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As the pale moonlight made its way into the stone walls and floors of the room; a bandaged male figure stirred slowly on a bed. A lone attendant to the victim sat on a chair next to him; her hand gently caressing his whisker-like scars on his right cheek. Her milky complexion struck opposite to his tanned skin. His breathing was slow and shallow. The wounds received to his chest had proven to be fatal in the past to many she had tended, yet this one…


A small moan escaped the injured youths' lips; while the attendant stifled a laugh at the response to her caressing his cheek. Yes, there was truly something about this young man that caught her eye. She could see that he was trained for combat, his body muscles were defined yet not overly massive; built for speed, not strength. His long locks of sun kissed hair were wild and untamed, yet those along with his three lines on each cheek gave the young man a beast-like appearance.

A second moan from the blond man made her stop and commence retracting her hand but was stopped in mid motion. The larger hand of a man grabbed to her own as her last finger had left his skin in an amazing display of speed and reflexes. She stared amazed at the man's face, noticing that the bandages around his eyes were still there. "You shouldn't exert yourself." She said when she noticed him wince in pain. "I found you on the shores of the Black Coral Sea, your wounds were one too many, deep and mortal…I thought you were done for."

A small smile formed on his lips and she didn't fail to notice the sharp canines that he sported. He indeed looked like a feral human. Her left hand was occupied being held by the strangers', yet with her right, she reached to the small night stand and poured water from a pitcher into a glass and took it. "Water," She told him.

He slowly let her hand leave his and clumsily tried to lift himself up with one arm, for his left appendage was in a sling and tied down on his chest. He grunted due to the strain and his cheeks turned a bit red with effort; but in the end, it felt like his body was made of lead and collapsed back onto the bed. How long had he been out? One day? Two? For his body to feel like that, maybe even close to a week.

"Silly boy, do you need some help?" Her voice was teasing and managed to get a small blush out of him, a bit more red tinted his cheeks than from the small bout with his honor to prop himself up without any help. With a defeated nod after another unsuccessful try, he reluctantly allowed his savior to gently slide a hand down his back and shoulders, gritting his teeth when she counted down to zero for sitting him up.

"The pain will pass, so drink up and don't spill it!" She had a playful voice as she handed him the glass of water and he painfully realized that it reminded him of someone important. "There now, feeling better?"

'…I'll get you to a doctor soon, Suri. Please hang on for just a little bit longer…' He spoke with tears streaming uncontrollably from his eyes as he held a female body close to his own with one arm and his other held her smaller hand.

'…I love you, Na…ruto…' The smile that adorned her features stayed in place as her body became limp, her eyes glazed over; and she released her final breath and her heart beat for the last time..

His eyes bled red…

The events that happened afterwards came crashing into his mind one after another. He shook his head for a moment, trying to regain his bearings. His only hand ignored the woman's voice regarding the water and slowly touched to his neck. His vocal chords felt like they were being cut individually by scalding tongs, and he still felt the electrical shock from the technique that was used on him, searing the gaping wound upon contact. The sudden flashback of his last words with her made him want to cry, yet he couldn't. His eyes or what was left of them couldn't create tears. He abandoned the gloomy thoughts and focused on the situation at hand: he had survived and had to go back to her to pay his final respects and claim the justice they deserved; but first, he had a debt to repay.

He extended his arm towards the person who had tended him and she took the now empty glass in her hand, only to refill the glass before handing it to him once more, as he had downed the first one pretty quickly.

"My, my, you seem thirsty. Then again, I would be too if I had been bedridden for a month…"

Water sprayed everywhere in the room and the violent coughs and hacks from the blond man made the girl realize that what she said caught him off guard with her statement. She patted him gently on the back and rubbed comfortingly, easing the pain from the coughs in his throat and the ones caused onto the fresh injuries by the sudden spasms and movement. The damage had been dealt, reopening the fresh wounds to his vocal chords, causing blood to mix with the water that was being expelled from his windpipe, staining satin sheets in crimson.

It took a minute before calming down, his mind racing at the information just received before he slowly felt it. He felt that familiar sensation of the foreign, yet familiar chakra coat his vocal chords first, mending at a slow pace.

A very unusual slow pace.

He slowly turned towards the girls frame and nodded, signifying he had calmed down and wouldn't cough once again. His only working hand traveled to his head and commenced checking the extent of his injuries.

