Harry Potter was an unusual boy. His eyes were the same hue as emeralds, and his hair was as black as a raven's feather. While certain people worshiped him for the strange lightning scar on his head, others hated him for it. His family for instance.

They had come to another country for a business trip that they couldn't leave him behind for. Instead they ditched him in a random alley with no money, no knowledge of the language, and no chance of survival.

While he held back the tears, he prayed.

'I wish someone would help me. I wish that I wasn't such a freak that no one loved.'

He awoke the next morning to the sun's harsh light. Next to him were three unusual eggs.

One was red and gold with paw prints around the middle. Another was tawny with an amber crescent moon. The third was green and silver, with foxes and snakes chasing each other. Harry held the eggs, and almost dropped them in shock. They were warm to the touch.

Harry walked around, trying not to attract attention. He succeeded for the most part, until a police officer took one look at him and asked what he was doing out of school. At least, that was what Harry assumed he was asking.

Harry ran...straight into an man with golden hair. He saw the eggs, and his eyes widened.


Harry looked confused and scared.

"Are you alright?" the man asked again.

"Yes, sir," said Harry obediently.

"Where are your parents?"

"They died."

The man seemed to come to a decision.

"Would you like to live with me?"

Harry looked surprised, then nodded. He took Harry to his home, a traditional house by the look of it. He let him pick a room, and asked him several questions.

Harry answered as best he could, and felt exhausted. When he fell asleep that night, he took his eggs and pulled them close.

The man talked to him kindly, and registered Harry in the local school. Harry felt really out of place as he said a polite hello. All the students were staring at him, mainly because he was speaking English.

When Harry sat down, he saw a boy who had a resemblance to the man who saved him.

"Konnichiwa! Watashi wa Tadase Hotori. Dozu yoroshiku!"

"My name is Harry."

'I wish I knew what the other children are saying...'

By the time he got back, the man started teaching him the local language, which was Japanese.

'I don't understand any of this!' Harry despaired.

"Then why don't you change? From a boy who doesn't know other languages to one who does?" asked a voice.

Harry felt more than heard the 'pop', as he could suddenly understand and read Japanese!


"Looks like you 'Chara Changed'," the man said calmly.

"Chara Change?"

"Also known as Character Change. Those eggs you carry are called Charas, or Characters. They are your would be selves."

Harry felt faint...this was too much!

As the man explained about Characters, Harry listened intently. This information felt important, though he couldn't explain why.

Harry walked to class the next day, a little relieved. The boy from before said "Ohayo!"


"You can speak Japanese! Why were you using English before?"

"It took me a while to remember how to speak it," lied Harry.

Harry enjoyed class...now he wouldn't have to hold back because of his cousin! Once he got the hang of the material, he became top of the class. He even had friends like Tadase and Kukai. Nagashiko was fun, albeit weird. She acted too oddly, like she wasn't a real girl.

One day Harry (or Yukito as he now preferred to be called) was walking home from school, when he noticed a boy with a black cat kid on his shoulder.



"What's your name?"


"Is that your Chara?"

"I'm Yoru!"

"I have some too, only they don't want to hatch yet..."

As Harry said this, a loud crack was heard. He quickly opened his bag to reveal...a small person with animal characteristics. He had pointy dog ears with red and gold streaks in his black hair. His eyes were a sapphire color, and he wore a cloak with a black dog tail on his backside. His clothes were normal, a sleeveless black shirt with a paw and dark blue jeans. His eyes sparkled with planned mischief.

"Hiya! I'm Padfoot!"

"A dog!" growled Yoru.

Yukito couldn't help it...he laughed.

"I can tell what kind of person you are. An alley cat with great balance and taste in clothes!" said Padfoot cheerfully.

Yoru quit growling, and looked at Padfoot.

"And you look like trouble incarnate!"

"Got in in one!" smirked Padfoot.

"Want to be friends?" asked Yukito.

Seeing their Chara get along, Ikuto said, "Sure."

Yukito beamed.

Tsukasa, the man who saved Yukito was happy to hear he made a new friend. When he saw Padfoot, he gave the small Chara a cookie. Padfoot declared him friend to all Chara as he chomped on the sweet.

"That leaves two more. I wonder what you'll end up with, Yukito."

"Can we go to the library later?" begged Yukito.

"Sure," laughed Tsukasa.

Tadase was thrilled to finally meet someone with a Chara like him. Now Kiseki had someone else to boss around.

Padfoot seemed to like Kiseki, since he was fun to prank. Daichi loved Padfoot, and helped him prank the 'kiddie king'.

A month later, Tadase's dog died, and Yukito went to cheer him up.


The second egg hatched, revealing a boy with silver fox ears, obsidian black hair, and a tail with emerald streaks among the silver. He wore a short sleeved deep green shirt with a smiling silver fox, faded blue jeans with a silver snake belt. His eyes were a dark blue.

"About time you showed up!" snorted Padfoot.

The new Chara growled at him.

"I would have shown up sooner had you done your job right."

Yukito's eyes widened. He recognized that voice!

"You're the one who helped me before!"

