Everyone Needs a Hero

Chapter: 1

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Summary: During the War Duo comes across an abused Harry (age about 5) who hides him from OZ/Alliance. Seeing the abuse Duo takes Harry away with him. Harry gets shunted about between the Pilots during the rest of the War. After the War, Harry stays with Duo and becomes the Pilots' collective little brother. He doesn't want to go to Hogwarts when the letter comes. Dumbledore won't take no for an answer.

Chapter One: A Mission and A Little Boy

Duo sighed, staring up at the artificial sky of the colony he loved so deeply. L2 was his home, the place he'd grown up in. Sure it wasn't the richest of the colonies and had its fair share of problems but, as far as Duo was concerned, it was the best place in the universe to be. He was going to miss it when he left tomorrow.

A crackling noise issued from the watch on his wrist and Duo sat up with a sigh. He pressed the communication device and was instantly greeted by Doctor G's annoyed voice.

"Where are you? Get back to base now! We still have preparations to finish before launching Operation Meteor!"

"Yeah, yeah, shut up already, you old fool." Duo stood and brushed his clothes off. "I'm coming." He cut off communications with a grumble. "Can't I even have a second to myself to say goodbye? There's no telling when I'll see this place again… if I'll see it again."

Duo candidly made his way down the street, shoving his hands into his deep pockets as he went. This time tomorrow he would be on Earth, taking on OZ and all its corrupt people. Even though he had been training for this for a long time, it still blew his mind to think that he was about to join the war.

A shout suddenly rang out in the night and Duo paused, titling his head. That had sounded like a child screaming. But it was nearly two in the morning and the streets were bare of people. Deciding to check things out, Duo made his way in the direction the scream had come from. He heard shouting down an alley and the distinct sound of skin hitting skin. Cautiously, Duo pulled his gun out and peered around the alley entrance.

A very large man was standing slightly hunched over with his back to Duo. He was wearing a tailored jacket that had been hastily thrown on over night clothes. His black loafers were untied and stood out against his pajamas. Duo frowned in confusion, wondering why a man with obvious money was hunched over in an alley in the middle of the night looking as though he'd just woken up.

A small whimper met Duo's ear and the braided teen was sure it wasn't from the large man. He watched as the man lifted his arm and Duo received his first glimpse of a small child. The little boy had his eyes closed tightly and was braced for the slap the fat man delivered harshly. The child was knocked off his feet and Duo had seen enough. He came around the corner, lifting his gun as he did.

"You ungrateful brat! You dare run away from me—?"

"With an ugly face like that, can't really blame him." The fat man whipped around, his face purple with fury. He froze as he came face to face with the barrel of Duo's gun. "People who beat up on little kids really piss me off, you know?"

"Th—this has nothing to do with you. L—leave at once!"

Duo raised an eyebrow. "I'm the one with the gun, dude."

"This is family business! You have no right to get involved!"

"Family, eh?"

Duo glanced at the little kid who had scrambled to his feet. The child was clutching a backpack firmly in his hands and staring at Duo with wide eyes as green as any fake tree L2 had to offer. A red mark decorated his cheek from where he'd been slapped and his clothes were far too big. The sleeve of his shirt slipped down his right shoulder to reveal skin and Duo could just see a bruise coloring his back.

"Don't look like much of a family to me."

"Now see here, you worthless—"

The cocking of the gun had the man spluttering in fear and stumbling backwards while raising his hands defensively. Duo ignored him and looked to the child.

"He your family?" he asked.

The little boy glanced at the fat man. "My Uncle."

"You like him?"

"Not really…"

"Is that why you're running away?"

The little boy started in surprise. "How did you know?"

Duo grinned. "You kidding? A bag that big and wearing all those extra clothes? You're totally running away."

The boy lowered his head. "I was trying, sir. But I got caught."

"Bummer, little man." Duo glanced at the boy's uncle, making sure he was still scared shitless, before kneeling down. "Come here, kid."

"No thank you, sir."

Duo blinked. "Why not?"

The little boy stared at him as if he were crazy. "You have a gun."

Duo glanced at his weapon. He had forgotten he was holding it. Having a gun in his hand had become second nature after coming to live with Doctor G.

"Don't worry. It's only for him, not you. I ain't gonna hurt ya, promise."

The boy hesitated a moment longer before slowly walking towards Duo. He stopped as soon as he was arms distance away. He stared up at Duo patiently.

Duo smiled. "Where you from, kid?"

"We came from Earth. We're on vacation right now."

"Oh yeah? So you just figured it would be the best time to run away? In a place where no one would recognize you?"

The boy just stared at him, titling his head slightly.

"Or you just got fed up and decided it was time to leave."