He felt that his eyes were blindfolded, he remembered that slash across his face and the losing of his eyes and of the concussions, all five of them…'Man, those were some of the hardest fifteen minutes of my life'…the breaking of this left arm in seven different places, all of his ribs broken, battered, and bruised; his left knee in an awkward position and his right pinky toe. The PINKY TOE! That single broken bone had hurt more than the compound, multi-fragmentary arm fracture!

"…whe…where am I…" Raspy and damaged vocal chords plus strain equaled to a not very pleasant sounding voice. The pain was harsh, yet the soothing heat from the fox's chakra covered it up soon enough.

The young woman winced at the sound of the voice, yet spoke when she saw he was quietly waiting for the answer. "You are in my home, near the shores of the Black Coral Sea. This is my small getaway villa that was granted to my family by the king and queen of the land for my loyal service to the crown…"

The male nodded, dumbstruck and zoned out for a moment as she kept on talking, King…? Queen…? Crown…? He now knew he definitely wasn't anywhere near the Elemental Countries anymore. His lessons learned while in his trips with Jiraya to the oceanic borders of his home continent were drilled into him to last a lifetime. Only the shinobi nations had Shadows as village leaders and Daimyos as country leaders; whereas in a kingdom, a King would rule with a Queen as his consort. He pondered his situation for another moment before sensing that the girl's talk was coming to an end. But when he focused back it was a moment too late…

"…also my name is type of butterfly, and I had told you where I serve as a Knight-Apprentice, I'm nineteen years old. I'll describe my looks to you, because I don't think you'll be able to see once again after I saw the state of your face, is that ok…?"

He snorted at the comment, which intrigued the girl enough to let him speak his thought.

"I've been through worse. I might be able to see once...more in a week; maybe two." His voice wasn't sounding as strained as before, she noticed. "I heal quickly." He stated with a grin.

Even though he couldn't see, he knew she was giving him a strange look. I mean, who has ever heard of anyone that can heal slashed eyes without the use of medical techniques? 'Does she even know what kind of techniques I can use?'

"Well, anyway…" 'Considering the fracture to his skull, he must really still be out of it if he doesn't know that the extent of his eye injuries were bad enough to that we had to remove his eyes…he's just probably in denial, that has to be it…' Her voice sounded a bit edgy. "…I'm 5'4" and have an athletic build body, blonde hair that is tied in braid that reaches to my mid-back, blue eyes…umm…I like butterflies, riding horses, protecting the princess, and fighting for justice!" Her voice was getting more and more exited by the word. The bandaged youth came to terms that she wasn't a bad person and gave a small, hoarse chuckle. He messed up by not catching her name, but at least he got some information about her.

The cool breeze of the night blew through the open window that the moonlight was using to visit the room. Blond hair swayed in the night's gentle touch. She had closed her eyes for a moment, enjoying the ocean's waves as they directed the orchestra of nature's sounds. She opened them when she heard some shifting from her patient and found herself blushing at the image in front of her. Sure she had seen her guest naked a few weeks back and to be honest, she wasn't interested in how good looking he could've been when he was bleeding from multiple weapon wounds, burn marks, bruises and God knew what else; but now the bandages that she and her servants had applied to the man were tightly wrapped around several parts of his body and it showed that he, in fact, worked out and definition was the key. The satin sheet that acted as his cover lay over his stomach, covering his lower abs and legs; but the rest of his body was bathed by the moon's silver light, giving him a soothing and angelic, yet bestial glow.

"You…" His voice broke her out of her reverie. "…you have told me of yourself…" She noticed that it wasn't as raspy anymore and most definitely not strained. This perked her interest in the man once again. Fighting her blush at the thoughts that were passing in her mind, she relayed her thought about the fully healed throat and his voice.

"Ahh, like I said before when you mentioned my eyes, I heal quickly," He lied, and he knew it, but it was for the better. He had just met the girl and didn't know what her reaction would be to him telling her about a demon that's sealed in him and heals him from his injuries. "It's something that I can't control; we call it a Bloodline Ability from where I come from; passed from father to son, mother to daughter," She nodded at his explanations and paid closer attention to the young man that spoke in front of her. "And I believe it would be fair that I told you of myself. Also, in return for your help and hospitality, I'll help you as a servant until my debt is paid to you." A smile adorned his face and a blush on hers.

