Hi peeps. So I just saw Marley & Me and god that was such a sad movie. I cried my heart out. But when the movie ended I suddenly had a need for writing so here we go again. From now on i'm going to write towards the end. I'm running out of ideas for this story and some parts of my life i'm not going to put in this. I hope you all enjoy and thank you for the review Ash!

Logan walked with his head down through Red Fountain. His hands were jammed into his pocket and with every step he took he barely lifted his feet. The one thing that he learned from months of searching Harmony was: You can't force her to do anything she doesn't want to do. If you do you get slapped, kicked, pushed and tackled. Even though he didn't want to admit it to himself, Logan gave up. It was impossible to get Harmony back. And that wasn't even the worst part of it. The fact that he tried to convince her that he understood what she was going through sickened himself. He had absolutely no idea what she was going through. No one did. So feeding her all of those words were the worst thing he had ever done to her and he would never forgive himself.

Logan stopped walking and stared at the ground. How could he be so stupid? How could he be so selfish? Why didn't he accept the feelings he had a year ago, instead of keeping them locked inside? If he told Harmony his feelings a year ago, perhaps none of this would've happened. But there was no guarantee of that. Not at all. Maybe he had to accept the fact that Harmony was indeed lost forever and that no one could bring her back.

Logan lifted his head slowly up and stared out of a window. The only thing that caught his attention was a space filled with flowers. Pink, red, yellow and white flowers surrounded each other but in the middle there was a rose. It wasn't pink, red or yellow. It was a dead rose. The flower almost hit the ground and the stem could snap any second. Was it just a coincidence? Or did the rose represent his best friend?

Before Logan could even think of answer, his thoughts were interrupted by laughter. He knew that laughter. That horrible, boy-ish, asshole laughter. A laughter who didn't laugh with people but at people. Logan's head jerked to the right. His eyes were met by an awfull sight as Logan called it. Nick stood with two other boys at the end of the corridor. Standing either beside Nick the boys looked like body guards. As Logan stared at the three, a wave of anger washed over him. In his mind he fell down from the hit but on the outside he just stared with no emotion.

Nick finally noticed Logan staring at him. He nudged one of his friends with his elbow and they made their way towards him. As Nick came closer, Logan became even more angrier. Did he have the right to end this for once and all? Nick was taller than him, he was older than him and he wasn't alone. That was a fact. But was Nick stronger than Logan? That was still a doubt. From the outside he looked like something but Logan knew he was a coward. Nick approached him with his two friends and they laughed.

He swung his arm around Logan's shoulder and mocked, "Hello there."

Logan looked at the two boys that surrounded him. One with spiked platinum blonde hair and ice blue eyes, the other one had like Nick black hair and brown eyes. Both of them had a stupid smirk spread acrossed their faces. Logan's attention shot back to Nick as he let go of him.

"Let me ask you a question," Nick began. For a second he looked back at his friends and they started to chuckle. Nick's attention turned back to Logan who still hadn't said a word. "How's your...friend doing? Have you seen Harmony lately?"

Logan narrowed his eyes as he kept staring into Nick's eyes. The three of them laughed but Nick shut them up quickly.

"If you see her, can you tell her that I would absolutely love to meet up with her again?" Nick continued. Nick patted Logan on his shoulder and the three boys walked off while their laughter echoed through the corridor.

That was it. Something inside of Logan snapped. He couldn't let him walk like that. That was definitely not an option. Oh no, definitely not. No one in their minds had the right to talk about Harmony like that.

Logan turned around. Without thinking about his actions, he sprinted with full speed to the black haired boy that walked a couple feet away from him. Nick heard someone running behind him and turned around. Just in a split second he saw Logan before he tackled him onto the ground. Both Logan and Nick hit the ground. Logan quickly scrambled to his feet and sat on top of Nick. He started hitting him, pounding him on his nose and everywhere else he could reach. Nick's friends quickly took action and grabbed Logan's arms. They pulled him off Nick but quickly Logan fought himself out of their grips. He kicked the blonde haired one against a window and slammed the black haired one against the wall. Instantly he made his way back to the bleeding person on the ground, who was trying desperatly to get up. Logan kicked him once in his ribs to make him fall again. Nick clutched the side of his body before cringing around on the ground.

"You piece of shit," Logan panted as he pounded on Nick's face again. "You don't even deserve...to live!"

Nick raised his arms and tried to shield his face while Logan continued to hit him. Even though Logan was smaller than Nick he still had full control over him when he was furious. Logan got off him and kicked his nose. A crack was heard and an agonizing scream filled the corridor. Nick clutched his nose as the blood came rushing out of it. Logan didn't even care. He didn't feel pity at all. He just wanted him to feel more pain.

Before his friends could react again, Logan grabbed the blonde one and ran towards the black haired one. He spinned the blonde boy around and let go. The two boys hit their heads and collided on the ground. Slowly some doors opened in the corridor. A couple of students heard Nick's scream and came out of their rooms. They were greeted by a sight you didn't see every day, Logan beating the shit out of Nick.

Logan turned around. He didn't got a change to react. While he was busy with Nick's two friends Nick had the strength to get up. He swung his fist towards Logan and hit him fully on his jaw. Logan spinned a half circle before hitting the wall. Nick quickly rushed to the boy and grabbed his shoulders. Logan also took a hold of Nick's shoulders. Nick twisted them around and they stumbled towards the window. He grabbed Logan tighter and finally when they were close enough he banged him against the window. A crack was heard from behind Logan and for a second Logan lost his grip from the pain. Nick took this change. He walked a couple inches back before slamming Logan against the window again. Logan had to get out of this position. He knew it. But from the way he was hit against the window he lost his strength. The broken glass pierced throuh his clothes and finally the tips dug in his skin. Nick raised his fist back before swinging it back against Logan's face repeatedly. Logan looked at Nick. His worst injury was just a couple of gashes in his lip and cheek.

