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I cry for the last time.

Chapter sixteen: Because I love you.

Keigo's kisses were something else. He took his time, slowly leaning closer and closer to Ryoma, his hands holding the other's face in a comfortable angle, so that it would be easier for him to continue the kiss. Ryoma's hands were tangled in Keigo's hair, almost begging for the man to deepen the kiss, to come even closer and do more. But the rich man knew that he needed to take it slowly and carefully, as not to scare his partner.

Keigo didn't want for this to end like it did when he confessed his feelings for the other those years ago.

At first he thought that Ryoma had refused because he didn't like the rich teen and that the thought of two males together scared, or even disgusted, the younger male. But, after thinking back on it, Keigo changed his thoughts. Behind the seemingly brave and confident mask was still a twelve year old boy with no experience in things like dating and confession. Surely, he was frightened by the sudden confession of love, scared of what might happen now and what would happen if he would said yes.

So Keigo will take this slowly this time. Building up the need for more in Ryoma, slowly getting him used to the touches and caresses that he made, making him loose his sense of time and place and reality in the overwhelming pleasure that will soon come.

A small noise came from the emerald-haired male, something that was made deep in his throat. He opened his eyes slightly; clouded gold looked at the man in front of him. Ryoma was breathing with deep breaths, slowly trying to regain his regular breathing speed. His hands were now resting on the chair he was sitting on, gripping the edge of the chair.

"You taste like cigarettes. Not the best taste out there." Keigo sighed and licked his lips. He looked at his partner and smiled a small, knowing smile.

Ryoma tried to glare, but it only came out as a weak narrow of the eyes. "Like I care." He closed his eyes again, hiding everything that could show Keigo signs of what he was feeling or thinking and then quietly mumbled, "This is so wrong."

"It's not and we both know it. After all, you gave in, you want more and you want me." Keigo smirked. He slowly moved closer to Ryoma (the other had snapped his eyes open and was now intently staring at him) and placed his hands on the smaller ones, "We're not twelve and fifteen anymore Ryoma. We're not oblivious to these feelings and the needs anymore. We're not kids anymore."

"That doesn't mean that I have to sleep with you!" Ryoma's voice was higher than usual, eyes clearer than ever, and hands trembling from something that was barely kept at bay, "Look at the mess I am in right now? I don't even know what the fuck I feel about you. I rejected you then, so why haven't you given up yet, damn it?"

The elder of the two opened his mouth to say something, but then close it again. No words came out, it was like everything that he had wanted to say was lost somewhere along the way, forgotten and thrown away. He gripped Ryoma's trembling hands tighter and looked him straight in the eye.

"Because I love you."

Tezuka sat in his room, going through the news article on the internet site, absentmindedly scrolling through it without actually reading through it. It was just another report on some sport team winning a game, an attack on an elderly lady and how the police were investigating this attack; someone had won a lottery and so on. Only useless information.

A knock on his door brought him out of the daze he had fallen in. His mom told about an arrival of one of his friends through the door and then went away, leaving the said friend alone in the hallway. Tezuka sighed and allowed for his visitor to enter, closing the browser and shutting off the monitor.

Tachibana smiled warmly when he entered the room, closing the doors behind himself, "You're still as moody as the last time I saw you, Tezuka. At least let some air in here."

"Did you come to annoy me?" the bespectacled teen crossed his legs and leaned back into his computer chair, "Or you had a real reason?" he said this with a hidden double meaning. Tachibana's face fell a little at those words but he quickly regained composure.

"I didn't come to do you, Tezuka. Why can't you understand that?" the blond-haired man sighed and sat on Tezuka's bed, "Or maybe it's because you can only think of that?" Tachibana looked around the room, "For example, I come here simply to talk to you. To tell you something, actually."

Tezuka rolled his eyes and took of his glasses, "What do you want Tachibana?"

"Really, even after I've said all that. Well… I just came here to say that I won't be sleeping with you anymore, but that doesn't mean that I will stop being your friend. I just won't be your fuck buddy anymore, that's all." Tachibana smiled a little and then looked away from his friend.

The silence stretched out. It was the kind of silence that spoke of hidden displeasure and disappointment. Tachibana didn't want to look into Tezuka's eyes and Tezuka just kept his cold stare on the blond-haired teen, thinking to himself about things that would never be said out loud.

"Why?" it was a simple question demanding a simple answer.

"Because what you do is wrong Tezuka." Tachibana spoke quietly, fingers fiddling with his jacket, "And because I found someone that I really like, in that deep, emotional kind of like." He stopped his fingers and then he shook his head a little.

The bespectacled teen turned away from Tachibana, glasses now back on his nose, and switched on the computer display. He opened his internet browser and went to his email. "Get out, you have no reason to be here anymore, now do you." He said, ordered actually, and logged into his account.