"I am a spy, saboteur, scout, and assassin. I am a ninja, master of shadows, multiple martial arts, elemental manipulation, and illusions."

She remained silent at his explanation of his profession. The young female had studied of those of similar trade but in her lectures at the White Lion Academy, she had never heard of a shinobi who could manipulate the elements to his whim like the man in front of her was staking claim; and illusions…? The court's mages and astronomers were capable of such feats, but it had taken years and years of studying the mystical arts of sorcery and wizardry to obtain the knowledge necessary for said feats of magicks. Now, regarding to his claim of mastering multiple martial arts…well, with the body he has, some scars here and there, and his calloused hands leave irrefutable evidence of something. Maybe that was true.


"My name…or better yet, its meaning is what made me a target for many assassination attempts…Spiraling Maelstrom…but you can simply call me…"


She unconsciously spoke, her voice merely a whisper. Her mind went into overdrive over the stories she had heard from many merchants near the wharf and at the ports. The tales of a young man known as the Spiraling Maelstrom from across the sea…one who was exiled from his home for a situation that wasn't his to control, he was a pariah for some and a champion of justice for others, but those were old seadog stories to keep kids entertained…weren't they?

"Oh?" an amused Naruto formed a sad smile on his face. "I can see that even my name is heard this far away from my homeland. I mean no harm to you or your people, but I will much rather take my life than get captured by the enemy."

The blonde girl snapped out of her train of thoughts. She turned to look at the saddening man in front of her. He had accomplished so much and yet his looks don't make him older than twenty! The girl slowly reached out for him and placed a small hand on his broad shoulder; a light squeeze in reassurance and she spoke soothing words. "Do not worry, Mr. Naruto. As long as you are my guest, no harm shall befall you. Even here, you are renowned as a hero by many of the merchants that deal with a country of your continent…with the country of Wave, is that correct…?"

"…yes, that's right…" A small frown marred his face when the old memories flooded his mind.

"I apologize for interrupting you, Mr. Naruto, can you please continue with what you were saying a moment ago?" Her voice sounded pleading and exited once more, Naruto noticed as he kept thinking of his situation and how he got to where he is. 'I guess she really isn't a bad girl. Other people would have run already from me and threatened to expose me to the authorities…but then again, I'm not in a place where many would know who I am by just looking at me. Now, I wonder how offended she would be when she realizes that I spaced out in the middle of her introduction and I didn't catch her name. If she's anything like Sakura…then I'd better wait until I'm better before letting her know my mistake.'

"All right, I'll continue if you want me to."

He shifted on the bed for a moment, pulling the pillow from behind of him and placed it against the bed board. He leaned back and placed his back on it, getting support for staying sitting up. He winced through the process and politely declined the girl's help. "I'm a proud guy." was his answer to the unspoken question she had. "Now, where was I? Ah! Yes, Uzumaki Naruto, twenty year old, missing ninja; deemed S-Ranked with a 'Flee on Sight' warning in Hidden Stone Village and a 'Kill on Sight' warning in Hidden Leaf, my hometown." a frown formed on Naruto's face as he spat the name of the village who had always shunned him since he was born. "But let's not get far into details about them. I am technically a genin; but in actuality, my power exceeds normal ninja standards. I can rival one or two Shadows easily and have a hard fight with three of them…you're lost at what I'm saying…aren't you?"

All the time Naruto spoke, he sensed that she was trying to follow, yet it dawned to him that she wasn't aware of the terms that he was using. "Sorry, sir; I want to understand but I don't know some of the terms you use. Shadow? S-rank? Missing ninja? If you don't mind, can you explain?"

"I don't mind at all." He chuckled. "Sorry about that, and drop the formalities, it makes me feel older than what I am. Naruto is good enough."

She simply nodded to his remark, but his smile made her realize he was aware of her consent to his request.

"Well, as I was saying; where I come from, ninja villages are hidden in remote parts of the elemental countries. My former home, Hidden Leaf, is located in the midst of a dense forest; created by the first of the Fire Shadows…I'll explain that in a second."