"Oh my god!" He heard a familiar voice.

In the corner of his eyes he saw Grace standing in front of his friends. Her hands covered her mouth and she stared in shock at her brother. The sight of his little sister somehow gave Logan strength. He raised his arms and grabbed Nick's throat. Slowly he dug his thumbs in his skin, cutting of his trachea. Nick gasped for air. He let Logan's shoulders go and stopped the attack. He grabbed Logan's wrist trying to cut of the connection. Logan on the other hand let go after a couple more seconds and instantly tackled Nick on the ground. Every student who were watching the two cheered the moment the two boys hit the ground. Logan started hitting him again. A couple fists on the nose before grabbing his hair and slamming his head on the ground. If people didn't knew what was going on it looked like Logan was going to kill Nick and for a moment Logan seriously did want to kill him.

"Go Logan! Hit him on the nose!" Adam cheered.

Grace angrily turned to him, "Shut up! This is my brother!"

"Come one Grace look at him, he's totally beating the shit out of Nick! You should be proud!" Adam laughed hysterically.

Grace grabbed the collar of Adam's blouse, "Proud? Why would I be proud?" she yelled furiously.

"Because Logan doesn't beat someone up unless he did something awfull." Adam managed to choke out while Grace still had a death grip on him. Grace let him go and Adam started wheezing for air.

"Your right." She spoke softly.

"I know." Adam panted.

Grace turned back to her brother. An evil smirk spread across her face and she started yelling, "Come on Logan! Kick the shit out of that little weasel!"

Her yelling went straight through her brother. He tilted his fist back as far as he could before letting it go with great speed. Logan hit Nick's nose with full force. Nick's head shot back and his eyes closed. He lost consciousness from the hit. As Logan kept repeating his actions he never noticed Nick stopped attacking him. Adam and Caleb rushed quickly towards their friend and pulled him off of the boy. Logan struggled to get out of their grip but by the help of Caleb's sister Logan calmed down.

"Lo, he's down! Calm down." Latisha repeated over and over to calm Logan down. Finally after some seconds Logan stopped wrestling and looked at Nick who still lay uconscious on the ground. He panted heavily and an awfull silence surrounded all of the students.

"What's going on here!"

All the students turned around when they heard that voice. Godatorta stood in shock behind them. He looked back and forth between the uconscious student and the student who still stood. Angrily he pushed his way through the crowd. He stopped in front of Logan and glared at him. Grace placed her hands on Logan's shoulder to calm him.

"Again you Hastings? Why do I always find you in a fight with Adler?" Godatorta took one last glance at Nick before grabbing Logan's shirt.

He roughly pulled the student close to his face and whispered furiously, "Do you even know what this little act of yours costed you, lad? A year detention or perhaps you'll get expelled. As for me I hope it's the last one. People like you do not belong here."

Godatorta heard a groan behind him. They all looked at the person who made the noises and noticed Nick regain consciousness. Godatorta dragged Logan with him as he walked to Nick. He pulled him roughly on his feet. He then walked off without a word, dragging the two students along with him.

~With Harmony~

Harmony trudged through the forest. Completely worn out from all the walking. It's been hours since she had her fight with Logan and threatened him. She never wanted to threat him but it was the only way that he would leave her alone. If he did come with her to Darcy she knew he was going to get killed and that was the last thing Harmony wanted. She couldn't bear losing him. But that didn't mean her feelings about him changed. She still loved him with all her heart. And that would never fade. Not in a million year. Slowly a small smile formed.

Harmony pushed some branches aside and took in the sight in front of her. Her smile faded away instantly. In front of her were buildings she knew, people she always saw and the formiliar streets she once walked across. Magix. Confused, Harmony looked around. Did she walk in circles the entire time?

"You have got..." Harmony breath softly. She twisted around a couple of times and slowly came to a stop. "to be kidding me."

She was indeed in Magix. How could that happen? She was an expert when it came to travelling. No wonder Logan found her that easily. Harmony placed her hands in front of her mouth and closed her eyes. She groaned frustrated before looking back at the forest. She looked up and back at Magix. Maybe this was a sign. Just maybe.

Harmony took a step towards Magix but stopped. She did miss her father a lot, that was for sure. And she had no idea where Darcy was so that didn't help. If she ever wanted her revenge this was not the option. But as far as revenge it looked bleak for that. But reuniting with her father and friends was good too right? Harmony rolled her eyes. She hated doubting herself.

She sat down on the ground and hid herself from sight behind some bushes. Her father missed her, her friends missed her, she missed them, it was clearly nice to go back but did she want that? Did she really want to see Riven with Rosalie again? No, definitely not. That little snob stealing her father from her and her mother. God how she hated Rosalie. Harmony looked down and noticed her scar just above her hip. She touched it and remembered what her father told her.

"Your mother and I got in a fight once with some guys while she was pregnant of you. She got hit and apperantly you got a scar from it."

All the things her father had done for her. She smiled sadly as she thought about how hard it must've been, raising her without any help. This wasn't fair for him. How could she do this to him? Harmony stood up and frowned. Where did these feelings come from? Did she feel guilty? Harmony looked up and thought about everything.

Harmony ran up the stairs from the apartment. She pounded on the door and didn't stop. Inside she could hear someone mumbling something and it got louder every second. Finally she could hear the person yell.

"I'm coming!"

A few seconds later the door in front of her opened and she was greeted by a shocked Riven. Harmony and Riven stared at each other for just some seconds.

"Dad." Harmony breathed and she jumped in his arms. Still in shock Riven didn't respond but a voice in his head snapped him out of it all. He wrapped his arms around his daughter and held her tightly. This was truely a miracle.

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