The conclusion. Sigh. Thank you all for coming along on the journey of these two stubborn yet magnificent characters. Some fun facts that I'm sure you don't care about but I'm going to tell you anyway. This was originally entitled "Just the way you are" but I changed it to "Be Alright" which is a song by Vienne because I felt it fit the story more. You should youtube it. It was also originally written in 3rd person past tense, I'm glad I re-wrote it to Rachel's POV. There's going to be another Author's note at the bottom, hope you enjoy!

"Look I know that Quinn made it very clear that you guys don't need to come with us today but I think you should. She could use the support, and well…I'm frightened of her father"

"Don't worry Berry, we were going to go anyway. Quinn's stubborn but I know that she can use us there. If anything we can help pack up her room so it doesn't take as long"

I smile at Santana to let her know that I appreciate all that she does for Quinn.

"What time are you guys going anyway?" Brittany asks

"After Glee, Quinn said that her Dad normally comes home around 5, it will give us time to pack and then confront them." I release a breath.

I'm more than relieved that Quinn will be getting out of such a cold and hostile environment but I'm scared and anxious to actually go through with the process. Quinn was up getting something to eat as I sat at the table with Santana and Brittany, it was only after I swore to her that I would be fine in their company and Santana convinced her that nothing would happen to me while she was gone did she finally leave for a few minutes. I miss her already.

"Text us when you get there and we'll come over to help get her stuff. I'm just happy that she's finally leaving" Santana replies after taking a sip from her water bottle.

"I'm afraid she's going to change her mind once we get there" I tell them, it's honestly been on my mind since I've gotten to school.

This morning after waking up with Quinn's arms around me I tried to relish in the feeling, I knew that it was the calm before the storm. Once people found out about us, I surely thought that it would put a strain on what we were, and once her parents found out I was convinced that we would never see each other again. She stirred awake a few minutes later, further confirming my theory that she also has a sixth sense, and gave me a kiss once she saw that I was awake as well. I gave her a bright smile, I was also afraid that she would freak out upon waking and finding us in that close of proximity.

"How did you sleep?" she asked, her voice raspy with tiredness.

"Great, you?"


She leaned towards me once again and gave me another kiss. I had to pull away before we lost our self control, I was already slowly spiraling out of it. We both showered at the same time, her in the guest room bathroom and myself in my own, before we went downstairs to great my fathers. We rode to school together, stopping to get her car from the parking lot from the previous night before, and parked next to each other once we arrived. We didn't walk hand in hand or anything too outlandish but we didn't bother hiding our smiles or worry about stealing glances. It was the first time in the history of my education career that I didn't pay attention in any of my classes however; I was far too occupied with texting Quinn non-stop.

"She won't change her mind, she hates it there and she's been sleeping in a car for half the week to avoid it, if she was going to go back she would have done it already. I don't know what would possess her to look forward to moving in with you but it's all she's been talking about"

I find myself incredibly giddy that she's equally as ecstatic as I am.

"What if her mom kicks out her dad and begs her to stay"

Santana frowns, her brows furrowing during her thought process, "She still won't move in right away, she wants to build up their relationship again, not just right back into a bad one"

Everything that Santana is telling me makes perfect sense, I really have no reason to worry but it doesn't stop me from doing it all the same.

"Did I miss anything good?" Quinn asks as she slides her tray onto the table.

She sits next to me and looks at the three of us with questioning eyes.

"Berry wouldn't shut up about paint swatches and glitter, thank god you're back" Santana rolls her eyes.

Quinn beams at me and I see Santana wink before I turn to her.

I shrug, "I was just thinking of the perfect color to match your beautiful eyes"

Quinn blushes and begins to lean in, I squeeze her leg to remind her where we are and she backs up a bit.

"You're both disgusting" the Latina says from across the table.

"I think they're cute" Brittany adds

"I got you an apple" she says picking up the green apple and handing it to me bashfully.

"Thank you"

"What's up with everyone giving you apples, Berry?" Santana asks

I laugh, "I have no idea"

Quinn looks up curiously, "What do you mean?"

