he became aware of her shaking. He tightened his grip to secure her, concerned now and he asked if she was all right.

"I'm fine. Don't worry...I'm fine..."

As the song started to slow down, it was becoming clear that she was most certainly not fine. He shaking worsened and he stopped their dancing, pulling back so to look at her properly. Tears were running down her face, smudging some of her makeup and falling onto her dress. He hoped it had nothing to do with his lousy dancing ability. Then she called him by his real name. Every warning bell went off in his head as he looked down at his Sidekick, slow dread filling his insides. She had never called him by his proper name, not seriously anyway. Instead of explaining, she simply asked for a favor.

"Could you say my name? Nothing else, just my name?"

Of course, he complied. Her name came effortlessly. He was always calling after her. Talking, teasing, harassing, they were always engaged in some sort of conversation. It was what they did. The next thing he knew, her fingers had twisted in his hair and she pulled him into a kiss. Lash liked to consider himself an expert on kissing as he was a person with plenty of experience except that this kiss was entirely different. He was reciprocating the gesture, naturally, but he could feel her tears against his skin. She was pushing so much into the kiss, keeping them together until they were properly oxygen deprived. Slowly, she pulled away from him, blonde and brown hair tangled, breathing hard, and her hands cradling his face. He heard himself call her name once more and she responded with his.

Then she was gone.

And her kiss felt like goodbye.

"Hey," called Speed, clapping his friend on the shoulder, jerking him out of his thoughts. "Anything?" Lash checked his phone again: no new messages.

"Nothing," he sighed, slipping it back into his pocket. "You?"

He shook his head. "Ran through the whole school twice and nothing. Did you tell Powers?"

"Yeah, she's sending teachers to go look around." He gave a huff. "She couldn't have gotten very far, I mean, we're on a flying school!"

"Did she say anything?" asked Speed, trying to help jog his friend's memory. "Anything weird?"

Lash groaned at the most asked question of the night, again mussing his hair. "No, she didn't actually say anything. She was definitely upset though, she was crying."

"Crying?" his friend repeated, brow furrowing. "What about?"

"I don't know, that's the problem!" he snapped. "I don't know why she was upset, why she was crying or where she went—I don't know any of it!"

"Whoa, take it easy, man. Take a breath," consoled Speed, laying a firm hand on the taller boy's shoulder so to encourage him to take the nearby empty seat. "We'll figure it out, don't worry."

There was the sound of heels on tile and the two Heroes turned to face Principal Powers, Lash jumping up from the seat in order to meet her halfway. Her usual professional neutralism was shifting to a somber expression that made the boy feel like he should be very concern by the fact.

"I'm afraid I've got bad news, boys," she began, looking between the two. "We have clear signs of Phantom entering the school-"

"What? I thought we had extra precautions to take care of that freak?" interrupted Lash.

"We did," the principal agreed. "The guards that were stationed for Phantom are now dead. Hearts ripped out, his trademark technique."

"So, Phantom took her?" spoke up Speed. "That's what you're getting at?"

Before she could answer, Lash interjected again. "Wait, he couldn't have taken her because she was with me before she disappeared. There wasn't any sign of him!"

"Not to you, most likely," explained Powers as gently as she could. "It's obvious that Samantha and Phantom have some sort of connection perhaps due to their similar powers. She was probably more aware of him than you were, Lash."

His head was pounding, the new information banging around in his mind. "But why didn't she say anything? We could've done something to help!" He looked between his friend and the teacher, panic slowly building. "Right...?"

Principal Powers gave a sad sort of sigh. "Phantom is a very dangerous villain and highly specialized in advancing his own power. If Samantha didn't say anything, it was because Phantom wouldn't let her. If he wanted her, he simply needed to threaten someone she cared about, which I'm assuming would include the two of you as you are her Heroes."

The two Heroes looked at each other, both stunned by the overload of information.

"If you'll excuse me, I'm going to notify the staff and send out an alert as well as speak to Samantha's family," said Powers, turning to leave.

"Wait, Principal Powers," started Speed. "What did you mean by Phantom's specialization? What does he do?" The dark haired teacher looked very grave as she lowered her voice.

"In order to gain new abilities, Phantom takes a Hero's heart and consumes it, taking on their powers."

Shell-shocked by the new information, he subconsciously pulled out his phone again, flipping to the message screen.


His thumbs froze over the buttons, unsure of what to type to her. If she was even receiving his messages. His hands started to shake as his mind wandered off. Phantom was a monstrous villain that ate hearts to become stronger. That very same evil was after his Sidekick, his Sammy. He was going to rip out her heart-

Lash bolted away to the nearest bathroom, stall door banging as he dropped to his knees and proceeded to heave up what his stomach couldn't handle. Coughing and hacking up his insides at the thought of Phantom ripping out Sammy's heart. Crushing the bloody, pulsating heart while Sammy fell to the ground, chest painted red while her eyes gazed on, unblinking. Another wave of nausea hit him, making him lose another round to the basin. Principal Powers would have to tell her family. The image of her mother crying into her husband's shoulder at the loss of her daughter, her only child, it made his stomach clench again.

His entire body was shaking, skin clammy as he tried to catch his breath, throat raw from the violent upheavals. Burning liquid fell from his eyes as he fought to catch his breath, choking on his own breathing. What was he supposed to do? How could he save Sammy? Because she couldn't be dead. She just couldn't. The idea made him pitch over again, pulling his world out from under him.

How did he fight a monster?

At that very moment, an invisible figure dropped a note on the front porch of the Livingston home. It floated down slowly, the elaborate font enough to warrant attention.

Jason Livingston,

We do hope you'll be able to attend the Maxville Theater Recital this Sunday. There's an up and coming star who would love for you to attend.

It will be a show like you've never seen.

Positively heart wrenching to say the least.

REVIEW! It is a little short, yes I know, but I needed this little bit so to connect to the next big scene.

How exciting! Phantom is now even more creepy and dramatic, if that was possible. Sidekicks and Heroes are all in trouble now. Time for everyone to lace up their gloves and get ready for a showdown!

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