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20 Days


Persephone woke up slowly and sat up. She rubbed at her eyes with the heel of her hand.

She looked around her now bare bedroom and yawned. She had dragged a sheet out of one of her bags the previous night to sleep and and now she rose from her bed and balled the sheet into a, well, ball. She tucked it under her arm and went over to her suitcase; the sheet was stuffed inside and then was closed in.

"Persephone, are you awake?" Demeter's voice floating in through the other room.

"Can I go home today?" she answered with another question.

"Today, yes. But at 5:18."

"Then I'm awake." She drifted out into the other room, where Demeter was flitting around her house.

"Do you have locks for your doors and windows and drawers?" Demeter asked as she moved about.

Persephone shrugged. "I'll seal it magically. No-one's gonna try to steal anything anyway, there's nothing here."

"But still, you don't want strange people in your house when you're down there."

Persephone shrugged again. "I'll seal it, I said."

Demeter nodded in bright approval.

Persephone walked past her and yawned again, sinking back onto her couch and resting her chin lazily in her hands. "I'm still sleeping," she muttered dryly, "Wake me up when it's 5:18."

"Persephone." Demeter's voice cut into her drowsiness like a knife. Persephone blinked and sat grudgingly up.

"I'm up," said Persephone in a flat tone.

"Good girl," chirped Demeter, to which Persephone rolled her eyes.

"Gods, this day can't go soon enough," she sighed.

"Let's hope Demeter sticks to her word," Hades said with a slight flare up. Macaria shrugged.

"We've got hours to go until she comes home. We'll have to wait."

"I've been waiting," Hades snapped, and he started to pace even though Seph wouldn't be back for hours, like Maci had just said.

The day actually passed quickly, much to Persephone's (and Hades') suprise. Demeter had still some last minute things to take care of, and Persephone was forced to take care of them with her. When Demeter was gone dragging her places, Persephone returned to her house and went in the back to her rainforest-like garden. They would all die without her care during the fall and the winter, and Persephone placed them all in a hibernating sleep-mode. That way, they couldn't shrivel up and drop dead without the goddess of spring tending to 'em.

At 4:30, Persephone was in her house leaning against the wall by her door. A suitcase was in each of her hands and vines were clinging to the others.

Demeter arrived at 5. Persephone scowled dryly at her.

"So. Are you gonna tell me now that I have to wait 'til tomorrow to come home?"

Demeter gave her a look. "Unfortunately, no."


"For me."


Demeter folded her arms. "Are you ready to go?"

Persephone gave her a sarcastic look. "Nope. I'm just standing by the door with my suitcases because this is always what I do on Tuesdays. Of course I'm ready, mom, what does it look like?"

Demeter ignored her sarcasm. "Fine. Give me a moment and we;ll go."

"A MOMENT?" Persephone practically screamed out of indignation, "No. Now."


"Don't call me Sephy, and we're leaving now. I'll go there myself if you won't 'escort me'."

"Alright!" Demeter snapped, "Gods. Come on, Little Miss Impatient. Relax."

Persephone stepped out of the way so she could pass and followed with a triumphant snicker.

"I would like to point out that you've been pacing in circles for hours and that that signifies that you're a pathetic person with absolutely nothing better to do with his life."

"Oh, shove off," snapped Hades, finally stopping his pacing, and blinking at the rut that had formed.

"Well, it's true," said Macaria. She smirked at him.

The two were standing at the bank of the Styx. Hades had, in fact, been pacing there since morning. Maci had only recently joined him.

The father/daughter bond was no longer existant with the two of them. Any contact made with each other was either violent or verbally abusive or both.

When Macaria had been younger, things had been different, but now that she was older and nearly exactly like him...

If opposites attracted, then two people who were virtual twins repelled, and Hades and Macaria did. Constantly.

"You're the Lord of the Underworld, you gotta have something to do besides pace," said Maci.

"I do, but I'm just not doin' it." Hades spoke as if the answer was painstakingly obvious.

"Well, I can see that," Maci snapped.

"Then why'd you ask?" he sneered back.

"Wasn't a question, genius."


"That's your comeback? 'Whatever?'"


"Ooh, whatever. That's real different. You emphasized the 'ever', wow, lookit you, the Comeback Queen."

