love so deep.


forever and a half.


He admitted that when he first saw her, he didn't think much of her. Only that she was a boy with a girlish figure and girlish aspects. She had no leg muscles (that he could feel), nor a well-built chest (as he knew, since he felt it with his own hands), so he classified her as a wimp.

After seeing her persistence at the marathon, even with her bleeding foot, he knew that she was something. He'd taken care of her throughout the year, slowly falling in love without even knowing it.

He often had fantasies about her, wearing clothes meant for girls or going on dates with him, picking flowers and cooking.

But he shook those away. He was a man, and she was, too, and Nakatsu knew for certain that he was not homosexual.

To make him feel better, he pretended that Mizuki was a girl, since she looked so androgynous. The illusion satisfied him for some time, but soon, he was unhappy again.


He was sure that he was in love with her when he felt jealous, seeing how she'd always ditched him for Sano, with one reason or another. Sure, the first couple times were okay, but when he realized that she liked him, Sano became his new enemy.

"I'll fight you for him," he said, winking at Sano before closing the door.

But honestly, he knew that Sano wouldn't give up a fight for her either.


Ashiya Mizuki was a boy. He couldn't deny that fact. He was a boy that looked like a girl. And he was in love with that boy.

He didn't care about the stereotypes anymore. He didn't care about the rumors that would circulate, or the harassment he would receive, or anything else. He was in love with a boy, and that was that. Nakatsu wouldn't deny his sexuality any longer.

He was going in to tell Mizuki how much he cared for her, how much their friendship meant but how he couldn't get this off his chest.

He loved her.

He knew that she was in the shower, but he couldn't wait any longer. Using the key to unlock the door, he reached in and felt around for her shoulder to pat.

Instead, he saw a woman's body.

And he nearly screamed.

She wasn't a man. She was a woman.

Ashiya Mizuki was a woman.

He was so relieved, he could have won the World Cup then and there. He felt so good about himself, and was about to tell her…

Until she noticed him.

They locked eyes.

And they both screamed.


"I love you."

He knew that he loved her, even before he knew that she was a girl. He didn't care about his sexuality anymore. If a man has feelings, let him share them, he thought. The doctor did, so why shouldn't he?

Mizuki stared at him, wide-eyed, and didn't say anything. Nor did she move. She just stood there, shocked as could be.

He pulled her into his arms and stood there, holding her tight. "Don't say anything," he said. "Just let me hold you."

She agreed silently, wrapping her own arms around his waist.


He was in love with a girl that pretended to be a boy in order to solve her mistake she made a while ago.

He fell in love with a girl pretending to be a boy that made him question his own sexuality.

He knew that he loved this girl so much, even as a boy, that he even denied his own feelings and perhaps, even his life to change the way of his libido so he wouldn't have to hide from the truth.

He loved her so much that he would honestly have turned gay for her. He didn't like her. His love was so deep that he reckoned he would do anything for her.

After all, she was his everything.

This is based on the Hana Kimi drama, since I haven't read the manga. Why can't the nice guys ever get the girl? I.E, Shin Woo from You're Beautiful, and Shuichi Nakatsu from Hana Kimi.

Not to say I don't like the main pairings, because I do. It's just so upsetting that the good guys never get what they want!

I love Sano/Mizuki, too, btw. =D