"Karofsky gave her an apple as an apology"

I watch Quinn's eyes as they transform to match whatever she's feeling. She's mad, maybe a little jealous, and definitely protective.

She starts to stand up until I put my hand on her shoulder; she sinks back into her chair.

"You sit down" I tell her playfully, "I didn't accept it, I don't like red apples"

I stare into her eyes, I know she's still semi-serious about going to find David to give him a piece of her mind but she's rooted here with me, and I'm making sure she understands this. Her muscles relax finally and she transforms back into the vulnerable girl that was holding me earlier this morning.

"I do! It was good" Brittany chimes in.

Quinn finally cracks a smile and turns to continue eating her food.

"Amazing" Santana mumbles under her breath.

Both Quinn and I look up to watch the Latina looking back and forth between us.

"What?" Quinn asks first

"I've seen that look in Q before, she wanted blood. All you did was touch her and she completely deflated."

I snap my head towards Quinn, I noticed that she calmed down but I didn't give much thought to the fact that I was the one that made her do it. Quinn is ducking her head trying to avoid my gaze.

"You're so completely whipped it isn't even funny" Santana chuckles, "Berry, how good in bed are you?" she asks me.

This time I duck my head. We haven't even made it passed kissing and cuddling. Quinn lunges at the girl from across the table and I have to yet again pull her back, I don't even realize that I'm doing it. Once again she relaxes as I whisper to her that it was okay.

Santana is chuckling again, "I can't believe we actually found Quinn Fabray's weakness"

I keep my hand gripped firmly on her forearm as I can feel her blood beginning to boil again, I know that Santana is just messing with her; it's just a part of their relationship.

"Lopez, you will not use this against her. Do you understand me? It will not be brought up again" I tell the girl pointedly.

She looks shocked that I've spoken these words and to her none the less, I don't have time to react to the words that just came out of my mouth.

"Fine" she replies through her teeth.

I feel Quinn laughing beside me and even Brittany looks to be hiding her giggles.

"I'm the whipped one?" Quinn asks with a smirk.

"And you" I turn to look at Quinn, her expression is that of a guilty seven year old caught teasing their younger sibling, "Don't you antagonize" I point to her.

I can see Santana sticking her tongue out at Quinn, I know that she wants to tell on her and I wonder how the table turned into a Kindergarten class.

"I bet Berry will make a good top" Brittany whispers rather loudly to Santana.

The entire table starts to laugh and I can't help but have a laugh at my own expense, and I wouldn't dare try to reprimand Brittany. Quinn leans her head on my shoulder as her laughter dies down and sighs contently.

Santana rolls her eyes as I take a healthy bite of my apple, making sure I give her the biggest grin I can possibly muster.

"You're just jealous"

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I ask, I've lost count of how many times I've asked this.

"Rachel, that is the 9th time you've asked me this since school ended" she clearly has a better memory recall, "Nothing is going to change my mind, I promise"

I smile as she takes our intertwined fingers and gives me a kiss on the back of my hand, we've been sitting in my car for nearly three minutes.

"I'm the one that wants to get out of the car and get this over with, do you want to stay here?" she asks.

Obviously she notices my apprehension, as the hours wounded down to this moment I felt more and more claustrophobic. It wasn't that I didn't want her to move in with me, I was just scared of her feeling rejection once more from the people that were supposed to love and protect her.

I finally swallow my hesitation and we get out of my car, we mutually decided that it would be best to drive my car, should they try to take Quinn's car away. Out of sight out of mind was the reasoning I gave her, once they saw her car they would realize that they were paying for it. She takes my hand as we walk up the pathway and she opens the large door leading to the foyer. I'm hit with the same feeling of coldness that I was hit with the day prior when I was here by myself. She squeezes my hand a little tighter and I give her a grateful smile.

"We'll be out of here soon" she whispers before she leads me to the staircase.

I close my eyes in order to hide the tears that are stinging my sockets; I don't want her to see how emotional I am right now. I know she needs me to be strong, and I don't want her to realize how weak I really am. Her words are so final, she doesn't even seem affected that she's about to leave her childhood home, and it's for the second time in less than a year. The only difference is that she wants to leave, which is the only reason I can come up with as to why she's okay with all of it.

