Bright Skies and Blue Stars

Vanitas wants to crawl into the little cracks inside of Ventus's heart; the ones he left behind so many years ago. He wants to fill up all the emptiness that, in his absence, has only seemed to grow.

He wants to spread his arms out wide, and stretch his tired muscles in the second skin of Ven's soul; to see life through those beautiful eyes (like oceans, like clear blue skies in which he wants to soar), to speak with that musical voice (a sound like night; like the chirping of crickets and the cooing of owls. Calm and quiet and peaceful like nothing Vanitas has ever heard before).

He wants to melt into Ventus's flesh like water to a kitchen sponge. He wants to combine, to assimilate, to become one with the blonde cherub whose voice sounds like night and whose smile can light up even the darkest of places (like, Vanitas muses with little more than a bitter chuckle and the clenching of his fists, his heart).

Vanitas wants to watch the life leave Ven's eyes. He wants to feel the tittering of his heart, like bird wings against the pads of his fingers as the child rasps and fights against his steel grip.

He wants to feel Ven's pulse slow, then fade, and inevitably stop; like the arms of an old clock as the battery dies. He wants to feel the oxygen pulled from his body as his fingers stiffen and his eyelids close, a curtain over clear blue skies.

He wants to feel him struggle and he wants to feel him shake.

And he wants to be there when Ventus doesn't move or breathe or smile anymore.

He wants to hear the exact moment when the music stops, and the bird wings still. He wants to watch the light dim, and then diminish, until nothing is left but darkness and sadness and despair. To fill up every crevice of that tiny body with hate and venom until he no longer resembles the angel he once was.

This is what Vanitas wants.


I just finished Birth By Sleep last Wednesday, and I can't help but love Vanitas. He sort of has to exist, if you really think about it. I mean, who else would be around to constantly try to rape poor Ven? (jk but srsly)

This was written for a prompt in my creative writing class, which was to try to squeeze in as many similes and metaphors as you could. We never turn anything in, so I figured it was safe enough to sneak some fanfiction writing in, amirite?

Well, thank you for reading, and please review and tell me what you thought!