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"All right." Number five told the operatives gathered before her. "Your mission is simple. You've got to get Number's Eleventy-nine and 363 from Father's clutches. You've also got to make sure that they didn't give father any secret information."

She was standing in front of four operatives. One was a girl, with brown hair and green eyes. She was the leader of sector K, and had been chosen along with her second-in-command, a boy with brown hair that was tinted black and green eyes. Mickey and Ben- Numbers 222 and 221 respectively. The other two included Sonya and Lee. They were standing together, watching the others.

"And since this mission is about security as well as kidnapping, Number five assigned agent Spade to work with you."

From behind Number five a short girl appeared. Her hair was boy cut black. She nodded silently.

"Sounds easy enough." Number 222 said, glancing at Ben. "You got that, Benji?"

The boy next to her frowned. "Of course I got it! Why wouldn't I listen to Supreme commander?"

"Well, you do have a habit of zoning out."

Number five frowned to herself. Why was it that the operatives that worked best together always fought with each other when they weren't fighting adults?

Spade stepped next to Sonya, waiting for further instruction from Number five. Sonya blinked, and gave her a smile.

"Nice to meet you, uhm, Spade! You're from that group of operatives… D.E.C.K., right?

Spade nodded.

"I'm from a regular team…." She said. "Is it hard to get into the D.E.C.K.?"

Spade nodded again.

Sonya got the hint that Spade didn't want to talk, and turned back towards Lee, shrugging her shoulders. She glanced back over at Mickey and Ben, who seemed to be teasing each other. Sonya smiled at Lee, then turned to Number five.

"So, are we heading out yet, Supreme commander?"

"Yeah, Number five thinks you're all brie-"

Suddenly, there was a crash in the distance. Two boys had tripped over each other. One was immediately recognizable as Tommy Gilligan, the sibling of Hoagie Gillian, who was currently not an operative anymore. The other boy who tripped could not be identified, seeing how he had his hood drawn up the entire way.

"Nice of you to join us." Number five said.

"Tommy, you're on the squad, too?" Sonya asked. Tommy shook his head.

"No! I came here to get Lee! He promised me he'd play games with me all day!"

"What? But Lee… wait, you're not on this mission either?"

Lee swung his yo-yo. "I like listening to briefings." Sonya's mouth was agape. "So… I don't know ANYONE else on the mission?" She sniffled.

Mickey glanced at Sonya. "Don't worry. We'll help you out just fine." Sonya sighed, and nodded. She glanced at Spade. Spade had no intention of talking. In fact, her gaze was transfixed to the wall.

The boy with the hoodie stood up and walked back over to the group. He folded his arms over his chest. On the cuff of his sweatshirt was a very large watch. It looked heavy. He lifted a hand and pressed his thumb to the hood, revealing a extremely freckled, brown eyed face.

"I'm Number 56. I'm also on this mission."

"Great. Can we go now?" Ben asked.

"I bet I'll kick more of Fathers' butt than you will." Mickey said.

"Pssssh. Yeah right."

"Guys, y'all can head out now." Abby said. "The leader of this mission will be Number 222. Any protests?"

No one seemed bothered by the placement of a leader. Mickey nodded her consent, and lead the way to a pod. The four others going on the mission- Spade, Ben, Number 56, and Sonya- followed her.




"My name is Harvey."


"Can you stop it with the dumb names?" Harvey glared at his companion. He and Angie were sitting cross legged on the basement floor. The door was directly above them. Father was still stationed outside of it.

"But I'm bored!" Angie whined. "You'd think he could've left a board game or something! What I wouldn't do to play the game of life now! Augh!"

"Stop complaining. If you hadn't made a ruckus, my plan might've worked and we'd be out of here!"

Angie pouted and folded her arms.

"Jeez! Stop making me feel guilty!"

"Well you should! It's your fault the plan was foiled!"

Angie glanced at the window. "Think that the moonbase knows we're missing?"

Harvey could see the moon from his position on the floor. He shrugged. "Probably. If Father's after information, they'll probably send officers to get us. Maybe someone from the D.E.C.K."

Angie gasped.

"WOW! I've never met one of them before! Harvey, let's wave a white flag outside the window! C'MONNNN"

"Angie, we can't even open the cruddy thing! And- NO! Do NOT hold my hand! GUAH! ANGIE, DON'T TOUCH ME!"

Father grumbled outside the door. "STOP YELLING!"

He noticed an ice cream man walking by. He grabbed the man.

"What am I going to do if more operatives come? Guah, YOU! Arrange your men for a defense! NOWWW!"

"Y-Yes, sir!"

The man, who was scared of Father's flames, fled. Father sat back down, and with a farting noise, his flames extinguished.


"No! I want to open this window- FATHER! This window is all WRONG! I can't open it!"

"THAT'S THE POINT, BRAT!" Father roared. He whirled around as his flames rose back up. The door burst into flames. When it burnt completely, he saw that Angie was standing on a squirming Harvey's shoulders, trying to open the window.

"You're wearing a skirt! GET DOWN!" Harvey, who was growing red in the face, yelled. Angie blinked.