She nodded

"The ninja population is divided into ranks which separate them considerably. General population and academy students have no rank, but once a young boy or girl are deemed qualified to pass the Genin Examination Test, they obtain the rank of 'Novice Ninja' or 'Genin'. After several months, or even years, if the team makes the cut for the Journeyman Ninja Tests, they can advance the ranks to 'Journeyman Ninja', or 'Chuunin'. Those are qualified to become squad leaders, people who have the lives of his fellow team members in life or death situations. They must know when to act and when to retreat or the missions could be failures. Eventually, your skill will pass the higher standards of 'chuunin' and when that happens, 'Master Ninjas' or 'Jonin' rank isn't far off. It is this rank who takes care of training the new batches of apprentices who leave the academy and are physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to become a professional assassin. Jonin instructors train the three man cell team they are assigned in their areas of expertise and raise them to be fearless weapons. High level Master Ninjas are also qualified to take on a more strenuous training regime and may make the cut for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai, or ANBU. They are the Special Assassination and Tactical Squad that serve directly under the Shadow, and they are in charge of the most deadly jobs, some of which involve in tracking down ninjas who have gone rogue, like me!" A playful smile was plastered on Naruto's face as he mentioned the last fact. His listener was probably shocked at the mention of him being a rogue ninja, and sensed a question about to spring forth, so he interrupted her. "I'll answer all your queries truthfully when I'm done, is that feasible?"

"Uh...yeah…it's fine…"

"That was a bad joke, by the way," he chuckled for a moment before continuing. "But anyways, after the ANBU, the last rank one can obtain is 'Shadow' or 'Kage', a rank awarded only to those who have proven themselves as protectors of the village, stronger than most, wiser than all. The one who loves every single person in your home, the one who would give…who would…give…?" Naruto's voice cracked and let out a few sobs before he regained his composure. The girl reached and took his hand in hers, giving it a gentle squeeze of understanding.

'…he must have been extremely hurt…it sounds like he still loves the place from were he was shunned out…'

With a squeeze back to her hand, Naruto continued the explanation. "A Shadow is the leader of the village, and he is the one who would sacrifice himself before anyone else in order to ensure the survival of his people. It was my dream to become the Fire Shadow of Hidden Leaf, yet…the closest I got to that dream was to see my teacher reach it before me." Naruto took another sip of his newly poured glass of water and spoke the remainder of the explanation. "When a ninja goes rogue, they are assigned a rank corresponding to their threat level; which usually go from E-Rank through S to SS-Rank. E is the lowest and SS is usually reserved for very special cases, usually when it's a suicide for anyone under the A-Rank to take him without proper preparation and a very skillful team…" His voice died down as he finished the sentence.

"…so," She spoke after a moment of silence between the both of them. "The higher your abilities are, the higher is the rank you're given either when you are faithful or go rogue? It's like Knighthood, where one starts as a Serf, Squire, and then Knight!"

"I…guess…I mean I really don't know much about your ranking system, nor your combat styles or your techniques." Naruto responded.

"Well…if you could only show me your styles, I could at least tell you if they're in any way, shape or form close to mine."

"All in due time, but first…" A yawn interrupted Naruto's speech. "…how about we continue this conversation in the morning? I should be doing better by then; not by much, but at least my arm should be partly healed…or maybe my leg? My eyes were completely destroyed, so it'll take longer…" Another yawn struck and Naruto felt the weight of the world once more. The small adrenaline rush he had received by waking up in an unknown environment with a stranger finally wore off. "At least, I can share my travel tales with you, how does that so…yawn...sou…yawn…nd…?" The yawns struck again as he was finishing the sentence.

With an assertive nod and a small giggle, the girl helped him lay down and tucked him in once more. She realized, by the time his head had hit the pillow, soft snores that sounded strangely like a cat's purrs came from him. She held her giggles in once more as she left the room, whispering a 'good night' before closing the door.

Scene Change–

Cement tunnels filled with pipes and an ankle deep layer of water came into existence as soon as Naruto's eyes had closed. He knew where he was, all he needed to do is figure out where to go now. Every time he appeared inside the seal, if he wasn't in front of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's territory; it was a pain in the ass to navigate through the labyrinth of tunnels that was his mindscape.

Mumbling, he limped his way through the endless tunnels, most of his weight was on his right heel. The pain of his broken knee he could take, but damn! The pinky toe! Righteous retribution was exacted on the pursuer who broke it, and the damn fox was probably going to heal it last just to get back at his container for any thing and everything…or maybe just out of fun, but who cares!