She opens her bedroom door and I was right in my original analysis of her home, her room is the warmest part of this place. There's at least some trace of emotional attachment in her bedroom.

She drops my hand and walks over to her closet, pulling out a few duffel bags.

"I want to take anything and everything that you want" I tell her as I begin to walk around her room, "Anything that makes you feel at home"

She gives me a laugh as she walks out of the closet, "Barely anything in this room makes me feel at home. But okay, why don't you grab some picture frames, and definitely the books, all of them" she tells me

I nod and begin to gather up the black frames carefully before moving towards her bookshelf. Almost all of the books are tethered and worn, I wonder how many times she's resorted to these books to escape to an alternate reality. My heart aches once again and I bite down the urge to cry, telling myself that it can wait until I'm alone in the shower later.

There's a knock on the door before it swings open, my heart drops and by Quinn's reaction hers does as well.

"Alright bitches, where do you need us?" Santana asks as she walks into the room.

My hand clutches my chest as I regain my breathing. Quinn is relieved before she realizes what they're here for.

"What are you doing here? I told you I didn't want you here"

Santana rolls her eyes, getting reading to state her case.

"Quinn, I asked them to come"

She looks towards me, she feels betrayed and I know that I've hurt her by going behind her back.

"I know you told them not to but I figured that the more help we have, the faster we could leave" I stand and walk around the bed to where she's standing.

I take a hold of both of her hands, hoping that I can once again get her to calm down with my touch.

"We're just here to help you pack the car, we can leave right after if you want" Santana says softly from behind me.

Quinn gently pulls her hands from my grasp, she runs them through her blonde waves before running them over her face.

She nods to Santana and both Cheerios walk into her closet to grab the clothes that they want her to take with her.

Quinn takes a hold of my hands again, "Thank you" she whispers before giving me a kiss on my forehead.

I give her a small smile, "You're not mad at me?" I ask.

"Of course not"

She hugs me and we stay like this for a few long seconds until Santana's voice filters into the room from the closet.

"I'm burning this god-awful dress"

She grunts and releases me before she goes into the closet to tear the article of clothing away from her friend. I resume my task of packing up her books and whatever other decorations that I feel will go with the color scheme of her new bedroom. I'm tempted to take down the shelving but I neglected to bring my tool kit. I grab a few of her stuffed animals that I feel she would appreciate and even take the liberty to pack up her DVD collection; we could always use more movies. I start to smile when I think about the movie nights that we can have together and I realize that this is really happening, I smile wider. I move over to her desk and begin to pack up her laptop and anything that she would probably need to complete her homework assignments.

"How are you doing over here?" Quinn asks as she sneaks up behind me, "We're just about done" she tells me.

I gulp, it's about to happen.

"I'm just about done too, anything else you need?"

She smiles, "Just you"

Santana looks comical with three large duffel bags around her shoulders, "I'm bringing these down to the car" she announces before she makes her way down the stairs.

Brittany grabs the two bags I have of Quinn's accessories and follows Santana out of the door.

We study the room around us; it seems way emptier than it did twenty minutes ago.


I turn back to Quinn to see her looking at me, adoration all over her face.

"Hi" I whisper back.

She grabs my hand, "I want you to know, whatever happens next, I'm going home with you"

I inhale and close my eyes, when I open them I know she can see the tears that are once again accumulating.

"You're my girlfriend, and I'm going to do everything I can to protect you" she tells me, "And promise me, no matter what they say, please don't doubt that."

I'm so overwhelmed with emotions that I can't stop the tears from sliding down my cheeks, I can tell she's fighting back her own. She pulls me into her and a sob escapes my throat, I pull her closer to me.

"Sweetheart please don't cry, you're too beautiful to be upset" she rubs her palm over the back of my head.

"I'm not upset" I say into her chest. She pulls away to study my face, "These are happy tears I swear" I tell her and even try to laugh, it comes out pathetic.

She gives me a small smile, "You're adorable", she kisses my forehead.

"I'm your girlfriend" I look up to her

"You're my girlfriend" she replies smiling.