"I've got shorts under."

Harvey froze, and looked up. Sure enough, a pair of navy blue shorts were on under her skirt. Angie stopped, too, and glanced down.

"Hey! Where are you looking?"

"Eh? Since when did you wear shorts?"

"Since forever ago. Anywa-"

"YOU. TWO. BRATS!" Father, who hadn't gotten a wink of sleep all night, stormed over to them. Angie blinked. His flames were hot!

Harvey dropped Angie, and Angie squeaked. "Ouch! Harvey, why'd yo-"

"I am SICK of your flirting in here! STOP ARGUING! Just shut up! GooooooooOOOoooosh! I should have duct taped you two!"

"We aren't flirting." Harvey snapped. "besides, it's-"

Harvey's eyes widened as he saw Angie slip around Father and walk up the stars, exiting the basement. Is she planning to leave me here? He thought. Father reached into what appeared to be a pocket in his silhouette, and held duct tape. Harvey's eyes widened.

"No do-"

"DON'T YOU TOUCH HIM!" Angie snapped, returning in the doorway. More significantly, she held in her hands a fire extinguisher. Father gasped.

"How did sh-"

He was hit with white foam so powerfully that he slammed into the basement wall. Angie didn't let up. Harvey blinked.

"Angie, his fire's out now."

"Ahahaha, but there's still so much foam in this thing!"

"Save it! He'll get up. Now run!" Harvey scrambled to meet her at the doorway.

The two ran through the halls. They didn't find any enemies. None at all. It was unnerving. Harvey slowed down, but Angie kept running.

"Angie!" he snapped. She didn't listen. Harvey grabbed her hand and dragged her to stand next to him, then dropped her hand as if it was on fire. Angie blinked.


"It's too quiet! I mean, besides Father, we haven't seen anyone. That's suspicious!"

"What? All that means is it's an easy exit!"

"How are you still alive? Jeez, it's obviously an ambush."

"What? They planned for us to escape?"

"Well- I dunno- we weren't exactly quiet. They coulda heard."

They fell silent again. Angie, now skeptical, looked around. "I wonder where they stored my bombs…"

"They probably destroyed them. I mean, the residue is still around. They don't want a repeat of cheesecake mansion."

"That sounds like a really bad movie."

"You're a really bad movie." Harvey snapped. Angie was just about to retaliate, when they heard a series of bangs. It seemed to come from the main entrance of the mansion. And the bangs were getting louder- closer- every second.

Harvey and Angie looked at each other for three seconds.

Then they ran as if their lives depended on it, away from the bangs. Soon, they came up to a dead end. The bangs were still getting louder. Angie squealed.

"What are we gonna do? I'm too young to die, TOO YOUNG!"

"Shut up! Be quiet and maybe whatever it is won't hear us!"

"I've never even kissed any-"

"Yes you have! You've kissed me like three times, you gross girl."



The bangs stopped for a minute. The silence that followed was deafening. After awhile, five figures appeared.

Immediately, Harvey recognized Sophie. "Sophie-" He said. Behind Sophie was a girl Angie's height. It was Spade. She glanced at the two kids before her. On her left was numbers 222 and were currently finishing off a hord of ice cream men, and were plainly winning. Number 56 waved, his hood on. From his watch, a giant gumball machine was aimed and pointing at the enemies, who were fleeing.

"Hello. We're here to help you." He said.

"You took a long time to track down, that's for sure!" Number 222 said. "We practically ran around this whole cruddy mansion looking!"

"Sorry! We thought you were going to kill us!" Angie bounced towards them. "Hi! I'm Angie!"

"We know, Number Eleventy-nine." Number 222, Mickey said. "Anyway, did you let anyone get the information?"

"Nope~! We were closed books! Right, Harvey?"

Harvey was quiet. "Well, we didn't tell them anything."

The rest of the team seemed satisfied. Spade, however, did not. She raised her head and gave Harvey a questioning look. Harvey shrunk back a bit. "Yeah… Father… he might've found out about Rachel and Nigel. That's it!"

"Well he'd figure it out eventually." Angie said. Spade didn't look convinced, but she instead turned to Sonya and the others.

Harvey followed everyone.

"So, did you take out th-"

The seven kids were suddenly face-to-face with Father, surrounded by what appareled to be an army of Ice Cream men. He looked badly beaten up and furious. Angie secured the fire extinguisher she'd brought.

"You brats aren't going anywhere-"

"Kids next door, battle stations!" Mickey said, drowning out father. Mickey stood in the middle, holding a S.P.A.N.K.E.R. Beside her, Ben whipped out a weapon for himself to use- a mustard gun. Number 56 pressed a button on his watch and the gumball machine grew bigger. Spade pulled out a B.L.A.Z.E.R. her own, and narrowed her eyes at the enemies. Sonya pulled out what Angie recognized as the newly available cheesecake bombs.

Angie and Harvey, lacking in the weapons department, struck karate poses. Had they not done that, the others would have looked rather cool.

And then, they charged through the enemies.


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