"At least you remember me. I am Gin."

"Why didn't he show up?" whined Padfoot.

"It's not his turn."

Yukito took a good look at Gin. He had a hook nose, and his hair appeared slightly greasy, as if he worked with toxic fumes a lot. His skin was pale, like a vampire.

Tadase cheered up after Gin talked to him for a bit. Yukito was happy. Now two of his Chara were out! He couldn't wait to meet the third.

"I hope that the fourth one never wakes up..." mumbled Gin.

Tsukasa greeted Gin with his usual smile. When he heard that last comment however, he waited until Yukito fell asleep.

"Fourth one?"

"He has four Chara. Padfoot, myself, and a third he hasn't woken up yet. The fourth will show up when they come to take him back to their world."

"Who are they?"

"I can't tell you what he hasn't realized himself yet. You better teach him to Character Transform soon, or it may be too late."

Yukito watched Ikuto transform for the first time. He loved the outfit, and the ears! He held back the instinctive need to glomp the other boy.

"What's up with you?" asked Ikuto, amused...until Yukito stopped fighting the urge and glomped him.

"You're so cool!"


Padfoot was laughing, and Gin was smirking. He brought it on himself by teaching Yukito character transform.

"So which one do you want to try first?"

"Gin. He is less likely to have me do something embarrassing."

Gin's smirk was obvious, as Padfoot gave Yukito a betrayed look. Ikuto walked him through the process, and Yukito gave it a shot.

"Character Transform!"

Nothing happened. Yukito tried again...and finally got it on the third try.

Yukito had paws and fox-ears. His outfit was interesting though. He wore a silver-green robe with a snake around the waist. His fox tail waved in the air, and his feet were fox-paws. His black hair spiked, and his emerald eyes were brighter than usual.

"Silver Fox Snake!"

Yukito was grinning like a loon.

"Now try with Padfoot."

"Character Transform!"

It took four tries to turn into Padfoot.

Yukito now had golden dog ears, with red streaks. He wore a sleeveless outfit similar to Ikuto, only with a paw belt buckle. His tail wagged in the air with a red-gold streak in the form of lightning. His cloak rested comfortably around his shoulders, with a gold lion clasp.

"Dog Moon!"

"Well done. I want you to practice until it becomes second nature to transform."


Yukito was ten. Four years ago he was left in Japan. Now he had friends he could count on. Kukai, Tadase, Ikuto, Utau, and Nagashiko enjoyed hanging with him whenever he asked. He could character transform without thinking, and had three Charas. One was still sleeping. Gin and Padfoot bickered constantly.

"Could you keep it down? I'm trying to study!" yelled Yukito.


Yukito looked at the basket where the eggs laid. The third egg finally woke up.

"It's about time."

A male with tawny wolf ears and amber eyes looked at him. His outfit was interesting. He wore torn blue jeans and a red shirt. He had claws instead of nails, and a wolf's tail. He wore a cloak with a strange wolf-like creature on the clasp.

"My name is Moony."

"Let me guess. You have wolf-characteristics because you are a werewolf Chara."


Yukito tried twice and finally Character Transformed into Amber Wolf. He practiced like before and could now turn into any of his three Chara without thinking. Which came in handy when he turned eleven. Ikuto, Tadase and Utau were at the house when the owl arrived bearing the letter.

"What in the nine hells?"


"Yukito, what is this?"

Yukito was pale. He had almost forgotten his past.

"What wrong?" said Ikuto.

"I'm not going back. They can't make me!" Yukito actually growled like Moony when he was scolding Padfoot.

"Yuki calm down!" said Tadase.

That caught his attention. Tadase never called him Yuki unless he was really worried.

"What's going on?" said Utau.

"The people that left me on my relative's doorstep want to take me back. But I won't go. They can't make me..." Yukito was clearly trying to hold back tears.

That got their attention. Yukito never cried, not even when the Easter corporation stole Gin and Padfoot. He just barged in and took them back. So something was definitely wrong.

Tsukasa overheard them, and knew that this was what Gin had warned him about. They were coming.

A man wearing black jeans, and a dark green shirt walked to the door and rang the bell. He didn't know why he had to retrieve the Potter brat, but he wasn't happy. A blond man answered the door and let him in.

"He's not going back you know."

The man turned. What did he mean?

"Yukito doesn't want to leave. And there is no way you can make him go."

"I'm here for Potter. Not this Yukito."

"There is no Harry Potter here. Only Yukito Tsukasa."

"My name is Severus Snape."

"Louis Tsukasa."

"Dad, what..." started a boy with dark black hair. He took one look at Snape and his eyes widened.


Snape couldn't believe this was the boy he was sent to retrieve. The child had a ponytail with green streaks. He wore a set of silver key chains with three odd eggs...and he was threading a fourth.

"Yukito, this is Snape Severus."

"Hello. I'm heading out to meet Kukai at the field. See you later!"

The boy fled the room, and shut the door politely.

"Yukito was abandoned by his relatives when he was seven. I found and adopted him."