"Because I love you."

Those four words echoed in Ryoma's head, twisting and turning and changing, but never loosing the voice that Keigo had said them with, the meaning and deeper sense of those words didn't leave or disappear. They stayed attached to them, continuing to bounce off the walls of the room and returning back to Ryoma.

The golden-eyed teen took a deep breath, eyes finally darting down to take a look at the hands on top of his own, "Why? I rejected you already, so why did you continue to…?" he couldn't bring himself to end the thought, leaving the question hanging in the air.

"You can't just stop loving someone simply because of one rejection, fool. If my feelings were so shallow I would not be doing all of this now." The purple-haired man chuckled, shaking his head a little, mirth dancing in his storm blue eyes, "And you should finally admit that you feel something towards me too."

Keigo watched how Ryoma raised his head again, the determination and unwillingness to yield to someone written all over his face and eyes twinkling with that inexhaustible cockiness that Keigo loved so much, "You. Wish." The younger bit out, glaring.

Keigo's soft laughter suddenly filled the room and he leaned even closer, Ryoma leaning away from him. "You are so cute, Ryoma. So, so unbelievably cute." He moved his hands and captured Ryoma's face.

The younger tried to struggle, scratching red lines on the skin of Keigo's hands when he tried to remove them (hands), but the man didn't back down. He ignored the protests and weak tries to escape and kissed the younger again. It didn't take long for Ryoma to calm down, his body began to relax and give in to the others kiss, simply letting Keigo do what he wanted to.

This time though, Keigo didn't stop with just a kiss. As he slid his tongue past Ryoma's lips he also moved his hands down, slipping them under Ryoma's shirt, tracing meaningless lines and shapes along the warm skin that was now exposed to his fingers.

Ryoma shivered, but still didn't protest. It felt like all the strength that he had had vanished from his body, leaving behind only a black hole that couldn't be filled. But, for some reason, Ryoma didn't hate this feeling, he welcomed it even. He didn't have to think anymore, he didn't have to struggle and run away. He just had to give in to Keigo and let him do what he wanted. Besides, this felt just so right. It felt like this was the right thing to do, that this wasn't something he had to run away from. So he just allowed the flow to carry him along.

After feeling the younger slowly giving up on trying to get away Keigo smirked into the kiss, moving his hands upwards, slowly circling around Ryoma's torso, searching for something, leaving behind butterfly touches that caused the younger to moan. Once he found the already hard nipples Keigo pinched them lightly, breaking the kiss and allowing Ryoma to let out a soft mewl. He rolled the buds between his fingers, watching as the shorter man's eyes clouded over.

"Do… don't… No…" Ryoma moaned out, eyes now tightly shut in a weak attempt to still hold against the need for more. "I.. nahh… no." he covered his mouth with his right hand, the left one still clutching onto the chair.

"Give up Ryoma. We both know that you're enjoying this. Don't worry," Keigo removed his hands from Ryoma's chest, and positioned them on his hips, thumbs starting to massage the place right below the hips bones, "I will make sure that you feel good. I will bring you to heaven." He leaned closer and almost purred the last part in Ryoma's ear.

Ryoma shivered when the warm breath ghosted over his skin, the husky voice echoed in his head now, bringing forth images that he would rather not see. But what Keigo was doing with his thumbs was almost illegal, Ryoma didn't want this feeling to stop. So when the massage on his left hip suddenly stopped he let out a small whine, catching himself in the middle of doing it and looked up at Keigo, as if to ask whether he had heard it. The pleased smirk on Keigo's face told that he surely had.

The younger's face heated up even more and he looked away. The purple-haired man chuckled and used the other's embarrassment to open up the front of Ryoma's pants and slide his has below the Calvin and Klein boxer shorts and grab a hold of the semi-hard penis, luring out a pleasant groan from the younger.

"Excited, are we?" Keigo laughed, relieved that the younger had a reaction to his ministrations. It would really wound his pride if he didn't have. "Now then…" he started to move his hand up and down, eyes never leaving Ryoma's face.

Keigo frowned when he noticed the younger biting his lips to not let out any kind of sound, "Don't bite your lips, just let it out. Ryoma." The elder man sighed and pushed two fingers of his other hand in Ryoma's mouth, "Just bite on my fingers if you really don't want to let out any sound. Don't hurt yourself." He sucked in his breath when Ryoma bit down on his fingers, but didn't stop to move his right hand.

Ryoma released Keigo's fingers and sighed, leaning into the chair, "Do you even… ugh… nhh… have lube? It won't… ummmhh… be enough with.. ss… just saliva. Tch…" his head had cleared somewhat for some unknown reason, so he could seriously think about what he was about to do with Keigo. As well as the consequences yet to follow.

