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~With Riven and Harmony - 15 years later~

Harmony was in her room sitting on her bed, reading a magazine and painting her nails. She was listening music and sometimes she sang along with the song. The song that played was Mutemath with Spotlight. Harmony painted her nails dark purple and read her magazine in the corner of her eyes.

There ain't a whole lot left to say now

You knocked all your wind out

You just tried too hard and you froze

I know, I know

"Can't believe it" She mumbled, dipping her brush in her nailpolish. She painted her other finger. Harmony started to move a little with the music. Eventually she started to playback with it. Before she sang but now she was quiet. When she was done painting her nails, she placed the nailpolish on her nightstand and blew her fingernails so it would dry faster. She grabbed her magazine and read it.

What do ya say? What do ya say?

Just take the fall

You're one of us

The spotlight is on

Oh the spotlight is on, oh

She blew her nails again and threw her magazine on the floor. Harmony looked around in her room. The walls were yellow, the floor was beige coloured and a little fluffy, everywhere you looked were pictures and posters, a lot of guitars were placed against the wall and even a pair of drums. Suddenly there was a little music tone. Harmony got off her bed and walked to her desk. She looked at her desk.

"This is not going to be easy" She said to herself. Her whole desk was full of stuff. Everywhere were pencils, magazines, nailpolish, plates, perfumes, it was literally a mess. Harmony grabbed some stuff and shoved it at the side of her desk.

"Phone phone phone" She mumbled, while searching for her mobile. Suddenly she saw something purple and grabbed it.

"Got ya" She smiled. Harmony looked at her text message.

"Meet us at the fountain of Magix - Logan"

Harmony smiled. Logan and Harmony were really close friends. No one ever thought they would become best friends since their parents don't really have anything in common but they did. Harmony ran to her mirror and looked at herself. She was wearing a black tank top, light blue jeans and black sports heels (1). She ran her hand through her hair that came till the middle of her back. By now her hair had some more magenta stripes. When she was born she had only one stripe but when she grew up it became more. Now her hair was dark blue with magenta stripes. Harmony grabbed her black purse and ran out of her room.

Riven sat on the couch with his laptop on his lap. Harmony kissed him on his head and ran towards the door.

"Woah woah woah" Riven stopped her. Harmony stood still and turned around slowly, "Where are you going?"

"Magix with my friends" Harmony replied.

"You know the deal" Riven said. Harmony smiled and waved her father goodbye.

"Have fun!" Riven yelled after her. Harmony ran to the window and popped her head through it.

"Bye!" She said and ran away. Riven smiled and shook his head. God he loved his daughter.

~At the fountain of Magix~

A group of childeren were sitting on the fountain or standing next to it. There were seven childeren, four girls and three boys. Everyone was fifteen years old like Harmony. They were all talking to each other and messing around. One girl turned around and saw harmony walking towards them.

"Harmony!" She squealed. Harmony didn't look up. She looked at her celphone and danced a little while she was walking. The others could've sworn her mouth was moving and when harmony came closer they saw she was singing.

"Oh my, feels just like I don't try. Looks so good I might die. All I know is everybody loves me" She sang. Suddenly someone pulled her earplug out. Harmony looked up and saw her friend logan standing infront of her.

"Yep, everybody loves you" he laughed.

"I know" She breathed. Everybody chuckled. Harmony smiled.

"Hey guys" She greeted.

"Hey" Everyone replied. She looked at her friends.

The first one she saw was logan when he pulled her earplug out. He still had short blonde hair and Brandon's brown eyes. He was a little taller then Harmony. He looked a little like brandon but he had some Stella signs too. He wore a light brown hoodie and some grey jeans. Just a simple style. He wasn't such a fashion freak and Stella hated it but at least she had her daughter who was a fashion freak. He had Brandon's personality. He could be very serious and very helpful but also very funny.

The second one was a brown haired girl who was looking at her fingernails. It was logan's little sister named Grace. Logan was only a couple months older then her but she acted like she was the oldest. She had everything of Brandon but Stella's skintone. She was smaller then Harmony. She wore a dark pink tank top with a light pink blouse over it, light blue jeans - that were a little tight so you could see her curves -, little silver heeles and she had her hair curled. Her personality looked a lot like Stella's. She was bossy, arrogant but she could be very sweet and funny too. The only thing she hadn't had from Stella were her powers. Every girl found out their powers except for harmony. Grace's powers were air powers. She could control the wind and everything in common with that.

The third one was a short girl. She looked a lot like Flora. Her name was Felicia and she had Flora's brown hair, Flora's green eyes and Helia's skintone. She wore a striped green sweater, a black skirt with black slippers and she had her hair in two braids. Since Flora and Helia's personalities were almost the same she was just like them. She was very sweet, shy and quiet. She loved to write poems like Helia and she loved helping her mom in her flowerstore. Her powers were mostly about love. Since her parents were so lovingly she gained the ability to control love and most of the girls were jealous of her powers.

The fourth one was a boy. His name was Adam. He had Bloom's red hair but it got lighter at the end so the end of his hair was blond, he had Sky's blue eyes and Bloom's skintone which was almost the same as Sky's. He wore a light grey t-shirt and grey jeans. He was very nice all the time but he also could have a bad side if he was angry.