Snape was in shock. Petunia had dared to abandon Lily's child? He would have to talk to Albus about this matter. He spent the next few hours talking about Hogwarts, and his house. Tsukasa listened politely, and asked intelligent questions, to Snape's relief.

"I don't want to go."

"You are not forced to attend Hogwarts. If you don't want to go, you can always look for someone to apprentice to."

Yukito looked very relieved at that. He thanked him for the information, and was polite when Snape left.

Snape returned to the castle empty handed.

"How did it go Severus?" asked the headmaster.

"He decided to be apprenticed to a mage in Japan instead of coming. He doesn't want to return, and you shouldn't make him."

Albus seethed. He had to have the boy-who-lived under his thumb at all costs! Even if it meant that the boy would be broken.

The next morning, Yukito was about to head for school when he heard a crack. But he knew it wasn't his new egg, as the sound was wrong. He felt more than saw the flash of red as he rolled. He turned and saw a man with a peg leg, numerous scars and an electric blue eye.

He knew he would never be able to fight the man, so he did the next best thing.

"Chara Change, Silver Fox!"

Paws blurred as they ran to the nearest ally. Ikuto saw his friend being chased by the foreigner, and acted accordingly.

"Character Transform!"

Ikuto distracted the man long enough for Yukito to make it to the Guardians. They managed to make enough noise to bring the police. They arrested the man and took his stick. After telling the children they would take care of it, they left.

"What was that about?" asked Yaya.

"They tried to take me back by force. Remind me to thank Ikuto for distracting him."

Dumbledore couldn't understand how Moody failed to capture the boy. And be arrested by the muggle law enforcement no less! Time he took matters into his own hands.

Tsukasa opened the door to reveal...a man with no disconcerting fashion sense. He took one look at the wand in the man's hand, and said "Don't bother. Yukito is not going to your school."


Unknown to Dumbledore, a certain Chara got in the way of the spell, canceling it out.

"What the hell hit me?" said Padfoot. Tsukasa closed the door and called the police. Dumbledore attempted to find the boy, and when he was surrounded, he Apparated back to the school. There was only one way he could get the boy now.

A new owl appeared, with a letter. Ikuto, Tadase, Utau and Kukai watched in shock as Yukito touched it and was spirited away.

Yukito landed roughly on stone.

"What in the nine hells was that about?"

"Do you understand him Albus?" asked a woman with a strict hairstyle.

"He is merely expressing his displeasure of port-key."

"You bastard. I told you I didn't want to come back! Why can't you take no for an answer?" yelled Yukito.


"I don't want to be here! Send me back home!"

"I'm afraid that is not possible. The wards will not allow you to leave school grounds."

Yukito looked furious. Then it hit him. He remembered Tsukasa mentioning how Padfoot had canceled the spell. Maybe Wolf Moon would allow him to escape.

The strict woman lead him away, as she clearly saw the look of murder in his eyes. When he went into the library, he was left alone. He saw an open window, and climbed.

"Chara Change! Amber Wolf!"

Yukito left the castle, running on all fours into the forest. He paused for a moment, and noticed horse like creatures coming towards him.


Yukito stood up and let the change drop.

"Students are not allowed for a reason."

"Good thing I'm no student. Do you know a way out that doesn't lead to the castle?"

The horse-men looked at him oddly.

"You appear to be a student. So why do you wish to leave?"

"I was brought against my will. I refused to come, and instead of leaving me alone, the old man sends a letter that rips me from my home."

Snape came out to the forest to collect some potions ingredients before the children showed up. He was shocked to see Yukito, who had chosen apprenticeship instead of coming to Hogwarts.

"Yukito Tsukasa?"


"My name is Severus Snape."

"Sorry, it's just that the resemblance is uncanny to Gin. Can you help me get back?"

"The wards around the school are at full power. It would be impossible until the year ends."


"I can however, keep the old coot away from you."

"Can I get in touch with Ikuto and the others?"

"I'll take you to the Owlery. I seriously doubt that you have a fireplace at your house, so Floo isn't an option."

First year of Hogwarts was interesting. Yukito made a friend in Draco Malfoy after being sorted into Slytherin, despite Dumbledore's hints for Gryffindor. He also survived Voldemort's attempts to take a stone. He learned to avoid Ron Weasly, who seemed to have a fan-boy obsession with him due to his unusual scar. Hermione was interesting, but a bit too bookish. Finally, the year ended.

"Are you ready to leave?"

"I've been ready for months. I want to go home."

Dumbledore had tried to send him back to his aunt's, but after Yukito had nearly annihilated his office, he dropped the matter.

When Yukito stepped through the door, he was shocked. A large banner in gold, red, silver, green and amber said 'Welcome back Yukito-kun!'

"I see Yaya-chan went all out."

Tadase was grinning. Yukito looked past him to see a girl with pink hair, of all things!

"Meet the Joker, Amu Hinamori."

"Dozo Yoroshiku."

"Amu, this is Yukito Tsukasa."


"You aren't the same Hinamori Amu that was considered a 'cool and spicy' character by any chance?" asked Yukito grinning.

Her blush was all he needed.

"Let's get this party started!"