He lowered his head again, clutching his bag tightly.

"Got ya." Duo grinned. "Hey, you want to go on an adventure?"

"An adventure?'

"That's right." Duo stepped forward and scooped the little boy into his arms. The child grabbed his neck out of instinct. "I'll take you somewhere better."

"Now see here! That is my nephew and you will not be taking him anywhere!"

Duo stared at the man, not impressed. "See ya later, fucker." He turned to leave, stowing his gun into his pants. The man shook with rage and grabbed a rusted pipe that was lying on the ground near his foot. Now that the gun was out of sight, his courage had returned. He raised the weapon up high and charged at the two with a loud yell. His large size made him slow and Duo didn't even have to hurry to draw his weapon and point.

Duo covered the child's eyes and pressed his head close to his chest before pulling the trigger. The gunshot was loud and echoed all around them, nearly drowning out the little boy's frightened scream. Duo turned away from the bloody scene he had created dispassionately. When the boy tried to lift his head, Duo pressed down firmly, making sure he couldn't see anything as they left the alley.

Duo didn't let the boy up until they were a good three blocks away. When he did, the child looked around curiously. He showed no fear, as Duo had expected.

"What's your name, kid?"


Duo scowled. "What's your real name?"

"Harry Potter."

"Well Harry, I'm Duo Maxwell. I might run and hide, but I never tell a lie. Yep, that's me in a nutshell."

Harry stared up at him. "Did you kill my Uncle, sir?"

Duo wasn't sure if he had killed man. He hadn't really been aiming at anything vital but there was good chance the fat man would bleed to death before someone found him. However there was no chance in hell he was telling this kid that. "Stop calling me sir. It's just Duo."

"So did you kill him, Duo?"

"Don't worry about whether he died or not. You wanted to run away, right? Well now's your chance."

"I thought you were taking me on an adventure?"

Duo laughed. "Okay, if you still want to go, I'll take ya."


"To Earth. I'm leaving in the morning."

Harry scowled. "I've already been there. I wanted to stay here."

"The streets of L2 are no place for a kid." Duo's voice was tinged with bitterness that Harry could not understand. "I ain't leaving you here."

"Where on Earth are we going?"

Duo grinned and pressed a finger to Harry's nose, laughing when the boy scowled. "That's a se-cr-et."

They arrived outside the hanger where the shuttle holding the Deathscythe was waiting. Duo paused and stared at the seemingly innocent metal walls surrounding one of the most dangerous mobile suits to ever be created. His mobile suit. With this weapon Duo would truly live up to his Shinigami name.

"What are you looking at, Duo?"

Duo shook his head and smiled down at the little boy in his arms. What the hell had he been thinking, picking up a kid like this? He hadn't been, to be honest. All he had seen was a little boy being abused and his natural instincts had kicked in. There was no way he could take this kid with him to Earth. Duo was a soldier, a soon-to-be terrorist; that was no place for a little kid.

But on the other hand, he had promised to take the kid with him. He couldn't back out now, that would make him a liar and if there was one thing Duo refused to ever be, it was a liar. He would take Harry to Earth like he promised and find him a nice place to live. A good orphanage with kind people, like the one he had been put in.

"This is where we're gonna stay for the night. We'll start our adventure in the morning."

Harry grinned at him. "Really?"

"You bet. But I need you to stay out of sight and real quite until then, okay? Can you do that for me?"

Harry nodded vigorously. "Staying out of the way is my specialty, sir."

Duo sighed. "I'll bet…"

Duo had let Harry use his bed that night and did an excellent job of hiding him from Doctor G. He had managed to get his hands on a space suit that would fit a little boy, courtesy of the local space port. Doctor G was gone before morning and so Duo didn't have to worry about hiding Harry as he got him dressed in the suit. The shuttle was built for only one person but Duo was confident that Harry was small enough to fit behind the pilot seat without a problem.

After feeding the little boy, who was too excited about their upcoming "adventure" to eat much, Duo tucked the child behind the pilot's chair. He managed to find a couple pillows so that Harry would be more comfortable before climbing into the pilot seat. As soon as he began the take-off procedures, everything else seemed to fade away. All that mattered now was the mission.


Duo grunted at the tiny voice behind him.

"I'm scared." Harry whispered.

"…Don't be. I'm right here."

Well, the mission, and the cute little kid he had picked up along the way.

A/N: I figured that I would add that tiny part of Duo thinking about finding Harry a place to stay when they got to Earth to make him appear… um, semi-responsible. Of course, we all know Duo won't do that. I mean really, how could he possibly get rid of something as cute as chibi-Harry?

And also, I wasn't sure what age Harry should be, so I just called him a "little boy."

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