Like the summary says, these are drabbles that came to me while I wrote/while I am editing Behind the Scenes which didn't really fit into my storyline. Mostly an excuse for B/M fluff, with occasional guest appearances from the rest of the gang (mainly Artemis).They're not in any sort of chronological order, so you'll have to fit it all together.

Field Trip

They were standing in the National Gallery of Ireland, looking at Carravagio's The Taking of Christ. It was the first time she had been able to convince him to leave his cottage for longer than it took to get groceries. It would be the first of two trips in the three years he lived in Duncade, though she didn't know it at the time. Because, what if Artemis came back and found Butler missing?

"Artemis told me that there is always time for art," Minerva commented conversationally, her head tilted to the left, "and, though I can appreciate the aesthetic qualities of these pieces and the talent involved, I don't ... well ..."

"Find yourself moved to tears?" Butler offered.


"I know the feeling." Butler squinted at the canvas.

Minerva looked up at the man beside her, fighting back a smile. "Does this make us bad people, do you believe, Butler?"

Glancing down, he nodded gravely. "I'm afraid so, Minerva. The deepest circle of Hell is reserved for murderers, traitors and art-unappreciators."

"Well, at least the company will be good," she quipped. Then she paused. "Is 'unappreciator' an actual English word?"

"... No," Butler shook his head.

"I thought not. It's hard to tell with the English language though, some of your words are so ... awkward."

Butler frowned, unsure whether or not to be insulted. "I'm sorry?" he offered at length.

Chuckling, Minerva hooked an arm through one of his. "I forgive you. However, mon cher Butler, it is nearly closing time and we need to decide what to do with ourselves. And me, myself, I am wondering if you would like to go to see an awful American film and tell me just how improbable all the action sequences are?"

"I would be delighted," Butler told her, tucking her elbow to his side and matching her impish smile with a grin of his own.