"You really think I would start anything like this with no preparations? Ryoma, Ryoma… How foolish." Amused laughter found its way out of Keigo's mouth and he used his free hand to pull out the bottle of cherry flavored lube from the back pocket of his pants.

The blue-eyed man wasn't surprised that Ryoma knew how these things were done. Seeing just how handsome he had grown up to be, just what kind of a character he had developed over the years… He would be more surprised if the teen had told him he was still a virgin. Still, the thought that someone other than Keigo had the chance to do these things to Ryoma made that green-eyed jealousy monster wake up somewhere deep inside him.

While Keigo fumbled with the bottle (he had stopped giving Ryoma a handjob) Ryoma pushed his pants down until his butt was bare and slid down the chair, turning around and sitting in front of it on his knees, so that he could lie on the chair with his stomach down, ass slightly raised up. The golden-eyed teen tch-ed when he heard his partner whistle before something cold and slimy was poured between his butt cheeks.

The teen hissed, "Cold." He could feel fingers massaging his butt cheeks lightly, pushing them open slightly.

"Bear it, won't be the first time for you." Keigo answered back, circling the tight entrance with his finger before pushing it in, "Or you did it without a preparation?" he was genuinely interested, but guessed that Ryoma won't tell him.

"Like I'd tell you, Monkey Ass." Ryoma threw back, moaning lightly when Keigo allowed the second finger to slip in.

It seemed ok for now. Keigo was slowly moving his fingers in and out, making a scissoring movement as he did so to stretch it a little. When he was sure that it would be ok he inserted the third finger, stopping a little when Ryoma whined quietly to himself. He soon started to move them again though, at the same time searching for that one spot that would make the other go crazy.

When Ryoma let out a particularly lusty moan Keigo was sure that he had found it. He slipped his fingers out, smiling a little at the disappointed whine that came from his partner and wiped his fingers on the carpet. Then he freed his erect penis, sighing as he did so, and held Ryoma's hips with one hand.

"I'm doing it." He simply said before pushing in, groaning at the tightness that enveloped his penis. "Oh go-" he didn't get to finish since Ryoma had finally let out the cry of pain the he had been holding.

Ryoma's body trembled, sweat breaking on his skin. The teen let out a shaky breath and groaned. It was painful even with the preparation that Keigo had done, but Ryoma was already expecting it, so he was somewhat prepared for it. After all, the first time he had had sex with another guy it had been even more painful. Elijah had been awkward and unskilled and it had hurt so much, later there was bleeding and only more pain. Thankfully, that one time with Elijah had been only done under a heavy overdose of some strong alcohol.

Though, for some reason, Ryoma remembered it all.

"It's ok now." The teen finally sighed, he turned his head around to face his partner with half-lidded golden eyes, small teardrops still on the corners, and looked, or tried to, where Keigo was connected to him, "Just do it, it'll stop hurting faster that way."

The well-off man wasn't sure that that would be the best thing to do, but obeyed Ryoma anyway. After all, if they boy thought he could take it then maybe he could, who knows?

Keigo moved slowly at first, carefully almost pulling his cock out and then slowly thrusting in again. His hands held Ryoma's hips in place, but since the teen had started to push against him it seemed like an unnecessary thing. Soon the slow and careful movements became faster, harder and animal-like. With each thrust Keigo seemed to be hitting Ryoma's prostate more and more, sending Ryoma into the endless sea of pleasure and lust and need even more and more, making the man loose his sense of everything.

It didn't take long for Ryoma to reach the euphoria of an orgasm, white washing before his eyes as he came, with Keigo's semen filling him inside. The purple-haired seme leaned on his partner, sweaty and panting and a small smile on his lips.

"See…" Keigo finally said after catching his breath, brushing strands of damp hair out of Ryoma's face and still not pulling out of him, "I told you – I'm good at this."

"Fuck. You."

Tezuka started out of his window, the slowly darkening sky had taken on a crimson hue and seemed to be bleeding as the sun cut deeper and deeper into it as it went down. A somewhat beautiful and yet so depressing sight, Tezuka thought to himself, but soon threw this lonely strand of thought away.

He picked up his phone, took one look at the opened internet page and then dialed Fuji's cell phone number, putting it on the speaker. There was no one here to listen to his talk, so there was no need to hide it. A click cut off the steady beeping.

"Tezuka, how nice of you to call. Did something happen?" Fuji did not sound amused or pleased that he had been called. He was obviously in the middle of something, but Tezuka couldn't bring himself to actually care.

"We will start the plan tomorrow. That's all." He simply said and hung up.

Yes, tomorrow will be a very exciting day indeed.

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