"'Scuse me. Queen? And I'm the genius, genius."

"I did that on purpose, smart one."

"Keep telling yourself that. Can't hide from the truth, ya know."

"The truth?"

"That you're mentally retarded."

By now both of them were flaming orange.

"Ooh, gosh, you're calling me a retard now? How original. How fatherly," Macaria's voice was very sarcastic as she placed her hands on her hips and glared.

"What do you mean not original? Do other people call you that, too?" Hades smirked and snickered.

"I mean that I'd expect something more colorful from you."

"There are other things I can call you, but I'd prefer not to waste my breath, it'd all go over your head."








"It goes both ways."


"Oh, I'm so sorry. Did I break the chain of insults?"

"You can't even insult me right!"

"You're just made because I beat you." He smirked. "Again."

"You did not! Saying something stupid isn't beating me!"

"Don't lie to yourself, Maci."

"Lie to myself?"


"You said that already!"

"And what, I'm not allowed to repeat myself all of a sudd-" Hades' words were suddenly cut off with a gasp as something knocked him to the floor. Macaria extinguished herself and stepped back as Demeter, a little ways away from her, facepalmed.

"Honestly, Persephone," Demeter muttered, rolling her eyes.

Persephone, who was now on top of a somewhat startled Hades, twisted back to look at her mother and smirked.

"Excited, are we?" Hades said sarcastically.

"Shut up. I haven't seen you in six months and a day, what'd you think I'd do, slowly saunter in here?"

"I dunno. But tackling seems a bit much, don't you think?"

"Yes," said Macaria. Demeter rolled her eyes again.

Charon had taken Demeter and Seph across the river and was now silently watching this rather amusing exchange while leaning on his barge pole. Souls were crawling up onto the river bank to see what was happening.

"I think it says something about what kind of person you are when you're willing to do things to each other on a public river bank in front of your daughter," Macaria said in a casual way, leaning against a nonexistant wall. She shot a scowl at her parents who simultaneously rolled their eyes.

"Honestly," said Demeter, looking disgusting.

Hades shot glares at the two of them. "We haven't done anything yet."

"Gods," muttered Persephone huffily.

"Yet," Charon said under his breath.

"I do have some sort of dignity, you know," Hades sniffed.

"Barely," Macaria pointed out, and rolled her eyes.

"SO," said Demeter, anxiously changing the subject as Persephone (reluctantly) shifted off him and the pair stood up.

"So?" repeated both Hades and Persephone at the same time.

Charon swatted the spirits off of the side of the bank.

"So," Demeter continued, twirling a lock of her orange hair in her hand, "If you two...three..." She glanced at Macaria, then at Charon, "...four, don't need me, then I'll be going. Sephy-"

"Don't call me Sephy," Persephone growled, and Hades poked unhappily at a bee sting on his arm.

"Persephone," corrected Demeter in an irritated way, "I'll see you next spring." She trembled and blinked back tears as she spoke. All three Underworldians rolled their eyes. Charon had no eyes and thus couldn't roll them.

"Bye," said Persephone brightly, curled against Hades.

"I'll miss you," Demeter sniffed.

"And vice versa," said Persephone sarcastically, "Now. Bye."

"I'll see you in six months."

"Can't you take a hint?" snapped Hades, "GO. Begone. Shoo."

"I'm going!" Demeter scowled, put her hands on her hips, and spun around, stepping onto Charon's boat.

Charon too scowled, but for a different reason. With her on his boat, it'd probably capsize. Ugh. The last thing he needed was to get pawed at by souls.

They rowed away and Persephone let out a sigh of relief. If Hades hadn't been there, she would have fallen backwards; she instead collapsed back and was caught.

"It's about time she left," Persephone rolled her eyes.

"Shame. I was looking forwards to yelling at her for keeping you for another day. She left too fast."

Persephone smirked suddenly and she turned around to face him. "Now, anyway, we were saying, before she interjected..."

Macaria rolled her eyes. Again. They were a very eyerolling family.

"We were saying," Hades echoed flatly, "Doing. You mean doing." He was tackled again, and a purr could be heard resonating around the area.

Macaria took the opportunity and disappeared.

Everything was back to normal...

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