Actually, he cares. A lot.

A flicker of light down the path caught Naruto's attention. He knew that familiar sight; it was near Kyuubi's area. 'I never get tired of this place…' He thought with a slight smile and a faster limp-walk towards the soft white glow around the corner. The light was brighter with every step he took, and slowly, it began to engulf his self. Closing his eyes as he would always, shielding his retinas from harm, he slowly sensed the change in the environment surrounding him; water became grass; stagnant sewer air smelled fresh, filled with the scents of a forest; the dripping of water droplets from the pipes became chirps and skittering from birds and squirrels. The cold environment turned warmer, with a light April rain covering the plains he stepped into. The sun peeked from between a few rain clouds, illuminating him and bathing him in a warm light.

Opening his eyes, Naruto saw who he came to visit. Looking to be around his late twenties, a red haired man was sitting with his legs crossed with his back against a tree. Long hair was unruly near his bangs and kept in a messy pony tail that could clearly reach his ankles. The 6'7" towering humanoid would easily weigh over two hundred and fifty pounds and his frame was that of an athlete, but unlike Naruto, he had more muscle mass. Several open wounds, gashes, bruises, and scars were being shown in places his clothing or armor was missing. His hands and feet had a feel as if they were claws; longer nails being purple in color. Three purple tattoos in the form of whisker stripes adorned his cheeks and one more on his chin. A fine nose and a defined jaw line gave the red head an air of nobility, but his pointy ears gave out his non-human heritage pretty easily. There was a broken awl pike that was partly covered by a red silken cloth placed next to him. His eyes were closed, but with his nose and ears twitching every few seconds, one could notice that he was aware of his surroundings.

"Hey Andalarán; you're banged up pretty bad too, huh?"

"I've told you one time too many, Naruto, to not use my True Name so carelessly…" The red head opened his eyes, revealing a golden iris with a black slit as a pupil. "…unless you're in the need of something, don't use it, just called me Kyuubi."

"Heh, well, it's not like anyone else can hear us here, can they?" A goofy grin appeared on the blonds' face, his usable arm was rubbing the back of his head.

A tick appeared on Kyuubi's forehead. "Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, you could be talking in your sleep? I mean, yeah; just go around mentioning my name when you wish. One of these days it's going to back fire, you BUMBLING IDIOT!" An inhuman snarl left the red headed mans' throat as he finished speaking.

"Ok! Ok! Fine, I'll be more careful!" Naruto kept limp-walking until he was standing next to Kyuubi. "But anyways, how come it's taking you too long to heal us back into shape? I mean, it's pretty cool and all that I can at least see in here, being that I created this place and control its layout and everything, but I'm still limping and my arm hurts and my ribs ache and…"


Naruto's face was drained from any color as the feeling of dread filled his senses. In Kyuubi's hand was a stick. Not a very thick piece of wood, but a stick nonetheless. Said piece of tree had traveled fast, VERY fast, in a 180º angle; never leaving Kyuubi's hand, mind you, and striking a tenth of an inch away from Naruto's broken pinky toe.

"…are you done bitching, flesh bag?"

Nodding an affirmation was the blonds' only response.

A long drawn-out sigh told Naruto that he was going to be indulged on the matter at hand, his and Kyuubi's current state of health. "I'm low on chakra, kit; too low, actually. That last fight against the Root Squad and Akatsuki really had me going on fumes there. Me, the almighty Kyuubi, was run out of chakra by a blond idiot that used a very destructive; yet flashy technique. And though I approved of the use of the chakra, seriously…six tails? I mean, c'mon…six god-damned tails worth of chakra to fuel one single technique? Then you summon me to take care of the back-up Root Squad that was zoning in on us. On top of that, fighting in Three-Tailed Mode, I'd say even I have an excuse to be tired and not healing at the usual pace…"

"I guess I did go a bit overboard…" A small smile was on his face; yet his eyes were staring past Kyuubi, lost in the darkness of the dense forest. The demon didn't fail to notice and proceeded to inquire over the sudden sense of longing his jailor was exuding.

"You okay there, 'ruto? You seem spaced out."

"What do you think we should do, Kyuubi?" Naruto spoke softly. He slowly made his way to the same tree that the fox was under, and slumped unceremoniously against it. He didn't speak much until he was fully settled, his back resting on the trunk. "Moreover, what should I do?"