"And you're my girlfriend" I meant to ask, but it came out as a statement.

She nods. She understood.

"And I'm your girlfriend"

I give her the most passionate kiss I can gather, and she returns it easily. When we pull away it looks like she's started to cry, I quickly realize that it's only my tears that have transferred to her cheeks. She brings a hand up and wipes her eyes, maybe not.

"I'm sorry, I didn't want to do this here of all places, but I figured I'd have at least one happy memory in this room to take with me" she gestures around.

"It was perfect" I tell her

She hugs me and we stay like this for a while, it's only when a booming voice rings through the foyer and up the stairs that we both feel the weight of reality crash down on us. Quinn tenses almost immediately and I only strengthen my hold on her, it's time for me to be the strong girlfriend that she needs right now. Those words run through my head and I have all the strength I need to do this.

She's rooted in place and I physically have to nudge her in order to get her to move, she walks down the stairs in front of me stone faced and expressionless.

"You'll be home soon" I whisper from behind her before we reach the bottom of the stairs.

Quinn takes my hand in hers as we reach the landing and pulls me down the hallway to where her father is taking off his coat.

"Quinn, are you going away for the weekend?" the man asks before turning around.

He's surprised to see someone else with her, his confused expression gets even worse when his eyes trail down to our intertwined hands.

"Not just for the weekend" she states.

Heels clack against the floor and soon Judy Fabray is standing before us.

"I didn't know we had company" she says looking between her daughter and I.

Her eyes also see our intertwined hands but before she can make a comment I butt in.

"It's nice to see you again Mr. and Mrs. Fabray" I tell them politely, never forgetting my manners even when putting myself in a suicidal position such as this one.

The woman nods, I'm assuming that's her way of replying.

Quinn squeezes my hand. Russell's eyes trail back up to land on his daughters.

"I'm moving out" she announces

Both parents nearly scoff, in fact her father is chuckling.

"What do you mean you're moving out? We just became a family again…are you pregnant again? Judy did you know about this?" he asks, his voice increasing in loudness.

"I'm not pregnant" Quinn says before her mother can answer.

Now they're really confused.

"And this isn't a family" Quinn boldly tells them, "We have never been a family"

My worry is increasing with each word that Quinn is speaking, the door is still open from when her father came in and I can see Santana pacing in the front yard.

"Quinnie, what are you talking about?" her mother's small voice asks.

She turns to meet her mother's eyes, "I'm sorry but I can't live here, I can't pretend anymore. I hate it here, and I can't live with him"

Though Quinn is talking about her father who is literally a few feet away from them, she keeps her eyes trained on her mothers.

"Excuse me" her father's voice thunders, I wince at the sound.

It scares me even more that Quinn isn't even disturbed by his tone, as if she's used to it. How much worse can it get?

"We've been getting along so well" her mother replies, ignoring her husband.

"I haven't even been living here for the past week" she admits.

"That's silly"

"It's true, I've been living in my car"

I can almost see her mother's realizations as she replays the last few nights in her mind. She brings her hand up to her mouth.

"So you're going to just continue to live in your car?" her father asks, he's finding this to be amusing.

My blood is heating up.

"Actually Sir, she's moving into my house" I speak up, Quinn's head snaps to me.

"I see" he runs his tongue around his cheek, "And just who are you?" he asks as he surveys me.

I back down, "I'm her friend", I feel as pathetic as I sound.

"Well Quinn's friend, we appreciate your hospitality, but our daughter is not leaving this house with you"

"The hell I'm not" Quinn rages as her father takes a step closer.

"I won't be spoken to that way in my own house" his voice is getting louder and louder.

Quinn takes a small step in front of me, moving me to stand behind her.

"I'm leaving with Rachel and I'm never coming back to this place as long as you're living here" Quinn tugs on my arm and I begin to move with her, the front door is so close but miles away with Mr. Fabray standing in our path.

"You're not going anywhere, go back to your room and say goodbye to your friend"

"Rachel's my girlfriend" Quinn replies after swallowing, my head snaps to hers.

Her father is laughing heartily now, "No daughter of mine is gay"

Quinn turns to me, "Trust me" she whispers before I feel her lips on mine.