The fifth one was a girl. Her name was kayleigh. She had short hair that came until her shoulders. It was magenta like Tecna's haircolour, Timmy's skintone and she had Timmy's hazel eyes. She wore a orange dress that was a little ruffled at the end, glasses and white slippers. She was very shy like Timmy but she could also be stubborn like Tecna. By the help of her powers she could hack every computer, crack any code she liked and much more so her powers were very similar with Tecna's powers.

The sixth one was also a girl. Her name was latisha and she was just like Layla. She had curly hair that came until her shoulders and it was the same colour as Layla's. She had turquoise coloured eyes like Layla and her skin was brown. She wore a army green top with wide light brown/beige coloured pants and black shoes. She loved some good action and hated all the drama. She could be stubborn as hell but if a friend needed her she's there. She has water powers. Everything that was similar to water, she could control. It was like she was the sea.

The seventh and the last one was a boy. It was Latisha's minutes younger brother Caleb. Latisha and Caleb looked the same but he had Nabu's brown eyes. He wore a black blouse and blue jeans. Caleb just wanted to help everyone out and if there was a fight he'd try to bring everyone back together. Like Nabu he is also a wizard and has the same powers as Nabu.

"Listen I need to go to the mall" Grace spoke. Everyone looked at her.

"You and your mall" Harmony chuckled.

"You and your music" Grace bit back.

Harmony just rolled her eyes. Even though harmony looked a lot like Musa she had a lot of things in common with her father. She had his temper, she was stubborn, she wanted to be right all the time and you never wanted her to be angry but she had a very lovely side too. Like her mother she absolutely loves music but she has Riven's music style, she could be very friendly, she joked a lot and just enjoyed life. Everyone got up and walked towards the mall.

"Have you guys decided to what school your going yet?" Adam asked.

"Well duh" Grace replied.

"Alfea ofcourse" Felicia said politly.

"Yep" All the girls agreed except for Harmony.

"How about you guys?" Latisha asked.

"Red fountain" Adam said with a smile.

"Oh yeah baby, your looking at your number one student of Red Fountain" Logan joked and pointed proudly at himself. No one looked at him, "You guys aren't looking"

"Nope" harmony replied.

"Why not?" Logan asked sadly.

"Do you want us to laugh at you?" She asked, still not looking at him.

"Uh...no why would you?-"

"Don't let us look at you now then" Harmony smiled. Logan chuckled. He ran up to her and grabbed her by her waist. Logan placed Harmony on his shoulders and spinned around. Harmony screamed.

"Put me down!" She screamed, "Logan!"

Logan laughed and put her down. Harmony brushed her hair out of her face and slapped him playfully with a smile.

"We haven't heard where you are going" Kayleigh said. Harmony shrugged.

"I dunno. I don't even know what my powers are so...yeah" harmony replied.

"You should ask your father, maybe he knows something about your powers" Adam suggested.

"I still got time, so who cares?" Harmony shrugged. Adam chuckled.

"And that's why she's my best friend" logan said, wrapping his arm around Harmony's shoulder.

"Because I don't care about anything?" Harmony chuckled.

"Yeah, that's just awesome" Logan smiled. Harmony smiled and rolled her eyes. She pushed him away from her and they both started to wrestle with each other for fun. Everyone watched except for Grace.

"Sometimes I think they're together" Latisha sighed.

"Ah well...who knows" Adam smiled.

"They look cute though" Felicia said, looking at the two.

"I can take you down, right here and right now" Harmony said with confidence. Logan laughed.

"I'm waiting girl" He replied. They started to wrestle again. Logan placed his shoulder against her waist and Harmony wrapped her arms around his chest.

"There is 60% chance that they become a couple later" Kayleigh spoke. They all turned to her.

"Most of the time best friends, boy and girl best friends, know each other so good that they eventually fall in love with each other, so who knows what the future brings us"

Everyone looked at her and back at the two. Felicia smiled. She always liked the relationship of Harmony and Logan. Suddenly everyone heard a scream. Everyone turned to Grace and Harmony and Logan stopped wresteling and also turned to her.

"What?" Harmony asked.

"Cute outfit!" Grace squealed.

"Grace that's just-" Harmony couldn't finish her sentence, Grace was already gone.

"Never mind" She sighed.

"She's just like mom" Logan said, "If you lock those two up in a mall and all the stores would be open they would have the time of their lifes"

"Yeah...but that's who they are" Felicia said. Everyone nodded.

"Let's go drag her out of there cause by the look of that-" Harmony pointed at the show window and you could see Grace yelling at the saleslady, "-That doesn't look good"

Everyone turned to the show window and they saw a tug-a-war scene between Grace and the saleslady for the dress.

"Yeah that isn't good" Latisha said. Everyone stared at the scene and no one got in the store.

"Five bucks on Grace" Harmony spoke up. She looked at everyone.

"Deal" logan said and they shook hands. Harmony was pretty confident about this. If Grace wanted an outfit, she would get it, it didn't matter how hard it was to get it but she would get it.

(1) i have those kind of shoes, they're so awesome! They're kinda like black and white coverse shoes but only with a heel, I love them XD

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