"This is about your mate, isn't it?"

"I won't have anyone else die because of me, Fox. She died in my arms, her blood strengthening my resolve. No one will be able to bring her back, yet for her sake, I will carry on and make sure that those who caused her death; die painfully, with the same mercy they showed her…" His voice cracked, tears forming in his eyes, yet refused to run down his face. "They will pay, Kyuubi. I promise you this. So, did you catch the girl's name?" Naruto spoke, trying to change the subject.

"Yes. Her name is…" Kyuubi smirked, yet deep inside he was worried. His carrier was getting depressed at the memories that were resurfacing over the death of his wife. If only for a small moment, he had to at least try to cheer him up…and he figured it out.

"Good. So what is it?" Naruto broke Kyuubi's pensive pause.

"Not saying…" A tricksters' smile formed on Kyuubi's face. "…you shouldn't have spaced out there, kiddo. I'm going to have fun watching you beg for your life when she realizes that you didn't pay attention to her when she was talking to you…"

"This is no time to joke Kyuubi…"

"…" Smile.

"…you're getting me back for the time I left you as a baby fox at the hot springs, aren't you…?"

"That and much more, 'ruto…" Kyuubi said still smiling.


The smile never left Kyuubi's face; and true to what Naruto had said, he didn't have a bad time... "It was the fact that you abandoned me there as a baby fox and not in my human shape that will cause you to suffer this time. You wanted to pull a prank at me? Well…guess who's laughing now."

The sunny blond pouted. "Stupid fox…fine! Don't tell me. I'll ask her myself next time the opportunity arises...!" The pout turned once again to a look of longing. "…so, do you think we'll be able to go back?"

"Only a higher power, higher than me; can answer that question, kit. If you want answers, pray to God, don't seek them from a demon like me." Kyuubi gave him a sympathetic smile as he proceeded to slowly stand up from his position. "Don't go back with that pathetic face, you're worrying the girl enough with the injuries you sustained. Besides, I think she likes you…"

"You speak nonsense, fox. Anyways, I'll head back and rest, God knows I need to; chatting here with you is giving me a headache and I'm pretty sure you'd just let me suffer it for your amusement. See you later, Kyu."

"Later, kit…"

Naruto stood and began walking away, while shimmering out of his mindscape. Knowing he would be listened, a 'thank you, Kyuubi' was muttered before he vanished, hearing a grunt in response. The door to Kyuubi's lair closed behind him as he felt all warm and tingly once again, drifting into peaceful slumber…wait, door? And why did it felt like someone was gently scratching him in a place where he would consider it instant death to those who were of the same gender? Ah who cared! Damned fox was probably playing more tricks on him again.

Scene Change—

*creak* *click*

'Good going, you oaf…he's probably awake and ready to kill with the racket you're making!' A blonde girl was standing still, her back against the heavy wooden door; her eyes were locked onto a figure that was lying bandaged up on a bed. Her breath hitched as she saw him move his head for a moment, shifting his position; then once again laying still. Letting go of a breath she didn't know she was holding, she approached the boy slowly, trying not to make any more unnecessary disturbances in the quiet nighttime environment.

She was amazed at how the silver moonlight played on his tanned skin and golden locks as she closed the distance between them, but she focused her thoughts once more. There was a theory that needed to be proven, and backing out was out of the question! Even if he was awake, she had to at least try!

The sounds of her feet on the wooden floor were unnoticed by the bed's occupant. Her hand reached slowly, her breath hitched, small beads of sweat formed on her brow, the tip of her tongue was caught between pearly whites.

A scowl formed on Naruto's face as her digits were about to graze his skin. 'Was I caught? Is he awake? Is he going to become upset at me?' Many questions flooded her mind, and she braced for whatever punishment might come, yet he remained still. His facial features flashed with anger and sadness, and she felt compelled to help. Her fingers brushed against his skin, fingertips gently gliding over his whisker-like scars…


The look of frustration on his semblance melted slowly into peacefulness once more. Her lips crept upwards slightly, and letting out a long, drawn out sigh; her nervousness melting away instantly. For the rest of the night, she remained there; a curious glint in her eyes and a small smile on her face, watching and gently stroking the whisker marks that made the boy she rescued 'purr'.

"…definitely blackmail material…" She whispered.

Prologue - End


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