She's pulled away from me all too soon, I look to see her being held by her arms in a white knuckled grip by her father. His veins are nearly popping out of his forehead and neck, and his eyes are practically red.

Quinn's staring up at her father with panic on her face and she attempts to struggle out of his grasp, beyond them I can see Santana making a beeline for the front door, her mother is wide eyed and I'm the same way.

He releases her and his arm cocks back. Quinn winces by default.

"Get out" Her mother's voice rips through the silence.

Everyone turns to look at her, she swallows.

"Get out right now" she points to the door.

I'm expecting to see Mr. Fabray grab his coat and follow his wife's orders.

She looks towards me, "Both of you get out of here", she says before looking at her daughter.

I find my footing and walk towards Quinn, she's staring at her mother shocked. I pull her into me and lead her out the door and down the front steps to where Santana and Brittany are waiting to comfort her.

Her face is still expressionless as I help her into the passenger seat of my car. As I walk back towards the driver side, Santana and Brittany are solemn. They get into their own car and I notice that they're following me to my house. As we pull into the driveway, Quinn doesn't make any effort to move, I unbuckle both of our seatbelts and lift her out. She's silent as I bring her up to my bedroom; she lies down and faces away from the door. I give her a kiss on the cheek and tell her I'll be back soon. She barely acknowledges me.

I walk down the steps and find my two fathers helping Santana and Brittany carry in the bags that we've just packed.

"How is she?" Santana asks after setting down one of the heavier ones.

"She's catatonic"

Brittany's about to open her mouth to say something but Santana stops her.

My father, Thomas, takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes, "Well she's just been dealt a huge emotional blow, she's going to need time to process it and she'll talk when she's ready" he replies, always looking to apply his doctorate in Psychology wherever he can.

We all pick up a bag and make our way up the steps to the guestroom, Quinn's bedroom.

"How bad was it?" my other father, Robert, asks once all the bags are on the bed.

"Daddy, he almost hit her" I say before realizing, "I didn't even do anything to protect her"

I feel the reality of my weakness crash down on me and it's no wonder why Quinn won't talk to me, she's probably disappointed with me.

Both my father's immediately tense and became their protective selves.

"I couldn't even protect her" I repeat softly.


Everyone turns towards the door to find Quinn leaned up against the frame.

"Sweetheart" she whispers.

My Dad clears his throat, "Okay why don't we give these two some time to themselves, Girls," he turns towards Santana and Brittany, "I just made fresh iced tea, why don't we go down stairs and you can help us with dinner"

I keep my eyes on the hazel ones before me, she doesn't look away either.

"Does that mean we get to eat the dinner?" Brittany asks

Both of my fathers chuckle before guiding the two out of the room and passed Quinn.

Once they're out of the room and presumably down the staircase Quinn begins to walk towards me.

"How could you think that?" she asks, her voice breaking.

"It's true" I tell her

She moves passed me and sits on the bed, her new bed, and puts her head in her hands as they rest on her legs.

I turn to look at her, when she looks up her cheeks are covered in tears.

"I was so scared" she admits softly, "I was so scared that he was going to do something to you, I told you to trust me, and I put you in danger because of it"

I shake my head and take a seat next to her on the bed.

"You were the one who almost got hit"

"I don't care, when he was looking at me, when he raised his hand, all I could think about was how I could get you out of there. I'm so sorry"

"Why would you ever be sorry?" I ask

"What if he knocked me unconscious, how could I have stopped him from going after you?" she asks.

"Santana was foaming at the mouth by the time she got to us, he wouldn't have gotten the chance"

She showed a small smile, "I never would have forgiven myself if something happened to you, if my mother didn't say anything, I don't, I don't know what I would have done"

I close my eyes and pull her into me.

"Let's not think about it because it didn't happen, and it won't"

She sighs, and I follow suit. I know she's not going to let this go for a while so we might as well get everything out in the air now.

"I thought you were mad at me" I tell her

She practically snaps her neck when she turns to face me.

"You weren't speaking, and I thought you were regretting everything that happened, that you made the wrong choice in being with me"

She looks like I physically just slapped her.

