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Both Ways

"You can't go!"
"But... I think I have to."
"Dean, please. I thought this was over."
"So did I... but apparently it isn't. My brother needs me."
"What about your... well, what about Ben?" Lisa was tempted to call Ben his son although he wasn't.

Over the last year he had lived with Lisa and Ben, he tried to be normal... he even sold his baby – the Impala. Yes, it was hard but wasn't it harder to lose his brother once and for all? He didn't expect Sam to come back from the death. This was his last sacrifice and Dean knew he couldn't interfere.
He wanted to just... fulfill his brother's last will, and if this was being normal, living an apple pie life with a kind-of-son and a maybe-to-be-spouse, then this was what he was going to do.
But now everything changed. Sam was back and he needed his big brother's help.
He sure has grown up. He grew older – and definitely colder! Dean instead had softened up a little and it was strange for him to see his Sasquatch little brother cold as stone.

"Ben... Liz, you know I love you two but apparently it's not over yet and that means you're still in danger! I have to go back."
"And leave us alone?"
"It would be safer..."
"And it would also be damn stupid."

"Dean, please don't go!" Ben said, coming out of his room.

Dean shook his head. It was hard to say goodbye – again.

"Then you will have to take my with you!" Ben insisted.
"No!" was Lisa and Dean's response.
"It's your choice, Dean. I'm only saying one thing: Love us or leave us... you can't have it both!"

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