"I told you never to doubt my feelings for you"

I feel guilty.

"You're right. I'm sorry"

She pulls me into her.

"Is it the wrong time to bring up this irrational fear you have of worst case scenarios?"

I laugh at her joke, she's fairly good at lightening up a situation. If only she knew about imaginary dog Gene Kelly, she'd never let me live it down.

"Never. I will never regret anything that happened today" she picks up our previous conversation. "And you have nothing to apologize for"

"Okay" I whisper into her, "Are you going to be alright?"

"I have you, of course I'll be alright."

I smile, "You will always have me. But I know you need time to process everything so I won't push you" I tell her.

She sighs and leans back into some of the bags that are behind her, "I was expecting to be kicked out, it doesn't mean that it hurt any less when I was." She pauses, "I know I should feel more upset but I can't bring myself to" she pauses again, a little longer this time, "and it's because of you" she smiles

"Talk about dramatic effect" I laugh and she cracks a wider smile.

"You're rubbing off on me" she pulls me down onto the bags with her, "But I mean it, thank you"

I give her a kiss and we lay still for a little while.

"So…welcome home" I gesture to the ceiling.

I feel her smile next to me. I lay my arm across her stomach and pull her closer.

I can hear laughter filtering up the staircase.

"We should get downstairs before Brittany says anything too offensive to my fathers" I tell her.

She groans, "Fine. But only because the smell of dinner is far too tempting"

I hit her stomach and jump to my feet, she catches my hand and whirls me around into her as she stands.

"I can't wait to go shopping with you" she tells me, brushing some of the hair that's managed to get into my eyes.

I beam up at her and reach on my tippy toes to kiss her forehead, "You will regret ever saying that, Darling"

She laughs and we walk hand in hand out of her bedroom door and down the stairs. Four pairs of eyes look up as we reach the bottom; they're sitting around the living room looking hesitant when they see us.

Both of my fathers stand and walk over to us. They each give Quinn a hug which she returns easily.

"We're both very proud of you"

She smiles at them and ducks her head, feeling bashful.

"Daddy stop, you're embarrassing her" I tell them when she hides into my shoulder, "Is dinner almost ready?"

"We were just waiting on you" he smiles before gesturing for the other two cheerleaders to stand up.

The six of us make our way into the Dining room and sit down to begin eating, myself and Quinn on one side, Santana and Brittany on the other and both my father's at the head of the table.

"So what had all of you laughing earlier?" I ask after everyone's food is on their plate.

The four others look around to each other, I catch Santana's smirk.

"I don't think we want to know" Quinn whispers and it causes them to laugh again.

Santana and Brittany left after the cake. My fathers, well Dad, decided to bake Quinn a welcome home cake, my other father can't be seen in a kitchen. No one would budge when Quinn protested blowing out the candles that were so strategically placed around the circular cake. Quinn laughed and tried to hide her embarrassed face in her hands as everyone cheered. After the girls left, I sent Quinn up to take a shower, knowing that it would be highly therapeutic for her. She's never one to adhere to my demands without a little bribery, it was only after I promised that we could watch a movie after she got out, did she finally agree to take a shower.

I feel giddy all over as I look through some of her DVDs, placing top choices on the side of her bed. I hear the doorbell and my panic mode switches on as it chimes through the quiet house. I look towards the clock hanging in the room, it was almost 8pm. The only people that ring your doorbell unexpected after 7 pm are potential murderers and police officers telling you that your dog was run over. I shake away any bad thoughts, Quinn already called me out on my irrational fears, I didn't want to give her any more ammo.

I walk down the steps until I can see the front door clearly, my irrational fears have just been proven rational as I recognize the voice of Quinn's mother. I want to turn around and warn Quinn, maybe grab my emergency 'fire' bag, the bag I keep of all my prized possessions should there be a fire and I have only enough time to grab one thing, and jump out the window with her.

Quinn is already dressed and walking out of the bathroom by the time I get back into her room.

"Everything okay? Who was at the door?"

Before I can open my mouth, my father's voice travels up the steps.

"Quinn, you have a visitor"

Quinn's eyes are wide as she looks at me.

"Who is it?" she asks.

"Your mom" I tell her.

Her face goes even paler.

"Is he with her?"

I don't miss the blatant avoidance of her father's name.

I shake my head, "I don't know"

She closes her eyes, and takes a deep breath.

"I can do this" she says out loud, more to herself.

She walks out of the room, and I follow her down the steps. By the time we get down there, Mrs. Fabray is in the living room, politely declining my father's offer for something to eat or drink.

"What are you doing here?" Quinn asks, "I'm not going back with you", she adds

Everyone's head turned at the girl's strong voice.

Her mother looks hurt before she quickly covers it up with a sad smile, "I just wanted to talk dear"

Quinn looks toward me, her eyes silently asking me for advice. I nod.

"Stay with me" she begs lowly.

I want to give in but I know what she needs to do, "You can do this, I'll be in the next room. Just call my name and I'll be next to you in a heartbeat, okay?"

She nods and looks towards her mother.

I walk into the kitchen after my fathers and they put on a pot of water to make their evening tea. I stand as close as I can get to the opening of the kitchen in order to hear better.

"Rachel" my dad whispers harshly.

I wave my hand behind me and tell him to shut up.

"Why are you here?" Quinn asks softly.

"Your father is passed out on the couch"

"That doesn't tell me anything"

"I needed you to know why I did what I did"

"You mean, why you kicked me out, again?"

"I didn't kick you out"

Quinn scoffs.

"I know I'm not a good mother, I know that you deserve so much better. When I saw him raise his hand to you I realized that if I wanted to call myself a mother at all, I needed to protect you from him, I needed to get you out of that house. Please don't think that I kicked you out, I just needed to get you as far away from there as possible. Please understand why I did it, I couldn't have you or your girlfriend around him"

"Mom I,"

"Shh it's okay, you don't need to say anything, I just needed you to know"

"What are you going to do now?"

"I'm going to file for a divorce"

The words hang in the air between them.

"Don't cry sweetheart, I should have done it a long time ago." Her mother says softly.

I hear Quinn sniffle.


"What is this?"

"It's a check. Give that to Rachel's fathers, they can use it as allowance to you or for food and clothing. It's up to them, and I'll send money twice a month."

"This is way too much"

"Nonsense, they're housing another child, and you have expensive taste like your mother"

Quinn laughs.

"Thank you, for doing this and understanding."

"It's the very least I can do, and it's not even a lot. I'm sorry"

"All I want is your acceptance"

"You already have it"

It's silent for a few moments.

"I also came to say goodbye for a while"

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to stay with your grandmother in Texas for a while. Just until everything settles with the divorce." She pauses, "Ya know, maybe you and Rachel can visit for Christmas break, maybe over the Summer as well. If you'd like to, that is"

"That would be nice, wouldn't it Rachel?"

My eyes widen, how is it that I'm always so enthralled with the conversations I'm eavesdropping on that I'm always caught off guard.

I hear Quinn's amused laugh, "I know you're up against the wall"

I clear my throat and count to 5 Mississippi's before I step into view.

"I don't know what you're talking about"

She beams at me through some lingering tears and gestures for me to join them.

"Mom, this is Rachel. She's my girlfriend"

"It's nice to meet you again Mrs. Fabray" I hold my hand out.

She takes it without hesitation and gives me a genuine smile.

"It's nice to meet you again as well. Now, for the interrogation"

"Mother" Quinn spoke through gritted teeth.

"It's okay Quinn, I am fully prepared to state my case as to why I'm the most worthy suitor. I can have a power point ready in 20 minutes if need be" I tell them both seriously.

Quinn smiles wide and laughs.

"That won't be necessary, dear. Just a few requests if that's okay?"

I nod, "Do I have time to get my notebook and pen out?" I ask, determined to run up the steps if I'm allowed to.

Quinn laughs again and pulls me into her.

"You keep my daughter safe, you don't allow her anywhere near Noah Puckerman, and you continue to make her smile like that"

I look at Quinn and give her a smile, "Easy"

She wrinkles her nose at me as she grins.

"And you" Mrs. Fabray turns to her daughter, "You treat Miss Berry with respect, you follow all of the Berry's house rules, and you keep Rachel away from Noah Puckerman as well"

We both laugh.

"I suppose I should go now, I'll be changing my telephone number, so check for a letter within a week or so"

"Okay" Quinn replies getting up.

I sit on the couch and watch the exchange.

"I love you"

Quinn pulls her mom into a hug, "I love you too, and thank you"

She gives her a smile before she makes her way towards the door.

"We'll see you for Christmas, Mrs. Fabray" I speak up from the couch.

She gives me a thankful smile before she closes the door softly behind her.

My father's walk in from the kitchen almost as soon as the door shuts.

"We're so proud of you Quinn, you too Rachel"

Quinn plops down next to me on the couch and I give her a chaste kiss in front of my father's.

"Now we had our suspicions, you know, that you two were more than friends. And now that it has just been confirmed…"

Quinn's eyes widen, and I'm trying to recall in my mind the interactions we've had in front of my father's in the past day or so. Surely we told them, didn't we?

"Oh my god, Mr. and Mr. Berry, I'm so sorry" Quinn starts profusely apologizing.

I find this entire situation extremely humorous.

She turns to me with a hushed whisper, "I thought they knew! Why wouldn't you tell them?"

I start laughing uncontrollably as she blushes.

"This isn't funny!"

"You're right" I tell her, biting my lip hard to contain my laughter, it's not working at all.

"What exactly are your intentions with our daughter" my Dad asks. The fact that he's trying to look intimidating behind his signature eyeglasses is making it very difficult to keep up this grilling charade.

Quinn literally looks like she's about to jump out of her skin as she swallows.

My dad's can't keep their faces straight anymore and begin to laugh as well. I know that I didn't tell them we were a couple but they are the last people to care.

"Quinn, calm down. It's okay"

"Please don't kick me out" Quinn says, handing my dad the check her mother just gave her, "Here"

My father's look towards each other as their laughter subsides.

"Is this a bribe?" one of them asks amused.

"No, not at all, Sir."

He hands it back to her, "You're a part of this family now, we will never kick you out, and we will never take your mother's money. This is for you and you are allowed to do with it as you please"

"Are you sure?" she asks.

"Of course we're sure."

She turns to look at me, handing me the check, "I believe I have a bedroom to decorate" she says with a smile.

"Shopping!" I squeal

She crinkles her nose again in an adorable smile and leans in to give me a kiss.

When we pull away breathlessly, both my father's are gone. And the lights are suspiciously dimmed.

"I know we said we'd watch a movie but can we just lay here for a while?" she asks me

"Of course, let's discuss options of where to meet each other tonight"

She laughs, "You really liked that whole thing didn't you, Princess?"

"You give me butterflies when you call me that" I tell her.

She smiles, we've shifted and rearranged ourselves in order to get more comfortable. Her arm is wrapped securely around me as I snuggle up next to her.

She leans in closer, taking my bottom lip into her mouth.


I shudder. "That was mean"

She pouts, "We can meet anywhere you want, as long as it's not in a bathroom"

"And as long as one of us isn't crying in it"

She smiles and pulls me closer to her so that I'm practically on top of her. It's hot. I need to take off the sweatshirt I'm wearing of hers but I don't want to move from this position. And I also don't want to take off her Cheerios attire that I'm adorning. I think it secretly turns her on.

"That seems like an eternity ago" she comments, "Thank god you walked into that bathroom"

"Thank god you weren't the janitor"

She's confused, I know she is. And I can't help but chuckle at my own little inside joke.

She doesn't bother understanding, she just gets me.

"I can't believe how much has changed, all in one day I got a girlfriend, I met my mother for the first time and I moved out of my house, it's rather exhausting"

I hit her collarbone and she laughs.

"Just think of what tomorrow has in store for us" I tell her

She sighs, "As long as you're by my side, I'll be alright"

I press my lips to the tip of her nose, her eyes flutter shut.

"We're both going to be alright"

She smiles before leaning in to kiss my forehead, "We're going to be just fine"

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